Official Character Artwork Released for ‘Pokemon X’ and ‘Y’

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Gamers have only just become acquainted with the upcoming Pokemon X and Y games, and they are sure to be a smash hit when they arrive on the Nintendo 3DS later this year. Whenever a new game is announced for a franchise of Pokemon‘s magnitude, however, fans are eager to immediately learn more about what to expect from the virtual adventure.

As it stands, details are still quite slim, but The Pokemon Company has continued to release bite-sized details to keep trainers everywhere eager about getting their hands on the first ever fully 3D Pocket Monster games.

Now Nintendo has taken the liberty of releasing some artwork of the starters featured in the new games, as well as some official artwork displaying the two new legendary Pokemon Xerneas and Yveltal. The artwork for Fennekin, Froakie, and Chespin was already featured in the debut trailer for Pokemon X and Y, so fans won’t find much interesting about those pieces, but Nintendo also released a handful of new screenshots that feature each starter in-game and in action.

If the new artwork for Xerneas and Yvetal weren’t enough, some stats were also released for the pair of legendary creatures. The height and weight of each creature gives gamers a good idea of how large these mythical Pokemon are compared to some of the others running around.

  • Xerneas: Height: 9’10” Weight: 474.0 lbs.
  • Yveltal: Height: 19’00” Weight: 447.5 lbs.

There are still plenty of details on Pokemon X and Pokemon Y that Nintendo and Game Freak aren’t ready to get into yet, so there’s still a bevy of new information that gamers can look forward to hearing at some point. For now, though, these images should serve as a reminder that there’s still plenty of Pokemon-related content to look forward to later this year.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are scheduled to launch exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS this October.

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  • boogoo

    Can’t wait to see the evolved stages of the starters. :)

    • Riley Little

      Me too. I need to see them to decide which one I’ll choose! 😛

      • boogoo

        I have high hopes for Fennekin’s final stage. It could end up looking like a cross between Ninetails and Arcanine which would be pretty kickass, I think. :)

  • Anonymous

    inb4 Fire-Fighting type.

    But in all seriousness, it looks like Gamefreak is going to make Fennekins final evolve form a Fire-Psychic type, which is pretty cool, except you know, for the added three weaknesses.

  • Sam

    Fennekin looks bad ass, Froakie is just yuck an Chespin looks OK I guess, but getting Fennekin even if its Fire-Fighting.