5 Things To Expect From ‘Pokemon Omega Ruby’ & ‘Alpha Sapphire’



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  1. I really hope that secret bases poke contests diving and most of all the battle frontier come back. Ps actually it’s been 9 years since we explored hoen because of emerald.

  2. Worst generation EVER!

    • That’s what u think

      • Yeah second bes best actually

  3. I think if they are to remake this generation they are giving themselfs alot of work to do I’m saying the thrid Gen wasn’t bad but it wasn’t like omg this is the best thing on the planet.

  4. I never played the game but I would most likely like it

    1: Starter mega evolutions (if possible) and the new look at Hoenn

    2:And having to catch the legendaries

    So who’s with me with this (predicted) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐game

  5. More like the best gen ever! So happy to see this great game remade.

  6. Ahhh man I missed the contests it would be awesome if the contests are made via Wi-fi too! That way it would be more fun to compete! :D What I also loved about the R/S/E games was the Battle Frontier and unlike the other battle places in the other versions I thought they were a lot more fun to do and easier to earn BP.

  7. i heard from my friend that its gonna be a completely new region and im kinda hoping for that and im still waiting for the day nintendo decides to combine all the regions into one long and great game :D

    • There was a lot of speculation about that, and I agree that it would have been very cool! Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has since confirmed that Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will be remakes though. :)

  8. one thing, I never played ruby or sapphire and always wanted to get the game, but I’ll wait for the remake, lol XD

    • If you have a laptop or a desktop, you can download Visual Boy Advance. It’s an emulator and it’s a really simple download. After you get it, you can download the ROM for either Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald. Just google “Emerald ROM” or whichever you want. Its also a simple download. From there, you can play the game on your computer.
      It also works on Androids and Galaxies, not sure about iPhones.

  9. I just about can’t wait, especially new mega pokemon!X3

  10. one game I think they should make, is where you can visit every region and become the world champion. like heart gold and soul silver, with johto and kanto… I’d also like the game to be challenging unlike pokemon y and x…

  11. Anybody else looking foreward to the glorious trumpets?

  12. I hope that they fix Some broken types after al This time
    Grass, ice, poison…
    And nerf the overpowered types
    Steel, water, fairy, ground, dragon…

    And Maybe This time pokemon battles online Will be Fun. And we Will not see the same pokemon over and over agian

  13. I think itd be pretty sweet if they made it where groudon or kyogre (depending on the version) succeded in trying to flood the world or dry up the water but didnt fully succeded so theres still some land left or some water all over the map, just changed the outcome entirly

    • That would mean that Magma or Aqua was the successful ones. Not Groudon and Kyogre themselves. XP

  14. Honestly, Team Magma and Aqua. Maxie and Archie! Then there’s Steven! I think I’m just excited all around.

  15. One small mechanic that I’d like to see from newer generations is reusable TMs. I used to hate having only one shot at picking the right Pokémon for the move. So you think they’ll keep that?

  16. Two thing I’ve deduced will be in the new games are some sort of out side device you will get bundled with the game, like the PokeWalker in HG/SS, and the wireless connector with FR/LG. I ALSO think thee will be a separate generation you can go to, like maybe Johto or Kalos, like how you could go to Kanto in HG/SS and the Sevii Islands in FR/LG.

    • I would definitely like to see a second region ESPECIALLY Orre, Colosseum/XD are long overdue for a sequel and considering how heavily they were tied to the original R/S games now seems like the perfect time for one.

  17. I’d be pretty happy if contests came back, and we continued trainer customization.
    I just like having my own flair in games~
    I never did secret bases when I was younger, but now I really want to.

  18. I never played Ruby or Sapphire, but I played Emerald and it was always my favorite and Hoenn has always been my favorite region. I can’t wait to go back to Hoenn, but I hope they don’t leave things out like contests and trainer customization. I also hope the towns and cities get upgraded a little bit, since compared to Lumiouse the cities aren’t as great. I’d also love to have the following Pokemon back, like in HeartGold and SoulSilver.

  19. Duuuude Sootopolis in 3D… Dude, magma’s base in 3D! Dude, Mt Pyre in 3D! Dude, THIS WHOLE DAMN GAME IN 3D, AAAGGHHH!

  20. Wait so does that mean that you won’t have newer generation pokemon???

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