New Pokemon Games are Coming to Wii and 3DS

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Pokemon New Games Wii 3DS

Readers, get ready to become stupefied by some of the most shocking news to ever grace Game RantNintendo is making more Pokemon games. Just soak that information in and read on when you’re ready, because it’s certainly something that everyone figured would be happening at one point or another.

The official news come straight from the mouth of Nintendo President Satoru Iwata at a recent investors meeting in Japan, where Iwata confirmed that, on top of a new Kirby title for Wii, two new Pokemon games were coming along for both the Nintendo Wii and the upcoming Nintendo 3DS. Iwata has been quoted as saying “We are also developing Pokémon related products on the Wii and 3DS.” This is fantastic news for current Wii and future 3DS owners, because Pokemon is certainly an awesome franchise.

However, Iwata released no further information on the upcoming games, saying that “We will gradually over time inform you of them.” So while Nintendo may have left everyone stuck pondering what the future may hold for Pokemon on the 3DS, it’s nice to know that they have already began development on a couple of new games.

Hopefully the 3DS version currently under development will follow in the same footsteps as the previous adventure/RPG games in the series, because it would certainly be disturbing to get another game like Pokemon Dash. Nintendo just needs to stick with the handheld formula that’s been proven to work with their past games, and stay as far as away from the cheesy Pokemon spin-offs as humanly possible. Although, a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon really wouldn’t be all that bad.

As for the new Wii title, here’s hoping that Nintendo finally releases a game similar to that of Pokemon Colosseum or Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness on the Wii. We haven’t seen much from Pokemon adventure/RPG games on Nintendo’s home consoles in the past, so we’ll remain hopeful that the next Pokemon game on the Wii is the best one yet. Keyword: Hopeful.

It’ll probably be quite some time before Nintendo feels the need to release new information on these titles. Luckily, fans will have Pokemon Black and White, releasing on March 6, 2011, to keep themselves preoccupied.

What genre do you think these Pokemon titles will fall in to? Are you excited to find out what Nintendo is doing with their Pokemon franchise on the 3DS?

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine

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  • Bob

    They better make a pokemon game like Pokemon xd and colosseum because lots of people would pay to get that

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  • mcheal

    hopefully the 3ds game will be a remake of pokemon emerald.that would be kick ass.hoenn is my fav region plus the ability to capture rayquazza,groudon,and kyogre?plus jirachi and deoxyss??????????????????????????? or a game with all regions

  • mcheal


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  • Ryan

    I think the old games were the best. What I think a lot of people would buy is if they made a remake of Pokemon Red for the wii. They havent had a Pokemon game on a major console that was like the ones for the handheld. I think it would be pretty cool walking around in the grass and catching pokemon and training them on a major console. Im surprised they haven’t tried that yet after all these years.

  • james

    i think the older versions r definetly the best (though the newer ones r pretty cool too)a remake of the jotto and kanto regions would be awsome, ecpisialy if they added new places to the maps and stuff. and it would be amazing if the battle style was 3d!! instead of each pokemon taking turns attacking. but whatever nintendo decides will proably be awsome

  • Robin

    I’m a BIG Pokémon fan for many many years now and i really hope Nintendo makes a real time adventure Pokémon RPG game for a change, a world similar to that of games like “Skyrim” or “kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning” but in their own manga style. It has to be like the former DS games but in 3D, you can create your own Avatar to walk in that world, and you can choose in which country or town you can begin in for example Country : Kanto and Town : Pallet Town and so on.. and you have to walk yourself all over the country with your joystick and you can only pass trough places that you dint been yet by beating the Gymleaders like in the former DS Games. And you can find Pokémon walking around in the wild that you can capture, not only that but also cp trainers that you can challenge. And also an online mode for people that want to battle each other. but don’t make it only about online because i love Pokémon games more if it is only a 1 person game. don’t get me wrong i love online Pokémon gaming but make it an option to play online not make the whole game online. Because i personally like it when its a 1 player game that you can enjoy without some problems with the game because your internet is to slow or something ells. and also if there is a Pokémon game that is online, they always and i mean always give special Pokémon away or something like that if you have internet and you have to know that there are people in the world that don’t have internet yet or can’t afford it for some reason. I mean make a special option in the game to input codes or something that unlock special Pokémon but to only get them online in an event or the dream world it’s just so irritating. but its Nintendo’s choice what to make of the game but I really hope they make it like I would like it and I think many people would like it that way to. This is Robin N From Europe saying bye and hopefully we will see a game similar to the 1 I described. 😉