10 Most Disturbing ‘Pokemon’



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  1. A Kangaskhan was Cubones mom

    • That has never been proven, it’s just a theory.

      • A GameTheory!

        • actually kinda is proven. Evidence is in missingNO in the games. It’s a glitch used as a place holder for the kangaskhan-Marowak evolution. meaning, (since the games came out first) once they found a baby pokemon taking and wearing its mothers skull to be distasteful, they had the connection between cubone and kangaskhan removed. More research on this will uncover more support.
          Move evidence can be found by looking at the creator himself, who had originally imagined pokemon as a much darker concept for an older crowd. (and more like the manga than the series)Once it was found that children would be the main audience, its was only natural for them to make the pokemon more suitable for a younger crowd.

    • But in FireRed LeafGreen, you have to calm cubone’s mother’s ghost. Its a marowak. Wouldn’t that imply marowak is the mother pokemon? So it just gets even creepier. Since the skulls fuse, the skull belonged to EVERY SINGLE MATERNAL ANCESTOR of that cubone.

      • Or maybe when cubone is left by it’s mother, it falls into deep depression and later on, when it evolves into marowak and gets its own cubone baby, it does the same thing to the cub and commits suicide. The cubone baby takes the mother’s skull and wears it. This would explain why all cubones and marowaks have skulls.

        • you have just blown my mind and it’s midnight
          i was always drawn to ghost, psychic and dark typings for their background. but god damn if we go entry by entry we will probably find a harmless-looking grass or normal type with a f***ed up pokedex description

    • marowak is cubone’s mother and plus if kangaskhan was it’s mother the skull would be really big to fit on cubone’s head

  2. Not well disturbing, but if you read the dex entries while playing, it’s well not scary, and number ten, why are you showing it’s final form Gothitelle, when you are talking about it’s basic form. But in the end, most are theories and Nintendo nor Gamefreak proved to be true or just a rumor.

  3. Actually, Mewtwo is the most disturbing Pokemon, IMHO.
    First of all, it’s a psychic type, and has the usual freaky goings-on that come with having psychic powers. Amplify this with the fact it is very self aware that it is a genetic experiment, and considered a failure by its creators. The amount of hatred it has due to this is only made worse by the powers it possesses.

    Finally, if that wasn’t enough, it can’t mate, even though it has a massive member, which brings us to the final stop; tails don’t start in the crotch…

  4. This isn’t disturbing, it’s a little pathetic how you can say it’s disturbing.

  5. Somehow I didn’t feel disturbed to any of those…

  6. darkrai should have been added in the list

  7. Wtf is disturbing about this? That actually kinda sad but not disturbing

  8. This web is a scam there is nothing wrong with these Pokemon there is nothing wrong with any Pokemon and no Pokemon is scary

  9. if you want a very VERY desturbing fack about pokemon, then here you go. think of it, ash is 10 years old in the first season, and red (his father) is 21. i guess you can do the culculation ^^

  10. Pikachu creeps me out, his name makes me think of a peeping tom (say his name out loud to yourself several times and see if it doesn’t sound like 3 words to you) and making me wonder what perverted things Pikachu could be doing when he’s not seen at times. While this may not make a top 10 worst list, just based on his name, I think it still begs to be noted.

    • pikachu’s name comes from the Japanese onomatopoeias for sparkle(pikapika) and the sound for chewing(chuchu).

  11. I’m pretty sure there is a real-life fungus that can infest an ant’s brain and take over it’s body. Boom! Parasect.

  12. Phantump is a stump with souls of children who die in the woods!! If thats not creepy..

  13. What about charmander? His tail is on frigging fire. Like all the time. Could you imagine being on fire all the time?! Why not just put out the fire you say? Because, if you put out the fire you die!! Burn every second of your life, or put it out and die…

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