10 Most Disturbing ‘Pokemon’

By | 3 years ago 

Pokemon Cubone

Name: Cubone
Type: Ground

From first glance, Cubone is about as cool as a pet could possibly be. Essentially a dinosaur, Cubone walks on its hind legs, swings a bone club, and wears a skull over its face, peeking out from under it like a little kid trying to appear tough for his friends. But in the vast expanse of Pokemon, Cubone might just be the most disturbed of them all. You see, that skull isn’t just part of a Halloween costume, or a trinket Cubone discovered while navigating a Looney Tunes desert. It belongs to its mother.

Apparently it wasn’t enough for Cubone to simply cry in the night for his lost mother, and a more literal connection was needed. We’re not going to ask how Cubone actually acquired the skull of his mother, but things get creepier when it evolves into Marowak. No longer simple ornamentation, the skulls fuses itself to the Pokemon upon evolution, meaning this creature is permanently attached to his mother in a way Norman Bates would envy.

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