New ‘Pokemon Black 2′ and ‘White 2′ Details Appear

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It’s been surprisingly quiet on the Pokemon news front as of late. We’re half way through May already, and not a single new detail pertaining to the upcoming Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 has been released this month, which is surprising for a pair of games that are set to release later this Fall. Trainers eagerly anticipating the next batch of information on the games have gotten their wish… and then some.

The latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Corocoro has been leaked early, prematurely blowing open the floodgates to a heap of new Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 details. There have been a lot of changes in the Unova region since players last visited it in the original Pokemon Black and White titles, but all of the new changes bring along many familiar faces that Pokemon fans will love to catch up with — mainly Brock, Misty, Blue, and Giovanni.

Prominent and popular gym leaders and champions from throughout the Pokemon series can be found in Black 2 and White 2 in the new ‘Pokemon World Tournament’ feature. Lance, Volkner, Blue, Misty, Steven, Janine, Blaine, and Brock have all been confirmed to make their triumphant return, with many more unannounced trainers still yet to be detailed. The possibility of once again encountering Red is an exciting one, and the inclusion of Giovanni may even hint at Team Rocket’s involvement in the game’s main storyline; only time will tell though.

In other news, the legendary Pokemon Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus will all be getting new ‘Sacred Beast Forms’ to accompany the new forms of Kyurem. The kicker about these new appearances is that they can only be obtained by gamers who own a Nintendo 3DS and a digital copy of the newly announced Pokemon AR Searcher. This makes playing the games on 3DS necessary to catch ’em all, and should help tide over 3DS owners until a unique Pokemon game for the system comes along.

In other news, Cheren will return in Black 2 and White 2, but this time as a Normal-type gym leader. Bianca will also make an appearance when she drops off the starter Pokemon as a favor to Professor Juniper, and everyone is still baffled as to where N has gone following the events of the first games. If the return of all these familiar faces makes the game seem a little stale, then the new PokéWood feature will spice things up a bit. The new mode will be replacing the Pokemon Musicals found in Black and White, and enables players to have their Pokemon star in mock films.

These new additions and returning faces are sure to make Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 all the more interesting.

Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 are being released in North America this Fall.

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Source: Serebii

  • Kholdstare89

    This is all awesome news. I need to keep my hype in check until Fall. >_<

    • Riley Little

      Tell me about it! D:

  • Sam

    Good. Can’t wait. :-)

  • ATG

    I hate how Nintendo has so many platforms and doesn’t have releases or full features across all of them. The only way to experience their best games is to buy all their platforms. Sucks because I’m not a hardcore Nintendo fan. Oh well.

    • Bret

      I know! It’s ridiculous!! Firered/Leadgreen and Ruby/sapphire/Emerald are on the GBA SP. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and black/white are on the DS. And now there are exclusive pokemon only obtainable on the 3DS. THIS IS REDICULOUS!!!!!

      • Poncho

        @Both of you: Not sure if stupid, or being sarcastic. In case of latter…

        Are you serious? Yeah, Nintendo should just release all the Pokemon games on the GBA SP. That’ll solve everything.

        • ATG

          @Poncho, I suppose you just felt like calling someone stupid? I was referring to the DS, 3DS and Wii, and soon to be Wii U. Seeing as how I bought a DS late in the game and don’t play enough to justify the 3DS price… I missed out on plenty titles. Recently got a Wii for my son, now titles aren’t released on that but for the 3DS. I feel like I’m missing out on the few titles I want. I sure as hell ain’t buying a 3DS ever. When it comes to Nintendo, I’m a casual gamer, I only get my feet wet.

          • Poncho

            It’s a figure of speech, or a meme, I should say. Don’t take offense to it. Also, in the gaming industry, getting your feet wet isn’t enough. If you want to play, you’ve gotta pay. You also pretty much contradict yourself. You don’t play enough to justify the price, yet you missed out on plenty of titles? Assuming you would have bought said titles, that would mean you play a fair bit. And I’m sorry, you RECENTLY bought a Wii? After seven years on the market, and knowing a successor was coming, you still bought one this late into the game? Granted, it’s very cheap now so it’s no biggie, but complaining about games not being released for it is dumb. You also said that when it comes to Nintendo you’re a casual gamer. Well my friend, you get out what you put in.

          • ATG

            “If you want to play, you’ve gotta pay”

            Oh believe me, I pay enough on other platforms lol. With Nintendo I’m only interested in Mario, Pokemon and a few others. My reasons for buying a Wii and a DS at what time are my own. But yea, the amount of software/hardware I wish to play on Nintendo is relatively low in comparison to my PS3 and especially my PC. I made a mistake with Nintendo, disappointed, not angry. It’s kind of a “oh well, f— it” moment haha. You’re right about one thing though, no biggie. Nintendo is the last gaming name I’m bending over backwards for, next time I’ll be smarter. Thanks for your input, friend.

            Oh and tone is difficult to convey in text so I may have misinterpreted or “jumped the gun” on your comment, who could blame me?

          • Poncho

            Fair enough, good sir. I don’t know why I cared so much in the first place. I guess when you like a company so much, you just have to defend them. I agree though that Nintendo has been sparse with the Wii titles as of late. And I’m the opposite of you haha, Nintendo is the only company I’d bend over backwards for. And likewise.

            And yeah sorry about that, I certainly wouldn’t blame you. I admit that it was a crude thing to say in the first place.

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