‘Pokemon Black 2′ & ‘Pokemon White 2′ Officially Revealed

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Pokemon Black and White 2 Revealed

After hyping a big Pokemon announcement yesterday evening, Game Freak Game Director Junichi Masuda was set to deliver on the hype today during the Japanese TV show ‘Pokemon Smash’… Masuda didn’t disappoint. He finally revealed the next versions of Pokemon adventure games, and they were surprising to say the least. English-speaking ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2.

It seems that in lieu of the long-rumored Pokemon Gray, The Pokemon Company has decided to release an entirely new pair of direct sequels that take place in the Unova region. Aside from the confirmation on ‘Pokemon Smash’, there wasn’t much information released on the titles, but they will feature two different versions of the Pokemon Kyurem.

The dual appearance of this legendary Pocket Monster appears to be a radically different approach to form change when compared to past versions, and this is because the Pokemon seems to have the ability to fuze with Pokemon Black/White cover monsters Zekrom and Reshiram. This ability remains unconfirmed, but a simple glance at the new photos all but confirm that this definitely seems to be the case.

This marks the first time within the franchise’s history that a direct sequel has been made, so this reveal is pretty big news in the world of Pokemon. Does this mean that sequels to past Pokemon games are possible? Probably not, but it’s certainly fun to speculate on Nintendo’s future plans for the franchise.

Other than these new forms, it was confirmed that both games will be coming to the Nintendo DS — meaning that, while playable on the 3DS, they won’t feature any 3D gameplay. The games are scheduled to launch in Japan later this June. There’s no word on when these games will be coming to areas outside of Japan, so stay tuned to Game Rant for more information on Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 as soon as it’s released.

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Sources: Pokemon & Serebii

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  • jimmy

    even though there is a sequel duo to this game, can’t nintendo also make another single game that features kyurem with two legendary pokemon available?

  • jimmy

    dang nintendo is only doing this for the sake of their salary

  • Rollin

    It’s a fusion of Kyurem!! Zekrom + Kyurem and Reshiram + Kyurem

  • sonicsteve

    im callin bull on this, it looks like what that other guy said with the kyurem fusion, or what they did with giratina in friggin platinum version….. if it is real its just a sad excuse for another game… u cant have pokemon 2, its never been done and never should be done

    • Poncho

      Sooo… when they don’t do anything different, people rip on them for not changing it up, and when they decide to shake things up, they rip on them for trying to change the formula. That’s logical.

      • Slyko227

        In this world logic has no use, almost all you see or hear is illogical so i gave up and just excepted it

  • Rex

    lol no 3d gameplay for the 3ds owners? guess i’m not getting it