‘Pokemon Black 2’ & ‘Pokemon White 2’ Cover Art Revealed

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News just doesn’t seem to be coming out fast enough for Pokemon fans desperate for more details on the recently announced Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2. Thus far, the only details that have been made clear are that both games will be releasing in North America this Fall, and that two different versions of the legendary Pokemon Kyurem will be gracing the covers of each game.

Luckily, the Japanese gaming magazine Corocoro has once again jumped in to give gamers a visual glimpse of what gamers can expect their Poke-sequels to look like.

Scans of the latest issue of Corocoro have revealed a few less-than-surpring details on Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2, as well as the box art that will be plastered to the front of the games’ cases. The box art isn’t anything revolutionary, but it does have a mildly different aesthetic compared to previous versions. Both Black Kyurem and White Kyurem seem to be striking action poses, which some may find a little more exciting than the standard ‘stand there and look boring’ approach that other titles in the series have used.


Pokemon Black and White 2 Details

As previously mentioned, there are a few details that could be translated, but they are more of a confirmation of what fans have already pictured the games to be than anything new and/or groundbreaking. According to Serebii, Corocoro has the first official confirmation that these are an entirely new set of games, as apposed to just the same Pokemon Black and White game with a few additional features. The games will have a new story and a handful of notable gameplay additions, but the magazine apparently didn’t touch on those items.

Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2, despite their initial criticisms, may be some of the most promising games releasing this year. Hopefully more information (and maybe even a screenshot or two) are released soon. The games are set to release in Japan this Summer after all, so more details should be hitting very soon.

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Source: Serebii