‘Pokemon Bank’ And ‘Poke Transporter’ Delayed By Nintendo

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Pokemon Bank Poke Transfer FAQs

The PS4 and Xbox One may have been the most coveted consoles this holiday shopping season, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo wasn’t moving a few units of their own as well. The Wii U is suddenly a lot more appealing thanks to some new bundles, the release of one of this year’s highest rated games (Super Mario 3D World). In addition to the sudden spike in Wii U interest, the already successful 3DS continued to grow in popularity thanks to holiday price cuts and an incredible new installment in the Zelda franchise.

Nintendo fans definitely have some great games to ring in the New Year with, but all those new users seem to have taken the Nintendo servers by surprise. Thanks to all that new traffic, the Nintendo Network is experiencing some stability issues. Unfortunately, that’s bad news for Pokemon X & Y trainers who were eagerly anticipating this morning’s scheduled release of the Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter.

Nintendo released a support message this morning, which explained that the company has been experiencing service disruptions with its Wii U and 3DS eShop during the creation of Nintendo Network IDs. Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are postponing the launch of the two new Pokemon apps until the issues are resolved.

“We truly regret the inconvenience, and wish to reassure everyone that providing a solution is our top priority. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your continued patience.”

Pokemon Bank X Y Diagram

The applications, which were slated to launch in the US via the eShop this morning, do not have a new release date at this point. Nintendo also pulled the Bank and Transporter from the Japanese eShop due to similar traffic-related issues.

Once players can actually get their paws on the apps, which will cost them $4.99 annually, they will be able to store up to 3,000 Pokemon in the cloud and transfer Pokemon from the Black/White generation into their X & Y games. The features are primarily aimed at the more hardcore Pokemon fans, but the ability to transfer Pokemon from Black/White over to the new Kalos region is pretty appealing even to the more casual trainers.

By the end of 2013, most gamers have come to expect launch day problems for online features. Whether it’s Blizzard’s Diablo 3, Rockstar’s GTA Online, or EA’s SimCity; the last few years have taught us that the size and reputation of a developer does not directly correlate to its ability to smoothly launch an online game or feature. Hopefully, Nintendo prepares a fix quickly, before it loses some of its newly acquired customers…

How long do you think it will take for Nintendo to stabilize the eShop and get Bank and Transporter released? Sound off in the comments.


Pokemon X & Y are both currently available on the 3DS. The Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter do not have a new release date at this point.

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  • lukeperryglover

    I just hope it comes out soon or at least i can access the eshop to get some games

  • TheSockRemover

    Wow Nintendont,you have done it again =/ I will wait until Pokemon Z to launch before I even think of touching this generation of Pokemon.68 new Pokemon is NOTHING to get excited about,and people that are dont know any better.=/ This gen should have 150 brand new ones but they cut that number down only to make quick sales out of Pokemon X and Y.A Waste of money Nintendo,seriously you get a 2 star for this stunt =/

    • Daniel Carlson

      this guy ^^^ obviously has a hard on for nintendo!

    • Tyler

      Why are you blaming Nintendo? They aren’t the devs.
      I wouldn’t be complaining about the lack of new Pokemon introduced, they had to create 718 3D models for all Pokemon and rework all of their cries.
      We also got a ton of new features, such as the PPS, Amie, Sky Battles, Hordes, Super Training, the new Fairy type, Trainer customization and Mega evolutions.

      Combine all this with a simultaneous worldwide release, I’d say GAMEFREAK and Nintendo did a pretty great job with “this stunt”.

      • OathKeeper1995

        Ahem… 721 3D models. XD

    • RedG

      I think you’re being too harsh-they weren’t expecting this amount of traffic. True, the new games could’ve added more pokemon than they did, but there was A LOT of things that were the primary focus of the game-new visuals, mega evolution etc. I actually think the latest games are some of the best in the series, with great music, visuals and gameplay. But seriously, why be so hard on them?

  • http://yahoo.com Aui Uchiha

    Why did japan get it the 25 snd we had to wait till THE 27 the games got released glival so why not the poke bank? Now there are shinys and imposable to get pokemon from the japan poke horders wtf? So Unfair at least they took it down for everybody but a little to late nintendo braged that pokemon x and y sold over 4 million copies so they should of know there would be many people making application

    • Daniel Carlson

      it wasnt because of pokemon it was because of a massive influx of people visiting the nintendo servers over all. most likely because of the holidays and the new unified nintendo ID thing

      • noah

        They put the japanese eshop and bank servers offline against more inequality, you cant access bank anymore.

  • The Gamer

    I had my doubts for a smooth launch for both these apps. I’m surprised there wasn’t an in-game way to transfer Pokemon from earlier generations like there was in B/W.

    Back on topic: I’d give Nintendo about 1 week max to work out the kinks in the E Shop. Any longer and they risk undermining customer confidence the way the Sony did with the PS network fail.

  • Riley Thompson

    I was hopping that I could get Pokémon bank so I could trade all of my Pokémon to Pokémon y.but that all changed when the shop servers crashed I hope they fix the problem and release Pokémon bank the day they do.

  • Andrew

    I think it will come in soon. Just hopefully it will be in the next couple days so I can put all my shinies in my x and y game

    • RedG

      I too hope it comes out soon-I have a sweet Tyranitar and Metagross to move to X and Y.

  • OathKeeper1995

    All I have to say is that if it isn’t available by the 31st, heads are gonna roll before the bloody blade of all the non Japanese fans. While is was perfectly reasonable for Nintendo to favor their homeland and all who inhabit it, I dare someone to give me one good reason that they couldn’t have realeased Pokémon Bank and Transport to the entire world on the same day like they did with Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. I have a shiny Frosslas in my Pokémon White 2 that once I transfer it to my game I will trade of my own free will if someone could give me a satisfactory answer!!!

    • Kelby

      That shit pisses me off too. I have nothing against Japan or its people, but I have always hated how they get the best stuff from Nintendo, and I really thought that this would be different after they released X and Y worldwide. Also, the Pokemon Bank and transfer are still up and running right now in Japan.

      • OathKeeper1995

        Know what… I never thought I’d say this, but I am finally glad someone else sees things my way.

      • lukeperryglover

        it was probably a trial run, and its a good thing seeing what happened when it launched only in japan. and no, they pulled it from the eshop there.

        • OathKeeper1995

          I know that, but they could have at least been prepared for the very very very very very unlikely chance that their products would have sold like hotcakes and compensated. I think Nintendo had some low self esteem issues and thought nobody would play ball with it.

          • a guy

            And the eshop and bank servers are both offline, so nobody can access it

  • DrakkonFyre

    Wow Nintendo! I may not be “hardcore” like some but I have spent long periods of time getting Pokemon to transfer. Now this happens? And there is no good reason since non-japs play the games too. Just saying this now… It took Nintendo months to years for the games but my friend and I had gyms, badges, E4, a map, and more Pokemon in a week.

    • Andrew

      I also have been getting my pokemon ready since they announced the release date to pokemon x and y. And I want to check out my shiny starters that took me months to breed in the 3d environment. It pisses me off that the post game is boring there literally is nothing to do.

      • Liam

        I feel just as angry as all other people are, I just wanna see my GAME store special event Shiny Dialga, Shiny Palkia and Shiny Giratina that are all NOT hacked and all 16 of the other legendary pokemon from Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Black 2 and White 2, I wanna see them in 3D, it took me a lot of hard work to get all these legendary pokemon, just hurry up Nintendo!

    • OathKeeper1995

      It took you a whole week. I just ran through the game and finished it in two days. The story was nice, but I think they could have gotten better hits if there was more in the game like… oh, I don’t know, a transfer system that didn’t require such a long wait!!!

      • DrakkonFyre

        It took us a week to come up with our own ideas for Pokemon games. I beat the games in a month but have been breeding my friends AR created Pokemon most of the time.

        • OathKeeper1995

          Oh… that’s what you meant. I guess that was a good point. I use a software called PokeBuilder. It’s an Iphone app, but I don’t know if they have it for android…

          • Andrew

            I use pokebuilder also and I love it especially since I found a way to make them completely legit

  • DrakkonFyre

    Yeah Battle Maison is boring and catching legendaries is easy. Nintendo needs to make a game with ALL REGIONS so you have to take on 6 sets of E4 and Gyms

    • Randomishdude

      I think you mean gamefreak.

    • OathKeeper1995

      While I admit that I had the same dream for a Pokémon game think about this, if you beat the first elite four, than all your Pokémon will smash all the remaining Pokes in all the other regions unless they raised the Limit to a much higher number like 1000. Now I’m not one for being rude, but doesn’t that seem like it would be retarded to try to do. It would take the better half of a month just to get a single Pokémon to level 500 in that case unless they had a certain rule that said that you could only challenge each Gym Leader with certain Pokémon, y’know?

      • DrakkonFyre

        Unless they gave you new starters in each region and you could keep one from a previous region like Ash. All the others would be stored in the PC

        • Kisa

          That be cool you can only keep one of your previous region pokemon into the new region. The rest will all be stored in the PC and locked until you defeat the elite four. Choose wisely which one you want to bring.

          • OathKeeper1995

            You know what. I think that somebody could actually make something like that if there was a hand held that could hold all the data of the pentagon. XD
            I do like the prospect though. I might just have to get a friend of mine on it.

          • Andrew

            If they do that then wouldn’t the one you take with you be superstrong compared to the other pokemon? If they were to do that they would have to get rid of the level system completely and do it more like the anime

    • lukeperryglover

      theres rumours of them releasing the other regions as dlc, also in the game there are quite a few AIs that refer to the Hoenn region 😛

    • T man

      I know right. Me and my cousin were talkin about that and he said u don’t even need good graphics cuz it’ll sell really well with all the regions from all the games

  • Amanda Panda

    To those complaining about the lack of new Pokemon and the problems with the Pokebank: relax.
    Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have always done amazing things and brought us the awesome Pokemon games. Stop looking at the bad sides, and look at how much fun we’ve had with x and y so far. There is always something to anticipate in the future, so don’t just say “wow there should have been more ____”, or “where is all the ____?”. Trust me, we will GET IT.
    And as for the Pokebank, would you prefer it be released right away, but unstable? You might lose all your precious Pokemon and data, and don’t think they would reimburse all of that data.

    • lukeperryglover

      exactly! almost every person on here is complaining

      • OathKeeper1995

        Not almost. Every person on this forum is.

    • Alex

      Well, the reason they removed the pokebank is not because it is unstable, its because they think that it was a big cause of the stress on their servers. They thought that by removing pokebank, it would remove most of the stress on their servers. It is unlikely that there are any issues with the app itself (other than the fact that it isn’t blocking all the hacked pokemon they said it would) so the reason i’m angry is because they postponed it for basically no reason, sure it may have cause a little bit of the stress on the servers, but the vast majority of it was the new users trying to set up accounts or whatever they need to do. And besides, the eshop seems to be working normally for me now, so I see no reason why they don’t release it now. (And the least they could have done was give us and estimate of how long they expected the release to be delayed so we don’t have to keep checking every day to see if it’s released yet.) As for complaints about not enough pokemon, i personally think its fine, most of the new pokemon are lame compared to the old ones anyways, so i was happy to see they brought back more of the old generation pokemon this time.

      • mystery

        I agree with alex, but the eshop is only online 12 hours in total a day, the difference between time are the time regions which make it look like a different time than it actually is. Thank-you japan for screwing us >:(

      • Garen Loshkajian

        I seem to think that they might be working on a patch to fix the hacked poke issue before releasing the software.

  • noah

    I expect it will be released after the holiday season, assuming the giant hype to settle down a little.

  • T man

    It’s nearly been a month and nothing’s happened. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got pole bank and poke transfer in 2015 now