PS Vita Updates: Memory Card Prices, Twitter & High Hong Kong Pre-orders [Update]

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PlayStation Vita Memory Card Prices

Update: Sony has clarified the pricing for the 4GB and 8GB memory cards, we have changed the article to reflect the official prices.

The PlayStation Vita is shaping up to be a great addition to Sony’s hardware line-up, but one issue consumers have with the potential handheld is that makes use of a proprietary memory card format, effectively allowing Sony to manufacture the cards and charge however much they want for them, while at the same time preventing gamers from playing order PSP games for cheap.

After some ridiculous prices for the Japanese memory cards, those in North America began to worry that the cards would also feature a less than favorable pricing scheme, and it seems these fears were not unfounded.

The prices were outed by GameStop, who has the prices ranging from $24.99 USD for a 4GB stick to $119.99 USD for a 32GB stick. Considering just how cheap memory cards of similar size are these days, these are prices are nothing short of outrageous, and in a bad way. One of the pluses of owning a PS3 was the ability to use any USB hard drive with it, and the move to a proprietary format for the handheld just gives an uneasy feeling as to what to expect for Sony’s next system.

Matters are made worse by the fact that certain Vita games require a memory card, and those who plan to buy their games off of the PSN will find that 4GB will hardly suffice their gaming needs. Sony has yet to actually confirm these numbers, so they’re still up in the air until it’s official. In light of this situation, GameStop has also revealed some accessories for the handheld, including replacement chargers, headsets and protective films for the screen, the typical list of accessories one can except to find for a handheld/mobile device.

The Vita memory card prices:

  • 4GB – $24.99
  • 8GB – $39.99
  • 16GB – $69.99
  • 32 GB – $119.99

Despite these prices, pre-orders for the handheld still remain high, at least in the East. Reports are coming in that pre-orders for the device alone are causing long line-ups at Hong Kong retailers. That’s right, there are line-ups just to pre purchase the device. In Japan, retailers were even forced to stop taking pre-orders because demand was so high, though that is no longer the case.

Adding to the lukewarm news is the recent announcement that the Vita will be unable to play PlayStation 1 games at launch. On the official Vita website, Sony has confirmed that the Vita won’t be able to play titles from the Game Archives, which consists of PS1 and PC Engine/Turbo Grafx games in Japan. This news does pertain to the Japanese launch seeing as the North American PSN only has a “PSOne Classics” section, so it’s possible that by the time the Vita lands in North America and Europe in February, Sony will have all of these features implemented.

Of course, games aren’t the only thing Sony knows consumers are interested in and they’ve released a video detailing the PlayStation Vita’s Twitter application. The application should look familiar to anyone who’s ever used the smartphone version of Twitter, as all of the icons are pretty much the same. The app itself looks like it runs very smoothly and those who have a Vita with 3G capabilities are sure to get plenty of use out of the Twitter and other social networking applications.

Should Sony change the prices for memory cards or at least offer third party support? Let us know in the comments below.

The PlayStation Vita launches on February 22nd, 2012.

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  • Arthur Santos

    I believe Sony should allow for 3rd party support. I mean not as soon as the Vita launches, but at least by the end of next year for those unfortunate enough to not be able to purchase accessories at such high prices.

    • ATG

      Those prices are ridiculous! I know I’ll buy one anyway but seriously? Thumbs down for Sony.

  • AJ

    I was excited for the Vita, but I now feel like it’s going to just going to flop like the PSP did. Handheld gaming is dying -.-

    • ATG

      Disagree, you’re just getting older and lose interest.

      • GameCollector

        While his statement about handheld gaming dying is absolutely retarded, I pretty much agree with what he said.

        Ridiculously high prices on the accessories (The memory card prices shown above, the $40 charging cradle, etc), very expensive prices for a handheld game ($50-60 for the better games, Uncharted, etc) and the extraordinarily crappy battery life (Sure, it says 3-5 hours…but that’s at standard brightness with everything off, such as bluetooth/wireless/sound…so it’s only really about 30 minutes to two hours of actual gameplay.) have really, REALLY put this system off of my radar. :/

  • Notfallingforthisscam

    im not cheap but im buying my memory cards used and also this vita thing. you dumbasses are retarded for wanting to buy this “new and improved” crap. dumbasses.

    • ATG

      Why would you buy memory cards for “new and improved” crap?

      You may not be cheap, but something tells me you’re not very bright.

      • GameCollector

        Because it’s not ‘new and improved’ enough to not need extremely overpriced memory cards?

        I mean…come on. I can buy a 4 gig SD card off of Amazon for $5, and Sony is charging $30 for theirs? Heck, I can get a 32 gig for $30. -_- It’s sad, really. This could’ve been a truly amazing system…then they pull some seriously screwed up crap like the memory card prices, and won’t even include a 2 gig one with their system…and then they won’t even include a wall charger with the system, but instead charge $40 for one through a charging dock? I mean…come on!

  • Crash

    Who Cares about Twitter geez ,what a lame video expected a better 1

  • Greybeard93

    Yeah I know that Sony will say something along the lines of, “It’s new technology that’s specific to the Vita.” If they want to really blow up the SD market, they’ll need to come out with more memory for the buck and pass it on to the other manufacturers. I really don’t know what they are thinking over charging for required memory. You look at the 3DS when it launched, they included a 4GB memory card.

    • GameCollector

      Actually, it was a 2 gig, but point taken.

  • Demonstrable

    When the Vita was first officially announced I was actually pretty excited about it, but it seems like each time they release more details about it my interest level drops. Assuming there are more good games released for it I think I would rather have a 3DS.

  • RRS187

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  • dan the man

    The Vita memory card prices:

    4GB — $24.99
    8GB — $39.99
    16GB — $69.99
    32 GB — $119.99
    those prices are true but charged with tax of course!!!