Sony Updates PlayStation Store to Speed Up Load Times, Fix Errors

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PlayStation Store Update

Sony’s new PlayStation Store, while a bit easier to navigate in terms of layout, is still a far cry from an ideal set-up. However, a new update straight from Sony — a technological, software-based one not a verbal one — is said to smooth things over and, at the very least, make selecting and moving between menus easier and problem free.

Allegedly the update reduces the load times between menus, something that can become pretty problematic depending on Internet speed, and significantly cut down on the prevalence of error messages. Like any good online service the PSN Store (or SEN Store, whatever you want to call it) would occasionally spit back an error message with little to no indication of why said result occurred.

The scoop comes from El33T ONLINE, who reveals this is patch 1.02 for this new store and carries a file size of 26 MB. After having downloaded it myself I can say that the store seems a little more responsive than I remember it being pre-update, but it isn’t that appreciable of a change.

For my money, the store’s revamped design was a better way to highlight all the new PS Plus content available — the free games, wallpapers, and whatnot — as well as when said content would be expiring. So the fact that Sony is making navigating between those menus snappier is a welcome change, one that will surely decrease those naysayers’ numerous problems with the new store.

Change isn’t always easy — just look at the numerous Xbox Live dashboard updates and the unwelcome changes they have introduced — but it’s part of the process. If this indeed what Sony is looking toward for the future (read: PS4) then we hope they can work all the kinks out before then. And don’t forget the online version of the SEN Store is coming some time before the end of this month.

Are you happy to hear that Sony is trying to make the PSN store faster and less prone to error messages? Do you like the design of it? What changes do you hope to see in the future?

Source: EL33T ONLINE

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  • JT

    I miss the old version. Much better layout.

  • Brian

    The old layout was a lot better and simpler and easier to use and find stuff.

  • Matt

    I like the new layout, but it takes FOREVER to load the store. 30-60 seconds, and sometimes it freezes when loading or exiting the store.

  • Junax

    I never SAW the old layout, so the new one is fine with me…..

  • Linda Panagos

    I am hating the new store. 13 choices …Please! I can’t stand it when someone i do not know limites my choice and tells me what I like. If this is an indication of what the designer of the new store thinks is good choices for me they do not have a clue what I like. No longer can I browse movies or games and if that option is still available it sure is not easy to find. I felt trapped and restricted and could not find any way to view my account or to add to my banked amount Terrible terrible choice PS Please go back to the old set up so I can spend my money on shows and games I want if you want this new set up as a splash screen fine but just let me into the store for real.