Sony Reveals Free PS Plus Games for December Including ‘Borderlands 2′

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PS Plus Free Games December List

Alongside their shiny new PS4 console all gamers also got a free 30-day trial of PlayStation Plus, Sony’s premium online service. While current subscribers are well aware of the added benefits PS Plus offers, a whole new selection of PlayStation owners are now getting in on the action.

Although we don’t cover them often, since the PS Plus population has recently grown we thought it a good idea to detail the new Instant Game Collection additions for December. After all it’s free games, and who doesn’t like free games?

Instant Game Collection, as most know, is Sony’s library of free games they offer to PS Plus subscribers on PS3, Vita, and now PS4. The titles available rotate, but as long as a subscriber downloads the game, and stays a PS Plus subscriber, it’s theirs. Some of the more popular titles to make the Instant Game Collection list include Uncharted 3, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and Saints Row: The Third.

For next month, Sony is giving gamers a real treat in the form of Borderlands 2, Gearbox Software’s open world shooter sequel. As gamers head into the holidays, Borderlands 2 will offer plenty of content to pore over.

In addition to Borderlands 2, PS Plus subscribers will also net themselves the racing sequel Grid 2, the racing/puzzler Dyad, and two Vita titles: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and Urban Trial Freestyle. No PS4 additions unfortunately, but Resogun and Contrast are still available.

One more time, here’s the full list of December PS Plus games:

PS3: Borderlands 2, Grid 2, Dyad

Vita: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Urban Trial Freestyle

While many of the service’s more useful features (like automatic downloads), have made their way across the PS Plus pay wall, the Instant Game Collection is still one of the service’s more intriguing offerings. And let us not forget that PS4 players need to sbuscribe for online play.

Yes, Microsoft has begun a similar program, but it’s not on the scale of Sony’s. For that matter, Microsoft’s program offers games that are several years old.

With many of those PS Plus 30-Day trials slated to end next month, Sony has clearly tried to state their case for keeping the service going. They’ve yet to disappoint thus far, but we’ll see how they factor the PS4 into PS Plus in the near future.

After experiencing a short trial of PS Plus are you likely to remain a subscriber? What Instant Game Collection title would you like to see Sony roll out next?


Source: PS Blog

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  1. I’m hoping to still catch the free November games. Just got a PS Plus card on Black Friday for cheap but PSN is having issues right now and I can’t redeem the code. Just my luck. :???:

    • I read the psn was having some problems, you should be good to get the November games as long as they are still in the igc when you redeem the code, the games don’t always exit it quickly as soon as the next week/months games come along, some titles tend to stay on for a few months and older titles put on it a get the boot after being there for a bit

    • All you need to do is go to the online playstation store or access the store via playstation app and redeem and purchase the games there

      • Got it working, thanks guys.

  2. Every Playstation gamer gets a 30 day trial or is it just the ones that got a PS4?

  3. No PS4. Lame.

  4. I bought a 3-month subscription about 3 months ago, Jak & Daxter Trilogy, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, Remember Me, Saints Row: The Third, Mafia II, Payday: The Heist, are just some of the games I’ve got through it.

  5. Wait for ps4 to develop a library. If they follow the same model, you’ll see huge value for your subscription. I’ve ended up getting dlc for games I never would have even purchased. Thats additional revenue that has big value to a title thats 6-8months into its lifecycle.

    • That’s what I’m hoping to happen.

      I don’t expect any decent PS4 Titles until at least March to be on the freebie side on the PS4, although if they did get their cloud system going to allow you to run PS3 games that would be perfect for me.

  6. This makes one to get a sub again but the down side is once sub is up and renewed then you have to buy the game.

    • no you dont? if you had ps+, lost it then renewed it, you still have all the free games in your download list. you just have to re-download the games, happened to me a few times, the days remaining expire and once you renew the days don’t always show back up and make you have to redownload it so it recognizes your plus sub is renewed

      • sorry i meant to say not renewed

        • ahhhh ok…well then in that case you sir aaaare correct lol

  7. just bought grid 2 few months ago <.< this happens so much now

    • its happened to me a few times as well , it sucks if the rest of the games that month suck lol, but at least you know if you’re going to keep plus then you could trade/sell any physical copy you have if you wanted to

  8. Well my PS4 died after 1 hour of use, never to come back to life. Now I have to wait till tuesday to replace it. Gutted. Anyone out there still on the fence about which next gen console to buy, do yourself a favor and just wait.

  9. I love PS plus, I probably have downloaded $200 worth of free content at least. it’s a great deal

  10. looper148 is not entirely correct. While his own personal experience would suggest you to wait, I can ensure you that he is a small margin experiencing initial issues with his Ps4. I can also say that both consoles are having small margins of early adopters having technical issues with their consoles and having to get replacements.

    From my own experience I have a Ps4 as well from launch day and I have not had any issues with mine. It has been working and allowing me to play games with no issues at all. While I agree to wait, the reason for which he explains to wait is something I do not fully support. I feel if you don’t like what games are out now and don’t see your self playing them and being content then do yourself a favor and wait for games you really want. Then you can get the launch titles as “Greatest Hits” or used for a way more reasonable price.

  11. Anyone know when these typically are released? As a new PS+ member, I haven’t yet had the joy of new free game release day.

    • They normally add new games each month. Some months are better than others. Usually on the PSN Blog you can find out in advance which games will be on the next month IGC.

      • Right, but when in the month? Are they typically added right away (say, the 1st), mid month, no real rhyme or reason as to when, ?

  12. Where is my free 30 day pass to plus? I bought a new ps4 and got zip. Maybe its because i bought it in ScotaLand?

    • I also didn’t get free 30day pass. Seems that it’s only for USA PS4 owners (I’m dutch). What’s ridiculous since they have there console earlier and since the dollar is worth jack s*** also cheaper. Only could put myself in an endless loop to get 14days for free in the playstation store. After thinking to myself I’m getting only 2,50 euro I just got a year subscription. Put my ps3 in my bedroom and ps4 downstairs so double the fun for ps+. Not expecting real games for the Ps4 for a while only indy games for free. What’s fine by me they are not bad (so far) and give me a chance because it’s a small chance I would otherwise played them.

  13. I bought 2 years of PS+ on Black Friday for $60. I am set! It’s a pretty awesome service especially since I kept my PS3 after PS4 purchase. Need a Vita soon.

  14. You usally get a PS3 or PS Vita every Tuesday after the PlayStation Store gets it’s weekly update. I’ve got PlayStation Plus in it’s 3rd month. I love it. If I ever get a Vita I’ll have a ton of games already for it.

    • *game every Tuesday

  15. Something I’ve been confused on and haven’t seen much detail on – do these free PS3 games, like Borderlands 2, show up on a PS4 w/ Playstation Plus, or only the PS4 games released for PS+?

  16. I’ve bought the ps plus but I will not redeem this right now, it’s a waste of money pay that for resogun. We want good games. :/

  17. Worth it? I just bought a PS Vita because of PS Plus. I bought PS Plus on black friday, so it was only $30. The value is much better than what’s on the xbox.

  18. Why is it that now i have th ps4 my free games are missin this month on th plus account where i used 2 get a couple every oter month?

  19. Hi,

    I bought 1 month subscription near the end of November to get Uncharted 3, Dragons Dogma etc, now Ive just paid for another month hoping it would update to Decembers games, they havnt changed at all, how can I get Borderlands 2?

  20. Not true. All gamers won’t.
    When Sony lost your details and cred card details, they offered you PSplus as compensation… This makes you inelligable for a free trial.

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