PlayStation Now Prices are out of Control and Need to Change

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PlayStation Now Prices Too High

This week, Sony finally gave PS4 owners unfettered access to the beta of PlayStation Now, their streaming rental service. However, those who did fire up PlayStation Now were greeted by a rude awakening.

Back when we announced that PlayStation Now was jumping from closed beta to open beta on the PS4, we shared a hope that Sony would lower rental prices now that the service was open to the public. That was not the case.

While Sony has announced plans to drop the 4-hour rental price from $2.99 to $1.99, the rest of their options (7-day, 30-day, and 90-day) remain the same. Games like Grid 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and Final Fantasy XIII-2 still cost anywhere from $15 to $30 for a 90-day rental.

On the surface that might seem fine given that most gamers can wring all the entertainment out of a game in 90 days, but a quick perusal of Steam or GameStop’s used section will tell you that’s a very high price. Why pay $30 for a 90-day rental when you can pay less and keep the game forever?

PlayStation Now Selection

Clearly, something needs to change, but whether or not Sony will acquiesce to gamers’ requests is another thing. They have been exploring a possible subscription option, but that sounds more like a complement to the rentals not necessarily a completely different thing. According to Sony’s Jack Buser:

“We are looking for the subscription offering to complement our rental offering. We believe both options provide gamers the freedom to discover and play games in a way that weren’t previously possible before.”

And even when they talk about lowering prices, Sony cites the 4-hour rental price change as “responding to gamers” — while the other pricing options remain unchanged.

“One of those things that we heard about was we received some critical feedback around certain price points as you’re very familiar with. As a direct result of that feedback, we’re gonna soon introduce titles starting at $1.99. We hope this offers users a wider range of price points to choose from, and we encourage our testers to continue to tell us about what their experience is with every aspect of the service.”

F1 PlayStation Now Price Expensive

What’s more, PlayStation Now users aren’t paying exorbitant prices for the latest and the greatest from Sony; as of right now the Now selection features very few top tier titles. Granted, games like The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, and God of War 3 will come, but if smaller games are already commanding these high prices we can only imagine how expensive a first party best-seller will cost. At that point, you might be better off just paying the $50 for The Last of Us Remastered.

Again, as we mentioned, Sony is hoping to add new titles and make some pricing changes as the open beta goes on, so make sure your voice is heard. If Sony sees gamers are not actually using the PlayStation Now service that might convince them that changes are needed.

What do you think of PlayStation Now’s pricing schemes? If they announced an unlimited access subscription service how much would you pay per month?

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  • psi01

    Fair and honest prices, if you want a good convenient service, you have to pay for it….stop being so cheap ppl

    • FiachSidhe

      Hey look, an astroturfer.

    • Arcon50007

      Um that not fair prices 15.99 from game fly for one game for a month where ps now is 22.99. with tax gamefly is around 16.50 22.99 comes to about 23.50 which is about $7 more thats bs pricing. Also 7 days for 11.99 old game rental stores like blockbuster and hollywood video was like $6-7 for 5-7 days.

      • rgr

        if this was a service from gamefly then you wouldnt be about to play ps3 games on a ps4, this is much better than that and its streaming, so you dont need a disc, its a huge cloud based server that is pushing images and a game to your ps4, i think this is far out of gameflys comfort zone

    • JT

      Sony Marketing, is that you?

    • Ken J

      $30 would buy a less than month old game straight up via digital download from Steam, GMG, or Gamefly… But if you’re cool paying that much just to rent a game, then hey, keep letting the corporations rip you off…

      • dethfuse

        DRM lol. You lose.

        • Ken J


          LMAO, hey, I can’t fault you for you persistence. You realize when you rely on PSN in order to be able to stream a game, that’s the ultimate form of DRM right? Since it’s never even on your system, ever? They basically retain complete ownership of it no ifs ands or buts? Even with Steam, if you lose internet connection, you can run it in offline mode, and your games are still accessible. And not all PC digital download games have DRM, any game you purchase through the humble bunder for instance. Another example being any game from

          So if a game having DRM means I “lose” then what do you consider PSN where you NEVER actually own the game, whether you’re paying for it or not? LOL.

          Anyway, nice try again dethfuse. :-)

          • FiachSidhe

            Not only that but on top of the ultimate DRM, you get to play the game the worst way possible. By streaming it.With all the throttling ISPs are coming under fire for with Netflix, I can’t even begin to imagine the problems that may arise from this service.

            Everything about this service sucks. At least Gamefly sends you a disc.

          • dethfuse

            You missed the point. Like always. Good day sir.

          • FiachSidhe

            No, you were wrong. Suck it up.

          • Ken J


            LOL, don’t worry, this is pretty routine of dethfuse whenever the topic of console gaming comes up. I wonder if he is a masochist or something…

  • Jason Galindo

    Fair and honest? Lmfao, you fanboy. You know good and well those prices are ridiculous. Those prices are worse than the original xbox drm!

  • Justin Loomis

    I think it should be like Onlive, with a option to buy the game so you don’t have to rent. And yes, it does occur to me that might be Sonys idea to get more money.

  • Daniel Carlson

    well i’m currently locked into a contract with comcast’s crappy internet service… most of these games would take longer to download than the 4 hour rental would allow…

    i’ll just stick to my pc. all the convenience of the playstation now without all the bull****. huzzah for steam

    • me123

      you stream the games dummy you don’t download. also the prices are the same as renting from a video store but don’t require you to leave your house

      • Ken J


        Well, if his internet speed isn’t good, then streaming the games will be no good too… dummy…

        • me123

          they aren’t forcing people to use this service and seriously if your internet speed cant do 5 megabit per sec. then you sir are a cave man

          • fizzystrings

            …or it means you don’t have hundreds of dollars to blow on top of the line internet.

          • me123

            lol you must not pay bills because standard internet gets you at least 12 megabytes per. sec.

          • Ken J


            12 megaBYTES per second? I’ll give you an opportunity to rephrase…

          • LuxioShock

            Or if you live in a small town where you pay $60 a month for 3mb internet which is the best you can possibly get in the area.

  • @JustaAwesomeGuy

    They should just charge 3 dollars a day, like redbox, and you end it when you end it…

    • @JustaAwesomeGuy

      Or they can do a system where you start the rental at base pay then pay per day you keep it. Ex: I rent Last of Us starting at $6.99 then pay $1.99 put extra day I keep it. And they can have a special for demoing the game, maybe $1.99 for and hour of game demoing.

  • jwilliamswku

    or just go to gamestop pay 20 bucks and keep it forever

  • Peter

    Everyone creaking out about pricing are ridiculous. You can’t compare the price to buying the game on amazon, because that game will not run on my Ps4. You can’t compare it to gamefly. The prices are perfect. I can’t believe how ignorant people are.

  • Josh Calkins

    Looks like I will never use this service. I don’t like the feeling of being ripped off. I’d sooner play a game I already own, or even play less games in general, than pay these prices. Much like reselling a game to gamestop, this sounds like a very bad deal. Maybe to try a game or rent it for your kids it is worth something, but this is a real disappointment. Does it even work well? Are they going to stream PS4 games flawlessly? Sadly this will probably be a big success, but not with my money.

    Anyone else notice how many obnoxiously rude and disrespectful comments there are? It’s like some people got online instead of taking a much needed nap. (Makes babies cranky.)

  • Audega

    All of you saying that this service is worth it because you can play PS3 games on a PS4, how does that make it worth it? They’re not remastered with improved graphics. If anything, the games will look and perform worse than they natively would on a PS3 due to the games being streamed.

    Also, I love how people said the Xbox One’s cloud computing technology wouldn’t offer anything substantial due to bandwidth limitations, and those same people praise Sony for being able to stream an entire game, something a lot more demanding of bandwidth and resources.

    Back on topic, I understand why Sony doesn’t want to do a subscription service. If you could participate in PlayStation Now for, say, $50 a year, you’d have access to EVERYTHING on PS Now, which from a customer standpoint, sounds amazing, but think of all the games Sony would be practically giving away. They’d make way less money. I’m not saying their current business strategy is great either. Honestly, I think they should just allow you to buy the games rather than rent them.

    One last thing…if the service allows you to stream PS3 games, shouldn’t it be called PlayStation Then instead of PlayStation Now?

  • 40somethinggamer

    This price point will probably change, they are just seeing what they can get away with I think. Paying this for a game that you won’t own at the end of it is silly. Especially for those with very active online gameplay, which can keep you playing a game far longer than 90 days.

  • Terry Martin

    In the 80’s 25 cent per 15 minutes at an arcade =’s roughly 3.99 for 4 hours. Just something to think about.

  • cidgrad

    Since I don’t know what Sony’s profit margins are, I can’t say whether they are trying to rip anyone off or not. Regardless, this sounds like a terrible deal. They have to offer prices lower than buying a used game at Gamestop or what’s the point? If Sony can’t keep the service profitable at that level of pricing, then they need to scrap the whole thing b/c it’s pointless.

    FF13-2, for example, I bought for about $11 used. Why on earth would I pay between $15-30 merely to RENT it for 90 days? I should be able to digitally download and keep it for no more than $20, tops. Yeah this is just silly. I have even less incentive to buy one of these new boxes now. Still perfectly happy with Steam on my PC.

  • TaboriHK

    God this makes consoles seem even more direly out of touch than usual. When attempting to address a setup that is highly successful like Steam, a good first step would probably be making sure you’re actually competing with it on some level, not just taking framework from Blockbuster (AKA, that store that half of the present generation doesn’t recognize as ever having existed).

  • JetpackJesus

    Well, Sony can’t go around calling EA Access a bad value anymore.

  • Shiggy Diggy

    And you know it is people like the first commenter that let this stuff take root.

    It was the same for excessively priced rubbish DLC. As usual people laid back, and let it happen. Like the sheep you all are.

    You can have this too if you like. I will not have any part of it.