PlayStation Network To Go Down For Maintenance

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PlayStation Network Down For Maintenance

The PlayStation Network outages have been one of the hottest topics in the gaming world over the past weeks. Not only is Sony’s user-base angry at the fact that a service they make use of is down, but there is also a great deal of confusion and uncertainty surrounding the matter. No one is quite sure when the service will truly return in full capacity. In an effort to prepare for the restoration of the PlayStation Store, Sony will be taking the PlayStation Store down for maintenance today.

Promising that the service will only be down for a few hours today, users will be unable to sign in during the maintenance. For those of you that are already signed in when the work takes place, you will be able to continue playing online unhindered.

Sony states that this maintenance is another important step in ensuring that the PSN is restored back to full capacity in a timely manner. This includes the return of the PlayStation Store which Sony has confirmed will be back by the end of the week after weeks of speculation as to when the popular service would return.

While this is not the first time Sony has taken the PSN servers down for maintenance in order to prepare for the PlayStation Store’s return, since the week is already halfway over, this could be the last leg in Sony’s battle to return all of their services to consumers. With only a few days remaining in their promise, gamers everywhere are waiting with fingers crossed to receive some sort of solid information from Sony.

Regardless, Sony assures gamers that they are still on schedule to fully restore the PSN in most regions by the end of the week as promised. According to a statement from developer Gamelion, the restoration of the PSN may be coming any time between now and Friday. On their Facebook page, they stated that:

“Block Cascade Fusion is coming as Minis for PS3 and PSP to North America on 3rd June 2011!”

While this could simply be a statement of the game’s intended release date, it seems odd that the company would promise the release of their game through digital distribution without knowing that the PlayStation Store will in fact be restored in time for their game’s launch. It may just be wishful thinking, but hopefully for the sake of gamers everywhere Gamelion has provided an indication of when the service could return.

Sadly, users in Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea will have to wait for a bit longer before they are able to make use of the PSN’s full functionality. No official date has been given for them yet.

With E3 2011 only a few days away, it’s great news for Sony that they will be returning full functionality to their online service just in time. It would have been disastrous to take the stage at their press conference with such a crucial component to their console out of commission. With all of the negative press that they have received over the course of this debacle, it will be interesting to see what they are able to present in order to capture the attention of the gaming industry.

Do you think that the PSN will really be back by this Friday? What do you think they will have to do to win back the support of consumers everywhere?

Source: PlayStation Blog, PlayStation LifeStyle


  • coclyde.o. lewis

    not at all happy with the computer generated replies i get for question. either they send me to sites that are down or promise to get back to me in 24 hours and all they do is send another do not respond. this is a computer generated reply.and none of it helps in the least. and no messages for sony at all letting us know they were hacked or when their going to be back have to search on line for answers mostly from google . who sem to know more than sony. what a joke

  • Jimmehy


  • me

    i am soo cousi that i cant stop thinking about it why can they just put it like come on is that hard.

  • eltimigre96

    as long as its not down for another month. its alright with me. but seriously, this is getting ridiculous! sony, i hope u know that through the process you have lost the trust of many users if i were u, id step up your game because ur gonna need alot of it to get back to the top. i dont give a crap if theres an annual fee of 50 bucks, as long as it keeps my information safe and makes my gaming experience better. but if it goes to the corporate douchebags, i truly will be pissed

    • geauxtiger

      your mad that some jerk hacked into and shut down a FREE SERVICE let me remind you again FREE SERVICE, and sony is spending millions of dollars not only fixing the problems caused but also trying to make sure that it cant happen again all while protecting as much of your personal information as possible and giving away 2 free downloadable games as soon as the store is back up. Why dont you just buy an xbox get horrible service that you have to pay for and quit complaining.

      • Matt

        Exactly. That’s what I’ve been thinking through all of this. Luckily I have an Xbox 360 as well, so no of this has effected me at all. I still love the PS3 waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than the Xbox.

        • Oili

          It’s ok to have the blaise response of… “oh don’t get mad it was free”… But people have their card details on a system that is/ was clearly not well protected – and no user has been able to change their password or get it back if they have lost it at the moment.

          I think Song have done an appalling job of keeping contact with their customers and quite frankly they deserve the loss of a lot of customers… And WILL have to try hard to get the trust of their customers back.

  • alejandro

    today or tomorow?

  • M S Shaw

    All I want to do at this point is use the stupid PS3 for streaming netflix, a service for which I pay. Due to their so called maintenance, I cannot login to their silly network, which means Netflix wont work.

    Not much of a robust service.

  • evan


  • David

    I’m not going to hold my breath. Wasn’t it suppose to be up on May 24th?

  • puam

    the store is back on nowwww!!!! awesome….

  • koko

    Stop lying you pr*ck. No everyone it is still under maintenance

    • puam

      im no pr*ck. i wasn’t lying…i was using it at the moment i made the comment. i guess i was already signed on so it let me use it?

  • david

    if playstation network wants to win the fans to come back to ps3 system then they need to give away free stuff nothing will win over a person more then free things games, movies, cash, credits, avatar things. but i think if they shut down psn again for this long they will lose people for good.

  • WTF SONY?!

    I’ve just tried signing into my PS3 account so I can remove all the personal info off there because Sony keep getting attacked by hackers… it tells me I can’t log in until my password is reset so they’ve e-mailed me a link… I’ve clicked to confirm the password reset and the webpage it takes me to says that Sony’s servers are now “down for maintenance” so I can’t choose a new password… meaning my personal info including address and credit card details are still on my account for these hacker scumbags to exploit… can Sony do anything right?