PlayStation Move Review & Buyer’s Guide

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Playstation Move Reviews

Game Rant’s Ben Kendrick reviews the PlayStation Move

Expectations and emotions run high in the console war with many game enthusiasts looking to the PlayStation Move and Microsoft Kinect to help justify their alliance to a particular hardware manufacturer.

Competition is a good thing, between the manufacturers, but it’s unfortunate that so many gamers are pooh-poohing the innovation behind Move and Kinect, simply because these individuals are “hardcore.” Listen, if you’re not interested in Move or Kinect, that’s totally fine — but remember, no one is going to force you to play Modern Warfare 3 with motion controls. So, relax.

For those of you interested in phase two of the PS3 launch — i.e. PlayStation Move, let’s start with the basics.

Though I’ve had the Sports Champions move bundle for over a week, I was waiting to polish-off this review until Heavy Rain (one of Game Rant’s favorite titles — read our review), received a Move patch. Sure, I could have talked about how much better Sports Champions performs than Wii Sports Resort; however, since a number of high-profile Sony titles will feature Move, I wanted see, “could Move add something to an already immersive experience?” Or, would it disrupt that experience with unintuitive waggle gestures?

Sony added the Heavy Rain Move patch early yesterday morning, so here we go.

playstation move controller

PlayStation Move Hardware:

When compared to the Wii-mote, the Move is a significant step up – in comfort and precision. The controller is much lighter than Nintendo’s, and significantly less-blocky. The navigation controller is equally comfortable, and unlike Nintendo’s nunchuck, it’s wireless — allowing for greater range of motion in the Move-hand.

The Move has been criticized for looking ridiculous, but all of the ice cream and sex toy-related jokes are easily forgotten the first time you experience the precision of the tech. It is very accurate — with hardly any discernible lag. That said, certain lighting conditions may effect the accuracy and general performance of the PlayStation Move hardware. Rooms with an excessive amount of sunlight or, conversely, poor lighting can cause tracking problems — especially for non-Move actions such as using your real hand to tickle an EyePet.

In addition, Sony gamers with extremely tight living quarters may find that some game features require a lot more room than they have to offer. I live in a New York City apartment, and while most Move games worked just fine, there were a few instances where I stepped outside of the PlayStation Eye’s field of view or had to dial back my enthusiasm for fear of hitting something. This isn’t a fault of the PlayStation Move hardware but it is something potential players should be aware of.

Playstation Move Buyer's Guide

It’s not as simple as saying, “I’ve got a Wii, so I should have room for the Move.” The addition of the camera in the Move hardware ultimately results in a much more carefully monitored experience – which requires more room. Instead of simply following the motions of the controller, in some cases, Move is tracking your entire body. With each game, the player must resync the controller and software. Syncing is a brief and painless process, but a testament to the amount of data the Move system is tracking.

If there’s one down side to the PlayStation Move hardware, it’s the USB cable attached to the camera — not because a wired camera can’t work; rather, because the wire weighs enough that it can cause the camera to tip over — or even fall off the top of your HDTV. I have a Sony Bravia, and there is no safe place to put the camera. If they didn’t design the PlayStation Eye to work seamlessly with their own TVs, imagine the annoyance you’re bound to have with a Panasonic, Samsung, etc. The problem improves as the cord stretches out but, even a week out of the box, I’m still giving the camera anxious looks.

Continue reading Game Rant’s review of PlayStation Move for our game recommendations…

Our Rating:

4.5 out of 5

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  • Riley Little

    Great review, Ben! I’ve never played Heavy Rain, but now that it works with my new Move device I just may have to check it out.

  • A Sandwich

    So, how is Sports Champions better than Wii Sports Resort, exactly? Because it’s slightly more accurate? It better be, it’s 5 years late to the party. Because it took the EXACT SAME sports for inspiration? There’s that Sony originality for you. But is it more fun? Funny how that question isn’t addressed…
    I honestly can’t believe that gamers are okay with the way that Sony is conducting business this generation.

    • Ben Kendrick

      In regards to ‘Sports Champions,’ as I mentioned in the article, the improved precision of the controls makes the experience much more intuitive – and much deeper. In answer to your question, yes – it is more fun. Instead of swinging wildly at the screen players can commit to improving their technique in the games, adding a lot of depth to what used to be just a casual experience. Just because it came out 5 years after Wii Sports, doesn’t mean there’s no fun left to be had in casual motion sports gaming.

      However, this is a review of the hardware, which certainly has its own set of hurdles to overcome (overly-familiar software offerings is one of them), not an in-depth look at each recommended game’s mechanics. If a reader is interested in buying Move, these are the games we’re recommending they check out.

      Both ‘Tumble’ and ‘Heavy Rain’ offer great “original” experiences that only the PlayStation Move could offer.

      • Jason Weissman

        Actually, Manhunt 2 is pretty similar to Heavy Rain’s new control scheme. Of course, Manhunt 2 was severely gimped by censorship.

        • Ben Kendrick

          That’s the point I’m making. With Move the PS3 is uniquely positioned to offer great motion controls to hardcore experiences.

      • A Sandwich

        Ben, have you played Wii Sports Resort? Because if you think that “wildly swinging at the screen” is all that it takes, then you’re doing it wrong. Almost all of the games in Resort feature a skill-based learning curve. No one swinging haphazardly is going to beat me at sword-fighting, or basketball, or table tennis.
        And I disagree that only the Playstation Move could provide an experience like Heavy Rain. After all, there are plenty of Wii titles with poor gameplay and nonsensical narratives. Zing!

        • Ben Kendrick

          I have played plenty of Wii Sports Resort and it is a great game. I’m also willing to admit that a player can hone their skills in Resort – and it doesn’t always come down to “wildly swinging” at the screen.

          That said, have you played Sports Champions? If you’ve spent as much time with the game as I have now, you’d understand how much difference that extra precision makes. The two handed sword and shield wielding in Gladiator Duel is especially fun.

          As I’ve mentioned before, people are knocking the Move without having any substantial experience with it. The review is meant to help people interested in the hardware make an informed decision – if you’re not interested in Move, that’s fine 😉

          I can only say that I thought it was a worthy accessory to add to my PlayStation offerings.

  • BubbaLsL

    This is probably the best review of the Move hardware I have read so far.

  • joostin

    Coming from someone who adopted the PSEye early, double-sided tape is your friend. Just a small piece under the PSEye and it will hug your TV for life. Want it gone? No problem if you are using the white double sided tape it leaves no residue. Sure Sony should’ve put a clip with the camera or at least some tape lol.

    • Ben Kendrick

      Ya, a small piece of double-sided tape packed-in the box would have significantly reduced my first-hour frustration 😉

      • Archaeon


        I have noticed that several stores now carry the LCD tv PS3 EyeToy mount. Basically, it’s just like PC camera grips for the Skype/video chat cams sold with/for computers but made for the EyeToy…just another option to relieve that bit of frustration. :)

  • Don

    Its soo refreshing to hear a non-biased review on the ps3 Move. Everyone gets so caught up in the similarities it holds with the wii, and novody taked into consideration that this is playstation, catching up with proven successfully selling tech; and that all the playstation move is going to do is get better and add an immense variety of games out there to play on playstation.
    Basically i see the Wii as that dumb bunny or whatever it was that walt disney cartoon he made. and the ps3 move as the mickey mouse. The beginning to a long enjoyable endeaver playstation is embarking on.
    I will not be buying move until they have at least a dozen good games for it. but rest assured They will make good titles for it and when they do ill be wagging my arms around with a smile on my face.!!!!!

  • Jesse

    Why didnt you specify whether or not you were comparing the Wiimote to the Move, or the Wii motion plus? I want to know which you are comparing to. what if the wii motion plus is as good as the move, but your review compares it to the regular Wiimote? if that was the case, then this would be a case of irresponsible journalism, wouldnt it?

    • Archaeon

      @ Jesse

      Actually, he did specify, at one point, that the Move IS much more precise than the Plus, not just the regular WiiMote. Look above, on this second page of the review.

  • Mandarr

    Excellent review Ben, spot on! I’ve been having a lot of fun with the move myself as well. I’m way happier with this investment than I have been with the playstation plus so far. It’s good to read that others are having just as much fun with the move as I am.

  • Jeff Schille

    Move remains intriguing to me, though I have reservations about how much precision I want in a motion controller.

    I played the Ping Pong game in Sports Champions, and consistently missed the ball because I was swinging in the wrong place. Though I’m sure I could come to terms with such specific control, it was not as instantly fun as the Ping Pong in Wii Sports Resort, which requires much less precision.

    Still, Sony’s willingness to support more traditional, less party-focused games may ultimately sell me on the peripheral. And the compartmentalized nature of buying Move controllers is attractive.

    Great review, Ben. You’ve given me a lot to think about.

  • Andrew Dyce

    Awesome review Ben!

    Jeff, I thin k you’ve hit the nail on the head. Both Move and the Wii have introduced motion control as a way to target their audience: Nintendo wanted to appeal to everybody, so the controls are much more forgiving. Sony wanted to include people who just wanted an HD version of motion control, AND give their fans of the newest technology a much more refined experience.

  • Sonny Moveski

    Well, after a month of sales the numbers are pretty positive, ranging from 1 to 2 milion worldwide. Quite surprising actually, given there’s no killer app so far.

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