SuperBot Possibly Hiring for ‘PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2′

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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2 Screenshots

Superbot Entertainment released its very first game, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, less than a month ago, and a majority of consumers have been enjoying their time with the frantic crossover-filled beat ’em up. While gamers anxiously await the arrival of forthcoming content for the game, some evidence has recently emerged that suggests that the developer may already be revving up to work on, what many are assuming is, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2.

A couple of job postings for positions at SuperBot have been spotted by NeoGAF user Nirolak. The jobs in question are for an art director and a game designer/implementer, which isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but it’s the description for what each position entails that alludes to work on a brand new project rather than downloadable add-ons.

According to the art director job description, the new game is “a project such as PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, which by definition brings together elements ranging from an incredibly wide range of artistic styles, requires a strong and unifying vision to present a cohesive and polished product.”

Meanwhile, the applicants for the game designer gig “must have a near encyclopedic knowledge of modern games, with emphasis on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.”

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2 Screenshots

These job postings certainly don’t sound like they’re for DLC, but an entirely new project that’s essentially identical to PlayStation All-Stars. Sony would obviously like to pump out more than one game and turn Battle Royale into a successful series (that’s presumably why they put SuperBot together in the first place), so odds are they’ve green-lit a successor to All-Stars. That’s good news for those that were concerned that the would-be franchise simply wasn’t going to make it after mumblings of the title’s less-than-stellar sales. Fortunately, that doesn’t appear to have slowed down the alleged followup whatsoever.

A sequel could correct one of the biggest issues we addressed in our Battle Royale review; that issue being the minuscule 20 character launch roster. SuperBot is aware that some highly desired mascots are missing, and that’s why more characters and stages will be arriving in early 2013. The promise of DLC also assures fans that there’s plenty more to come to the current iteration of All-Stars — the first of which will be available for free for a limited time and consists of Gravity Rush‘s Kat, Starhawk‘s Emmet, and a new stage based on Heavenly Sword/Wipeout.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2 was almost an inevitability, so word that SuperBot may already be getting to work on a direct followup doesn’t come as much of a shock. What will be interesting to see, though, is whether or not a sequel will land on the PS3 or its long rumored next-gen successor.

What’s your dream roster for PlayStation All-Stars 2? What other additions would you like to see in a sequel?

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  • COREY_1993

    This is good news. As much as i love all stars battle royale i was left with a salty taste in my mouth. i felt there should have been more modes,online modes too. how could they leave 1v1 matchmaking out is beyond me!

    There should have been so many more unlockables and easter eggs. 20 characters isnt really good either but at least every character was different. yes, even cole and e.cole are different.

    i was also thinking what if they are doing an all stars series. what i mean is this is battle royale with the playstation characters in a fighting game and their next game would be like a kart game were all the characters are driving. doubt this is the plans at superbot but it would be interesting if they went that way though i dont really want them to. id rather they worked on a sequel. keep the roster and add to it!

    • Shalkowski

      Playstation Twisted Metal Battle Royal lol

    • Riley Little

      That would be interesting. SuperBot is composed of fighting game vets, though, and Sony already has LittleBigPlanet Karting to scratch that kart racing itch.

      The biggest issue I had with Battle Royale is that it’s short on worthwhile content, so the experience dried up quickly. I think if SuperBot was given more time, then they really could have flushed out the final product. What they have now is a solid foundation for what could be a truly magnificent fighting game franchise.

  • Razhe

    Get Activision to cough up Crash and Spyro. Those are the 2 that really started Sony off.

  • Ryuhza

    Getting on the ball early is great. Gives them time to make a truly notable product.

  • Rickkk

    This is such a joke compared to Super Smash Bros. Sony just give up.

    • subcityhm75

      Sony: Nah we’re good.

  • Shalkowski

    Care to elaborate? Or are you just gonna go with the classic fanboy/troll comment?

  • Noctis

    I knew they would dO something so stupid like capcom did with MVC3. For those who don’t know these characters that were selected were not by fans choice but that jerk kendall or however you fucking spell his names choice. He’s just making us think that well get the characters we want when its all decided by him. He doesn’t give a damn about crash or cloud or spyro. It’s whatever he likes and I personally think he’s got a bad taste in characters

  • Andrew14

    they should put Rayman he’s cool and i would definitely play as him. his level 3 super could be he puts on the golden gloves, his level 2 could be that pencil/taxi flying, from rayman 2, he rides it like fat princess rides the chicken……. and his level 1….i dont know but you get me

  • CJ Greenlee

    I have sooo many characters that should have made it into this game. Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Alex Mercer from Prototype, Jackie from The Darkness, Ico from…well Ico, and also more Metal Gear Solid characters. Raiden is cool and all, but having Big Boss or something would be sweet. Or Psycho Mantis *Drools*.

  • Alone1sAgain

    You know, as much as anybody said this would be similar to Super Smash Bros. in concept, it’s completely different. After playing All Stars for a few hours, then going to the Wii and playing SSBB, I had a hard time playing Nintendo’s franchise. All Stars seems to have gotten the gravity perfect for an all-out fighting game, whereas Nintendo seems to let you hang in the air a hellava lot longer than should.

    All Stars seemed to be the better choice (in my opinion) than the world-renowned Super Smash, but Smash Bros. will always have more “well-known” characters due to the fact they are all made by, no surprise, Nintendo. Once the characters for All Stars DLC start coming out, I might not play Super Smash Bros. until the next iteration for WiiU and 3DS. Kudos, SuperBot!

  • parrish35

    This is killing me. I’ve still yet to play PS Allstars….and i want to so bad. Guess what? I’m in love with smash bros. Have been ever since the first one came out. But dang this looks amazing, can anyone tell me anything i really need to know about it?

  • victor barber

    You should put naruto in psasbr his level one could be rasengan his level 2 nine tails cloak form and his level 3 could be naruto in kyuubi mode

  • papa

    crash and spyro, those are the classic charaters.those to helped put sony on the map before any other sony character.