PlayStation 4 May Launch Before Xbox Next

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PlayStation 4 release before Xbox Next 720

For a pair of consoles we may not even get a chance to play for another 2-3 years, there’s a pile of news coming regarding development and release dates for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720. Yesterday came news from industry insiders that Sony developers are working away on games for the PS4 and that the Xbox 720, apparently dubbed the Xbox Next, will see a full unveiling at E3 2013 with potential fall 2013 release.

With similar time lines, who will launch their console first?

RW Baird analyst Colin Sebastian spoke to IndustryGamers, explaining that they believe Sony will launch the next PlayStation before the next Xbox.

“I doubt they will be ready for launch in 2013.  Between Sony and Microsoft, we expect Sony to be first to market perhaps as early as 2013, but more likely in 2014.  There is still a lot of investment for both companies to recoup in the current generation.”

Why do they expect Sony to be first?

There’s no real insight or explanation given, and it doesn’t offer anything different from what we already know about the speculated/rumored release dates of each console, outside of the prediction that Sony will release theirs first. But again, where does that come from?

If anything, the PlayStation 3 was initially predicted to have a longer life cycle than the Xbox 360 but dashboard/system updates, the release of the Kinect and improved models of the hardware all helped extend the life with more focus on software. Sony has the better priced console now with the recent PS3 price drop to $250 – how much lower can they go in the next two years? Perhaps they are setting up for a surprise early launch.

Microsoft had the jump with the current generation of consoles, releasing a full year ahead of the Wii and PS3. The next round, Nintendo goes first with the Wii U with speculation that Microsoft would do their first reveal of the Xbox 360 successor at E3 next summer.

We’ll have to wait a while to see

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Source: IndustryGamers

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  • Ops31337

    I like neXtbox better

  • yuuchun

    I don’t really consider nintendo’s console “Next Gen”, they never seem to keep up, or at least put out what M$ and $ony do.

    As far as the Sony and M$ systems are concerned. It’s highly unlikely Sony would debut first. It’s simple to see why. M$ knows that they got this good install base because of the head start. lets face it, with the first Xbox, they just wanted to get the name out there, with the next one they wanted the jump on the competition, they got it, even with the crap quality hardware (I don’t mean capabilities, I mean craftsmanship), their console still did awesome. I believe it was because they got there name out there a FULL year ahead of everyone else.

    I think, even if the Xbox Next isn’t ready (Quality testing done), they will still release it, ahead of sony.

    But that’s just what I think.

  • southernsand

    in my honest opinion i don’t think we need any new consoles anytime soon i like the ones we have now i don’t wanna pay for another console thats most likely just gonna have upgraded graphics

    • Rob Keyes

      Well, it’s been a long time since the Xbox 360 came out (six years) and the consoles, as they currently are, are holding back developers like DICE, id, Epic, etc. from really taking their games to the next level.

      Look at BF3 on the PC vs. consoles.

    • Justinian

      Well I’m sure if they are putting this much effort into the new consoles it won’t just be a graphical update. I’m sure they will add new features and they will probably boast higher processing power.

      • Yuuchun

        Yes. Consider the xbox to the xbox360. 7**mhz CPU for the xbox, 3 core multithreaded processing clocked at 3.2ghz.

        if you consider what M$ did with the Xbox to the 360, think about the power behind the CPU alone, what the increase will be. I think in that stage of the game (2013-2014) don’t be surprised to see the nextbox packing a 14 core clocked at 3.0-3.6 ghz.

        The AMD next gen GPU’s are rumored to be releasing in early 2012. HD 7000. so if things keep going as they are Next box may be packing a HD 8000 or HD 9000 card. just something to keep in mind.

  • IDieTrying

    I don’t want it to be called the PS4 something more original but whatever

    • BFTE

      dude that is original? lol at least we dont add stupid numbers to our name that dont go in order

      • noah

        there making it seem like degrees probably -.- but i don’t know why

  • prometheus

    it shouldbe called the PS4ward “4ward” is as in forward

  • GameCollector44

    I’m all for seeing the next system, but uh…if it’s going to be as expensive as the PS3 was when it came out (which was $600) there’s no way I’m getting one.

    • Yuuchun

      True that man.

      • GameCollector44

        See, I wanted to do a joke about how the 720 and PS4 were gonna cost $4,000 and be the size of a small van, but I’m too mature for that.

        But seriously, I would like to see Sony and Microsoft’s next systems. I’m sure they’ll be neat. :)

  • TheAvenger

    So Sony is basically breaking their promise AGAIN.
    They said the PS2 would have a long life-cycle, yet it was cut short by the PS3… then they said the PS3 would have a 10 year life-cycle, but now they seem to cutting that short as well.

    At least the 360 has been around for a while… if this new PS3 is released in 2013, I won’t be getting one… I think I’ll be moving on to X-Box (and seeing as Sony keeps getting hacked and isn’t bringing out any worthwhile “exclusive” games that interests me anymore — this might not be a bad choice for me.)

    • Yuuchun

      Man. you sound like me with Nintendo.

      So you know, I’m going to sony. I need the change of pace.

    • Rob Keyes


      If the PS4 comes out next year, as an example, that doesn’t end the life of the PS3. It will still get titles for another few years, like PS3.

      Lifecycles overlap.

    • GameCollector44

      See, I had the choice between a PS3 or Xbox360. I chose a PS3 because quite a few of the “360 Exclusive” games eventually come to the PC, while exclusives for the PS3 normally don’t come to the PC at all. :S

  • SnnigCircles

    For those who complain about the short lifecycles of these consoles. You’ve gotta remember that technology moves incredibly fast 2-3 more years and that new ps3 slim you got will be outdated to say the least. It’ll probably cost about $150 if that. I mean hey I can get a laptop with a built in camera, and all that good stuff for around $500 2 years it’ll be even less. So you’ve kinda just go with the flow. Dont wanna dish out cash, wait a while and the prices will drop.

  • WhatEver

    i bought the xbox 360 when it came out for $500… and it didnt last a year, hope they do some more testing on the 720 and not release some crap, and i just bought the ps3 a couple of months ago so im not ready for “next gen”

    • leoele

      I waited until March of 2006 and picked one up for $350, including shipping. It broke twice, but MS replaced it twice, so I can’t really complain. The last replacement is still running. I’ve since upgraded xboxes, but my friend is using the old one and enjoying it immensely.

  • Drew

    New systems are going to need more memory and much larger hard drives than what were provided with, with the original PS3 and Xbox 360. I assume resolution will go beyond 1080p and that means we’ll need new expensive TVs to go with them.