Rumor Patrol: PS4 Dropping DualShock Design For Touchscreen Controller

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The next great console war is nearly upon us and the first salvo of media ballistics could be launched in a matter of weeks. That is, if the latest series of rumors regarding Sony’s PlayStation 3 successor are true. Rumors for both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 720 have circulated for two years, most of them pointing to 2013 unveiling and releases, but Microsoft officially made their mark a few weeks ago in highlighting their upcoming E3 2013 keynote presentation – extremely early – with a countdown timer months before the event even takes place, hinting at next-gen Xbox announcement.

For Sony, there’s nothing official just yet but last week an executive from their Home Entertainment division hinted that the PlayStation 4 could be unveiled early, potentially in May, supporting rumors from last year that Sony would definitely want to beat Microsoft out of the gate with the next console generation after having the PS3 release a full year after the Xbox 360.

On the tech front, we also heard last week from VG24/7’s sources that the PlayStation 4 would be nearly 50% faster than the Xbox 360, strictly by its “run-capability of 1.84 teraflops” which, according to unnamed developers beats out the next Xbox which “will be able to achieve 1.23 teraflops.” They also claim however, that the next Xbox will have twice the RAM as the next PlayStation.

The latest news on the PS4 front focuses on its primary controller input, rumored to be drastically different than the current DualShock built upon the traditional PlayStation design. Thanks Nintendo’s Wii U for leading the charge in innovation (again) with its touchscreen-enabled GamePad. The scoop comes from CVG who heard it from a source working on an upcoming Sony title who claim that the PS4’s controller designs has gone through drastic changes and may include a touchscreen, along with biometric sensors, in a package that doesn’t resemble the DualShock at all. Recall: Back in November of 2011 we learned that Sony was designing biometric controllers for all of their systems – take a look at the images.

Says CVG:

“Experiments within Sony’s R&D department are thought to have been extensive. Versions of the new PS4 pad include biometric sensors on the grips and an LCD touch screen, the development source claimed.”

Another one of their sources claims that Sony is trying to take advantage of what they’ve learned and applied to the Vita touchscreen interface to their PS4 controller. We’ve long heard from Sony reps how the Vita can do for PlayStation consoles what the Nintendo’s GamePad does for the Wii U so don’t be surprised if the Vita is fully compatible for the PS4. Cross-marketing, anyone?

They also reiterate that we’ll be learning about the PS3 successor in the coming weeks instead of months, meaning a major announcement could occur even before the May suggestion by Hiroshi Sakamoto, Sony’s Home Entertainment VP. When we do, expect that even with a new controller, the standard PS3 controllers to be supported as well. Not all games will force touchscreen gimmicks, much like the Wii U lets users play with the Wiimotes for many of the titles, especially in multiplayer games since the console only supports one GamePad at the moment.

Sony also previously applied for patents on a Kinect-like camera and for technology that lets viewers simultaneously view different games/TV programming on the same television so all of these could factor into the PS4’s feature-set as well.

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  • XplitReboundz

    No please sony :( keep it simple!

  • Poncho

    I don’t see the PS4 being very affordable with a touchscreen controller and its rumored power. Unless the controller doesn’t come bundled with the console, in which case there is no point in having it.

    • Daniel Carlson

      I’m thinking if that’s the case than we should see another 599$ price tag

  • Dante

    Ok so I’ll keep it simple, whoever keeps the interface as close to non-idiotic as possible gets to keep me as a gamer.

    I swear a screen that I have to constantly look down at is not appealing.

    Dual-Shock 4 or go home Sony. I don’t want to go Microsoft but if that’s the last bastion of a real controller then I guess that’s where I go.

  • TaboriHK

    And the parroting of other companies continues.

  • COREY_1993


  • Shalkowski

    I’ve heard nothing but bad news so far with consoles (both Microsoft and Sony). Microsoft with their terrible team up with skype and now this. I don’t want to have to look down to see what the hell I’m doing and to make sure I don’t accidentally tap the wrong button. These two company are not sticking to the most important guide line. KISS.

  • Alter

    Ha! classic …….

  • David

    Swing and a miss… can Sony just go bankrupt already? We only need two console providers and with Valve entering the mix, Sony really isn’t need any longer.

    • John Trollston

      or how about microsoft go outta the console business? or do we really need that next “ground-breaking” halo game and paid online service?

  • Shalkowski

    How can you say Sony is ripping off the Wii U? PS Vita came out before the Wii U and no doubt it will be more like the PS Vita.

    • KoffeeKing

      And nintendo has stated the idea for the gamepad came from the DS which came out way before the vita so yes, sony is ripping them off…again.

      • Shalkowski

        The DS style and PS Vita styles are completely different. Nevermind the fact that really all they have in common are the touch screens and the fact they are for video games. The DS has two screens, one you actually see what is going on in the game you are playing, and the other is for a map and what not. PS Vita has one screen that is a touch screen. So does that mean that sony is ripping off the Itouch and Apple? No. Sony first came out the the PSP anyway. That was just a physical handheld gaming device. The PS Vita is just an upgrade of that.

      • Shalkowski

        The DS and PS Vita styles are completely different. The DS has two screens, one for seeing what is going on in the game and the other for a map and what not. The PS Vita has one central screen that happens to be a touch screen. Does that mean Sony is ripping off the Itouch and Apple? No. Sony first came out with the PSP anyway, and that was just a physical handheld gaming device. The PS Vita is just an upgrade of that. The only things they have in common is that they have touch screens and its main purpose is for gaming.

        • Shalkowski

          Sorry double post

  • pav

    Nintendo is always the inovators and micro and sony get the technology and thy change it a little bit.BUTTT Nintendo is not for hard core gamers and this are the people who bring the most of the money on the table.. this time sony is gone too far.IF sony do this for all the games then forget it. a hard core gamer needs a proper controller

    • KoffeeKing

      The Wii U pro controller is an outstanding controller. I like it as much as I like a 360 controller and it suits my “hardcore” tastes just fine. The gamepad, once you get use to it, is like a swiss army knife of all “hardcore” controllers. I had my doubts about it at first but it is without a shadow of a doubt the best controller I have ever played with.

      • Dante

        I still find it silly to expect a gamer to look down at their controller every few seconds. Ridiculously stupid actually, controllers have over years become simple extensions of our hands and allowed us to control fast paced action without the need to split our very limited human visual perception.

        There is no way you, or anyone, can convince me that the “gamepad” is the best “hardcore” controller.

        Oh, and to those saying how Nintendo is so super innovative – please – they saw Apple’s super success with the iPad and iPhone and wanted in – oh but only on a budget with their resistive single touch screen.

        • Poncho

          Here we go again with that stupid argument that Nintendo copied the iPad. Has it ever occurred to you that they where basing the game pad off of the DS’ design? It’s exactly the lower half of the DS, with a few extra buttons and analogue sticks.

          As for gamers looking down at the controller every few seconds, it’s no different than glancing at your minimap on the screen. Doesn’t change anything. There’s only way for you to think about the game pad as the best hardcore controller, and that’s by using it. I personally agree with KoffeeKing, but if you don’t, that’s fine. Different folks. But you should at least give it a shot.

          • KoffeeKing

            Thank you!! Finally someone gets it! I was just getting ready to make a post stating such but ya beat me to it. This was my whole point for my previous post. They got the idea from their OWN technology. They didn’t copy Apple. The iPad came out in April of 2010. The Nintendo DS came out in North America November of 2004. This was well in advance of the iPad….obviously. They wanted to bring over the dual screen experience to their home console, not make just another “tablet”….

            As for the argument of having to look down at your controller a lot…it is actually more useful. In online multiplayer you no longer have to “pause” your game to change your loadout, you can simply look down and change it real quick without having to interrupt a game. Truly you aren’t even having to look down very much at all. This is just a general misconception people who haven’t tried the system have. Its a proven fact that people are afraid of change. Just give it a try. You can’t really call yourself a gamer unless you are open to all possibilities. Gaming tech won’t stay the same forever…it HAS to change somewhere down the road….

      • Rob Keyes

        I dig the GamePad weight and feel but it has a huge critical flaw in its button layout on the right side. Player thumbs don’t naturally curl in that much to hit those button – they’re in the wrong place and it’s bad for twitch games like shooters.

  • Ryuhza

    My guess is that if this touch screen controller idea does form into something, it will just be optional integration between the PS4 and Vita. It doesn’t make sense for them to eschew their new handheld for a controller that does the same thing.

    Also, Sony, don’t drop the Dualshock. Please.

  • Ryuhza

    The ideas here are based on the Playstation Vita more than anything, and that was announced (As the NGP) and released before the Wii U on both accounts. I don’t know if there’s any information on the behind-the-scenes development of either platform.

    And as for the other claims of “Sony rips off everyone”

    The Playstation Move (Alleged Wiimote ripoff) had a prototype all the way back in 2001, during the development of the the Eyetoy.

    The Eyetoy camera has been around since 2003, as one of the earliest successful motion control devices. It’s successor, the Playstation Eye for PS3, has been around since 2007. Kinect has similar capabilities, with the core difference being an infrared scanner for mapping out a room.

    I feel like I’m forgetting something, what else has Sony “copied”?

    • Shalkowski

      Thank you.

  • Red

    Here’s an idea. Let NOT make the PS4 controller a tablet since the ****ing Vita could be patched to add that already since the darn thing has bluetooth and TWO touch surfaces. Let try some non-MOVE like controller innovation this time.

    Or maybe Sony takes a hint from M$ and releases “Playstation N-Act” for iOS, android and Win8 tablets so players can use a real tablet instead of the upgraded Tiger Electronic handheld thing Nintendo calls a gamepad tablet.

  • StinRay65

    Just purchased Aragorn’s Quest PSMove game for $7 at Gamestop…why so cheap I thought?? I don’t have move. Clerk said you can play it with a dualshock too. So I played it for a couple of hours…with a dualshock controller its pitifully easy to play, one handed…not even challenging, however I am sure that with MOVE it is very challenging. So that’s the advancement? The future we were waiting for? Dumb down the games because you can’t control them very well with the new control system? Really? Yeah, great idea. Now what? Add a touch screen to the controller and eliminate games on disk just like the “acclaimed” cough!cough! VITA?
    This is a DAY ONE disaster in the making and all they can think about is selling you new hardware…not really even significantly better hardware, just NEW hardware that locks you into buying everything you want online…too bad for you 45% if you can’t get high speed internet! What? you want to save money for food??? You are too poor for us to worry about you anyway.

  • Jak Frost

    why!!!! that would be so dumb

  • Adamantus

    No thanks to being monitored all the time I’m playing a game using biometric grip sensors. It’d be like living in Equilibrium or something.

    Hello Ouya :)