PlayStation 4 Pre-Orders Rumored to Be Near 1.5 Million

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The console wars are heating up, and analysts predict the PlayStation 4 will outsell the more expensive Xbox One package this holiday season when both release a week apart in November. Many factors have contributed to this feud that consumers are taking into consideration. For the Xbox One, the Kinect requirements, Kinect ad controversy, DRM policy, Internet connection policy, – and again, the price – have been just a few of the counter-productive aspects of their Microsoft’s evolving approach. Though they responded to the backlash by reducing and eliminating many of these policies.

Although loyalists will support their console choice no matter what, the general speculation points to the market have their arms a little more open to the PS3 successor, so it should come as no surprise that the PS4 is projected to be the console that sells the most units, at least over 1.5 million units according to pre-orders.

Sony has marketed their next-gen home console in a clever and systematic manner, whilst taking subtle jabs at Microsoft and the Xbox One. It started with Sony’s E3 press conference, and the internet buzz did the rest of the work for them. A recent episode of Bonus Round suggests that the PlayStation 4 is ahead in pre-orders according to the most-quoted industry analyst ever, Michael Pachter.

“The only thing they’re [Sony] going to have problems with is supply disruption. That million pre-orders that they talked about, which I understand now is up to 1.5 million, that’s a lot of consoles. That tells you there’s not going to be a lot of boxes behind the first 1.5 million and so I think you’re going to have some supply shortages. And I think, to the extent that there is a shortage, that’s a potential customer who says ‘I’m getting an Xbox One because that’s great too.'”

Pachter suggests that Microsoft could be able to capitalize on the fact that Sony may have overdone themselves. In case it isn’t clear, 1.5 million units is a lot of hardware to produce, and to fulfill that many pre-orders will be difficult for Sony. Let’s not forget that Sony must produce a specific amount for sale in-store which – if limited in availability – will raise the demand for hardware substantially. Sony went on record before with a target of 5 million units shipped by March 2014.

The production and target sales numbers is where the “war” between Sony and Microsoft becomes more of a numbers game than anything else. The two rival platform makers will continue to market their respective consoles, and the increase of pre-orders will be a vital key to success. The ultimate questions remain whether or not Microsoft can quickly overcome the negative publicity and if both companies will have enough product for the holiday.

Will there be a shortage of consoles this holiday?

The PlayStation 4 releases on November 15, 2013. The Xbox One releases on November 22, 2013.

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  • Joel. monserrate

    Ps4 is a gamers machine plus jrpg!

  • Zach

    Sony’s jabs at Microsoft were far from “subtle” lol

  • PromKnight

    looks like there catching up to Microsoft now.

    • jago

      ” VG 24/7 also recently noted that analysts have estimated that the PS4 will ship about 1.8 million units this holiday season, while the Xbox One is only gauged to move 1.3 million SKUs. Some analysts believe that moving 3 million SKUs throughout the holiday season seems a bit unlikely, but as noted on, Sony expects to barrel past that number and move at least 5 million SKUs before March, 2014. ”

      You sure that it’s Sony playing catch up or the other way around ?

    • jago
    • XbotsAreDelusional

      LOL You’re in denial.

      X1 is the welfare PS4 at a higher price tag

  • 1wildgamerchild

    They’ll have enough PS4s to go around as long as they keep using their forced labor to build them. Slavestation

    • jago

      isn’t foxconn used by most of those bigger companies including Microsoft ? And had Xbox One been selling as much as the ps4 wouldn’t they be the ones then using forced labor ? And if they had been selling more you would never even be bringing this up lol. It’s fun to see you and promknights biased opinions… Why can’t we all just respect what other people like ? I’ll probably end up getting both consoles some time next year.

      • 1wildgamerchild

        Sony just got sued a few months over unpaid wages after someone worked long hours. Seems like a Sony trend. I did read that Microsoft had 10% of their products at Foxconn. That wouldn’t lead to 16-20 hours of hard labor without breaks in a hot sweaty shop call the Slavestation.

        • jago

          “Microsoft bullies Foxconn into paying it for every Android and Chrome product it makes”

          • jago


            sorry forgot to put the link with it. Either way my point is that had it been the other way around with Microsoft doing it you wouldn’t even mention it lol.

          • 1wildgamerchild

            Good. I don’t mind Microsoft bullying the slave owners. I’m more concerned for the workers.

          • PromKnight

            Unfortunately yes Sony is going broke very slowly, they have been loosing money for the past 10years, and it may take another 10years until Sony says goodbye for good, or manages to stay alive without a hardware division.

            As far as Foxconn are concerned I’m sure they will be in headlines in these regards for some time, However Foxconn can pay more then twice the minimum wage for there workers which can support a family of 3-5 with one payment, what they really need are more workers with less hours per person. Without Foxconn that country’s crime & famine would sky rocket.

            With regards to Microsoft’s Relationship basically Foxconn are in breach of contract and Microsoft are just getting the money Foxconn owe them, that’s not bulling it’s the law.

        • jago

          “Either way my point is that had it been the other way around with Microsoft doing it you wouldn’t even mention it”

          again this is the main point when it comes to you two. I could understand why you like it (like I said I plan on getting both) but just saying that you two seem to jump at the chance to hate Sony. one of you says Xbox One is seeking twice as much as Sony and when a link appears saying the opposite then the other jumps to how bad it’s treating the people at foxconn… where were you guys when Apple was doing that ? competition is good and all but blind hate is bad for you.

          • 1wildgamerchild

            It’s not the other way around. Stop downplaying that somewhere there’s a warehouse packed with tired, hot, uncomfortable, frustrated, struggling people working their hardest and fastest . All the workers combined couldn’t afford one PS4. (P) poor (S) slaves (4) 4ced to build slavestations

          • jago


            Lol, forget I said anything. I should know better than to try and make peace here.

          • 1wildgamerchild

            Yeah forget about it.

  • padders87

    So realistically this is just some xbox fans tring to piss on playstaions high. lol oh well never mind you can take it out on your shite new xbox 360 in a new case lol that aint full hd or not as quick with its hard drive… if I where a xbox fan which I aint I would be thinking of droppin xbox for the sheir quality.. so what its made in a place that gets hard workers just because you dont want to get off ya arse an get a job you lazy douch.. get over it sony always had the upper hand look where they are with their tech compaired with other countries dont you think they deserve an around of applause instead of bitching about it lol sad. Real sad

  • omega2267

    Xbox fanboys need any bad ps news they can find, for 1 bad Sony news Microsoft has 5 more bad news

  • Terrence

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