Microtransaction Prices for ‘Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare’ Revealed

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Plants Vs. Zombies Microtransactions Pricing

As revealed on Monday, EA is adding in microtransactions to the cooperative shooter Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. PopCap’s third-person followup to the best-selling undead-killing tower defense series will now give players a choice to buy coin packs on both Xbox One and Xbox 360, giving gamers a chance to get their hands on some of the more obscure items available in sticker packs.

The controversial addition was not an unexpected one, given that many players and critics – include us – quickly discovered that the game’s economy was design with selling goods in mind. Players can purchase the in-game currency directly from the Sticker Store and the good news is that even the smallest coin bundles can buy plenty of the cheaper sticker sets, such as the Reinforcement Pack, whilst the $9.99 option can get a player a massive advantage — worth stacks of the Spectacular Character Packs, and with change to boot.

Cue the concerns for pay-to-win on character upgrades and the the issue over selling games for a retail price and double-dipping consumers for them to access the game’s content at a faster rate. The details of the bundles, as posted in an update by EA, are as follows:

Pack # Coins Awarded $USD Price
1 13,500 $0.99
2 30,000 $1.99
3 85,000 $4.99
4 200,000 $9.99

EA have stated that “we see our players having a great time within the game and want to give them and any new players a greater degree of choice with how they want to play.” The microtransactions will not allow players to buy any Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare content that is not already available in the main game, or the Garden Variety or free Zomboss Down DLC, and that “all packs and content in the game can be earned by playing through the maps and modes.”

That said, the purchase of PvZ coin bundles is bound to speed up advancement in-game, particularly against players who don’t want to buy one of the packs. We mentioned in our review that the game seemed designed with microtransactions in mind, with PvZ coins allowing for greater customization options, buffs for characters, and consumables for game modes. With the game already so multiplayer focused, lacking a single-player option, will the competitive game modes mean players are more likely to get a coin pack to give them an edge?

Plants vs. Zombies Zomboss Down 3

What do you think of the microtransactions? Are you likely to use them? Although new, free content is being added to Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, will the addition of coin purchases skew the dynamics of the game?

Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is currently available on Xbox One and Xbox 360, and is set for release on PC on June 24, 2014.

Source: EA

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  • cidgrad

    “What do you think of the microtransactions? Are you likely to use them?”

    I am likely to never go anywhere near this game. Thanks for killing another franchise, EA.


      How does this ruin the game ? oh no you can pay to get customization oh god please no …. if it helped the players then it would be crap but your point is crap basically

      • dethfuse

        It takes the fun out of playing a game. Whats the point in playing a game normally when someone else can just buy everything? Micro transactions might be a great way for companies to make profit but it massively kills the game. I refuse to play games with micro transactions and always will.

      • Jake

        What you dont seem to understand is that the game was designed with microtransactions in mind. They constructed the game in such a way that it would take outrageous amounts of time just to unlock a single character, so that they would have a viable excuse to shoehorn in microtransactions under the guise of “giving players more choice”. EA offered a paid solution to a problem that they themselves created, a problem that need not be there in the first place. This kind of business model is completely unacceptable and if consumers continue to support it, then you will continue to see consumer value being placed second behind the almighty dollar.

    • Someone

      I’ve played PvZ garden warfare , and really I’ve got all the plants nad im rank 84 , never bought a thing , it really isn’t necesary and the new plants aran even op , everything is really balanced , and you can play so well without looking fancy or anything , just keep getting the deluxe card set to get a bit of everything

  • Ryan

    Microtransaction is good for those players who want to unlock the new characters quickly without playing the game over and over to earn coins. If this features launch earlier, I will definitely purchase because I am those kind of players who can’t wait. But now I already unlocked all things and still have over 3 million coins to spend, I was playing this game from day to dawn everyday to earn coins so that I could unlock those characters quickly. Therefore, this features is good for some players like me.

    • Kevin Keenan

      I disagree. While you may call it cheating or whatever issues you have, for people like me that work 80 hours a week, have a wife and kids to spend time with and many family obligations, I don’t have time to earn millions of coins to unlock everything but I would like to enjoy the customization stuff as well and not get slaughtered by some kid who has better upgrades because he has the time to play the game 12 hours a day. This levels the playing field and makes it about skill if everyone can have the SAME items!

  • Jordy

    I actually have every character in the game. But I bought 200k($9.99) to buy upgrades,and camos.

  • Zombellla

    I love the REAL Zombie Plant I am growing at home that Plays DEAD when you Touch it!

  • Sprouts

    Lame. EA strikes again. Takes away any sense of accomplishment that may otherwise be attained through playing the game. Buy everything quick and get bored quick. ‘Generation i’ will love it. Its all about the quick money and any statement given by EA is just rubbish PR talk.

  • Raven

    I will continue to play… I don’t think I will pay though, the micro transactions are OK with me

  • nemesis36

    These arguments about this killing the fun from the game pertains to those who use the feature. It has nothing to do with your enjoyment of the game. These people can’t even buy a certain characters, only random card packs, so how are they getting a competitive advantage on others? Do costumes give advantages? Quit whining about how this is affecting your gameplay. It affects those who use it. I’ve played the game since release and can’t see a bit of difference since the microtransactions have been introduced. Be glad for free dlc and a lower price point. One of the few games EA actually got right!!!!

  • bob

    there is almost no difference in the game whatsoever its still a pefectly playable game enjoy it and they will make more dlcs for the game with more charcters and customization and i assume some dlcs will cost money and that if you hate the microtransactions just pretend they arent there i dont want to waste money so i dont use them and the only difference with them is that people can have different weapons,abilities,upgrades and not get bored of doing the same thing over and over till they blow their brains out DEAL WITH IT! good job EA

    • joe

      i agree with bob and think the microtransactions should stay and who really cares about a few pissed off people realizing that they suck at the game anyway and are total haters that are jelly about people having different charecters.go EA P.S of you are that pissed about the microtransactions their are worse things in life so go ahead and chop your balls off and feed them to a rat

      • cidgrad

        Same guy making two incoherent comments under different names.

  • Tim

    If these game companies cant survive off an already inflated price of $60, then they need to get out of the business. This IS pure theft and greed. I for onr am sick kf being nickle and dimed for everything in life, especially after shelling out over $400 for a console then the cost of the game.

  • Gruffalo

    Well, I’ve been playing for a couple months and have earned a few coins, but an hour a day on weekdays and 2 on weekends is pretty slow going, so sure I plunk in 10 bucks a month and have a “Sticker Pack Party” with my 4 and 6 year olds. They choose packs and open them, I get gear. What I’ve seen so far, they constantly give free updates and dlcs, so I’ll give ten bucks to support it. Doesn’t bother me the slightest. Hell, World of Warcraft players plunk in more than 10 bucks just to play and I know enough League of Legends people that have put in 200 into the game for a few skins. I really hope new maps will come soon, though. Less hats, more maps………

  • CK

    I have no problem with a game having a microtransaction system in place. My problem lies with the varitable ease at which kids can easily purchase coins. Does anyone know of a way to set-up a password or lock so that kids can’t just continually buy coins? If so, is it done through Origins? EA games? XBox?

    Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!

  • Lance

    I play PvZGW a lot, and don’t understand everyone’s complaint about microtransactions (and I’ve never used them). If you want to be cheap, then work your toons and build them the old way. If you want to go fast to build up, then drop $50 or more on a single game, and be a decked out powerhouse. Either way, I’ve got a rank 26, level 8 Super Commando that will STILL kill your toons and you can’t do anything about it. That’s the actual good thing about the game – super-spenders in the microtransactions might have some cool sunglasses or variant toons or weapons, but on a rooftop at a distance, my 60-inch screen gives me a high-rez image of what you look like enough to target and kill you, EVERY TIME, for free, and you can’t stop me – level 211 or not.
    Quit complaining, play the game, and see.