Paul Dini Not Writing Rocksteady’s Next ‘Batman’ Game

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Paul Dini Not Writing Batman Sequel

While Rocksteady Studios will be ushering in a new Silver Age of Batman with their recently rumored prequel, there will be one integral piece of the Batman team that will be, as of right now, left behind. Paul Dini, writer on both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, has confirmed that he has not been tasked with writing the previously mentioned next Batman title.

That isn’t to say Dini wouldn’t like to be involved β€” his interactions with fans via Twitter suggests he would have loved to go back to London β€” but apparently things didn’t work out this time around. Perhaps this is the first suggestion in a long list of details that imply Rocksteady is trying something markedly different with this prequel, starting fresh so to speak.

Or maybe the inclusion of the Justice League β€” something gamers have been clamoring for from Rocksteady for quite some time β€” has allowed the developer to reach out to other key DC Comics writers for assistance. Warner Bros. have already shown they are not afraid of integrating all of their key DC Comics properties into one game, as exemplified in LEGO Batman 2, but we’d imagine this title would be something wholly different from that.

It’s still fairly early in the development process for Rocksteady to start talking about writers, or to confirm any of the rumors we’ve been hearing about this Silver Age prequel, but knowing Dini is out definitely affirms a new direction. Arkham Asylum and Arkham City were a perfect complement much in the same way Nolan’s trilogy built up to something significant, and now it leaves Rocksteady with the freedom to try something new.

What exactly that might be we don’t know, but if it slowly incorporates other members of the Justice League, and faithfully adapts them as well as Batman, then we’re all for it.

How do you feel about Paul Dini not writing Rocksteady’s next Batman game? What DC writer would you hope steps in to fill Dini’s absence?

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  • jakob997

    I haven’t been following the news for this… is this supposed to be a prequel to Arkham Asylum starring The Justice League?

  • Byron Rademacher

    I’m not excited for this next Rocksteady Batman. I understand they want to use it to help promote possible things down the line, but I rather dive into the Arkham universe more, and hopefully the writer will be back for that

  • Justin Loomis

    Agreed. They set up quite a bit in Arkham City, and now they want to do a prequel? It’s too much of a step back. Also, WB wanting to shoehorn Justice League in doesn’t make me feel comfortable. At best, this game won’t top the previous two. I have a bad feeling about this game.

  • Matt

    I’m actually sort of glad about this news. I wasn’t a huge fan on the Dini’s style of storytelling in AA and AC. They were still pretty good stories, but not great in my opinion.

    • Wiseman

      You mean like that nefarious plan of the Joker in AC, where he ships samples of his contaminated blood to Gotham hospitals, which would completely fall apart the second the hospitals screened these massive blood donations that have started mysteriously showing up?

      • Matt

        Nooooooonseeeeeense. πŸ˜‰

  • Gallifreyanjedi

    I really wish Rocksteady would lay off The Joker, yes he’s a good villain, but he’s not the only one that could challenge Batman. I’m not a fan of this prequel thing either. A lot of things in Arkham City pointed to a possible sequel where Gotham would be under attack.

    • ATG

      Joker actually annoyed me a little in AA & AC. So I agree, they should lay off the joker. Just my personal opinion, I love these games either way.

  • Jamie

    No Dini, no money from me.

  • Robert Woldt

    Well, I doubt Joker’s coming back, because they won’t want to replace Hammil. I just hope they have alternate costumes. I’m a sucker 4 that sort of thing.

  • Hasifvirgil

    I believe in rocksteady team. so far the team never let us down. batman aa & batman ac are the most amazing game i’ve ever played. all the characters superheroes and supervillains ? amazingly amazing. i dont think the other team of game developers able to achieve every single bit of magic from rocksteady’s batman. such beautiful gameplay mechanic and great storytelling from the start to ending and the feelings and everything you can get from the batman comics is there. catwoman, robin & nightwing ? the fighting style are awesome stylish. have you ever seen anything like that from the another superhero games ? the way the batman fly off from the rooftop, the catwoman crawling over the fench and buildings ? can spiderman do that ? probably not in the game. do ever notice the way the joker smiles ? and the awesomeness of respective villains batman that existed in rocksteady’s? the arts ? its so beautiful and the quality that you cant find from another superhero games. ever wonder what other villains will come next and how perfect the can be ? and can you imagine how incredible the justice league team will be ?

    • Matt

      Your English is absolutey awful.

      • Matt


  • SGDS
  • Ethan

    Nothing is official yet, so I wouldn’t be surprised is this prequel thing isn’t even true… least a really really hope it isn’t.

    • Justin Loomis

      Me as well. I hope Rocksteady comes out soon and says ‘we are not doing a prequel.’

  • meh

    I don’t think it’s a very good idea to bring the Justice League into a series that is supposed to be focused on Batman. Why go back with a prequel when u put in all those hints to a sequel? Plus, 1950’s, really? I liked the storyline of the last two games, hopefully they can still manage without Dini. I realize Hamill quit but you don’t necessarily have to use Joker. If u do, there r other voice actors that could do better than Hamill, but no, they killed him. I almost cried when I read this. I’m in high school, and my Honors English brain seems smarter than Rocksteady. RIP Rocksteady Batman. :(

    • Justin Loomis

      Exactly what I’ve been saying, but I will play this, but I’m not expecting much. At best, it won’t top AA or AC.

  • Anatole

    I just watched the first 2 hours of Arkham Origins and not bringing back Paul Dini was a mistake. The story is a thin excuse to get Batman from one battle to another and the detective elements are much lighter.