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It’s time to play catch-up on a few key games that are releasing later this year and share some fun news bits for some of our recent favorites. We’re going to look at what Nintendo is attempting to do make the Wii U successful, viruses in Resident Evil: Revelations, EA’s latest controversy with real-world arms manufacturers, a Pacific Rim movie game, rumors of a PGR5, a Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon movie and more info on Ubisoft’s AC4 and Watch_Dogs.

Read on for the details and a few more stories.

Nintendo Solutions

The Wii U isn’t selling well, there are barely any Nintendo games for it, and third-parties have seemingly given up already, as the (true) next-gen consoles approach for release this fall. What will Nintendo do to turn it around?

According to multiple sources, they’re looking at taking advantage of the free-to-play/subscription model phenomenon that’s proven successful in the PC market, and they’re even modifying the hardware to work with mobile smartphone apps – already sending out devkits – not unlike the repeatedly-delayed Android-powered Ouya console. Oddly enough, critics were quick to point out when the 3DS launched that Nintendo should instead become a software producer for smartphones and other consoles.

Sources: CVG, Kotaku

Resident Evil Sickness

No, no, we aren’t talk about how bored we are with Resident Evil after RE6 and Operation Raccoon City – not to mention, the films – after beating us down with mediocre, derivative gameplay, we’re talking about Revelations! So desperate to get another quick release out the door, Capcom is porting the 3DS title (which is actually good) to PC and the current-gen consoles (including the Wii U).

In the latest Resident Evil: Revelations developer diary video, game director Kazuhisa Inoue speaks about the them of viruses in the game and how they’re based on real-world infections.

Authentic Guns. It’s In The Game.

While promoting the disappointing Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Danger Close Games played up the authenticity factor while promoting the game, using actual Navy SEALs to promote the title and help craft its story, and even launching a stupid (and thankfully, quickly canceled) promotion which gave away a tomahawk, while encouraging sale of real-world weaponry featured in the game.

That mess was quickly swept away and now publisher Electronic Arts is ending their relationships with the gun manufacturers whose weapons are featured prominently in the MoH and Battlefield games. That doesn’t mean the guns are going anywhere digitally, they’re just not going to pay for the rights anymore.

EA’s President of Labels Frank Gibeau tells Reuters:

“We’re telling a story and we have a point of view. A book doesn’t pay for saying the word ‘Colt,’ for example.”

Pacific Rim Movie Tie-In

Pacific Rim Video Game

The age of obligatory full retail movie tie-ins is coming to a close, thankfully. Marvel movies from Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk to Captain America and Thor all had awful-to-meh $60 video games, not unlike their competitors with the Green Lantern movie tie-in. But these are no more, and we’re seeing an increasing number of genre summer blockbusters not getting the corresponding game. And it’s good because the industry needs to stop wasting money and time on rushed, low-budget, ugly and derivative tie-ins.

Now, we’re getting even lower budget downloadable tie-ins. The Expendables 2 had one, Battle: Lost Angeles also had one and now, Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim is getting one too according to the Australian Classification Board – the ultimate source for unannounced game reveals. The game is rated M, multiplatform, and features online functionality and is published by Yuke’s. Expect to find out more soon.

Project Gotham Racing 5

Lucid Games Ltd, one of the studios spawned from the demise of Bizarre Creations, took to their Facebook page earlier this month to happily announce that they have interesting news coming mid-May, perfectly timed with the May 21 unveiling of the next-gen Xbox. With their history at Bizarre, and their racing game background, rumors point towards Project Gotham Racing 5 potentially being a launch window title for the next-gen Xbox.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon: The Movie

The retro-futuristic ’80s sci-fi B-movie styled spinoff Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon won over the gaming world (read our review) with its unapologetic fun-focused downloadable spinoff starring Michael Biehn which was announced on the premise of being a sci-fi movie filmed on the Rook Islands setting of the main game. But what if it actually were a movie as crazy as the game? The above fan-made trailer may give you an idea, and it’s actually something we’d like to see. Could Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon ever end up on the production slate for the newly formed Ubisoft Motion Pictures alongside adaptations for Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon, and Splinter Cell?

Hacking Watch Dogs

Watch DogsTakedown Cop Dropping Door

Last week in New York we previewed Ubisoft’s next-gen IP Watch Dogs to see the world of Chicago through super hacker Aiden Pearce. While driving stolen cars, acquiring weapons, gun-fighting and more, Pearce can also hack on the fly, and according to senior producer Dominic Guay in an interview with Joystiq, they sought out feedback from Kaspersky Lab and their expert hackers to make the game more authentic.

“It’s not about the minigame that will let me open the door, it’s the fact that I’m making a plan. I’m making a plan of how I’m going to chain hacking, shooting, traveling the city and driving to achieve an objective.”

We chose this quote because it’s the most accurate. From what we saw, hacking simply involves pressing a button prompt when a hackable object is in sight.

Next-Gen Assassin’s Creed

When Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4 in New York on February 20th, Ubisoft took to the stage and showcase new footage of Watch Dogs and to confirm its launch coming to the new console. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is another Ubisoft title coming to both current gen and next-gen consoles and you can hear the devs talking about game features and improved visuals in the video above. It won’t be until next year or the year after (or even after that) when we get a full, true next-gen AC game that takes advantage of the power of next-gen consoles but the key highlight is how Sony redesigned their new console to be developer-friendly, something they failed to do with the PS3.

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  • LULZ

    “the (true) next-gen consoles”
    Whenever I read something like that, I facepalm in which there are more indie titles on the Wii U, over 70 games coming and the fact that it out sold the PS3 in Japan as well as Patcher saying he realizes Nintendo stragies and praises yet Gamerant won’t report because they’re a biased gaming news site? Or maybe they’re not as reliable as Screenrant?

    • EastOfTheAnduin

      You missed the “and the current-gen consoles (including the Wii U)” jab too.

      I am assuming they blatantly do s*** like that so Ninty fanboys get pissed, call them out, they get more comments, more clicks and ultimately more $. These days, pretty much any Wii U doooooom news is good news for gaming sites. It’s actually pretty sad.

      Just wait until after E3. I’m thinking a lot of people (including Game Rant) and (true) gaming sites will be singing a different tune. All rumors point to this E3 and concurrent Nintendo Directs being one(s) for the record books. SMBU in particular is supposed to be “unlike anything we’ve ever seen before”. I honestly can not wait!

      Even with all the doom and gloom, I still think it is a great time to be a fan of The Big N. BIG things are in store from the house that Mario built. Seriously, just wait and see.

      • boogoo

        Right because when somebody wants more clicks they put together a news wrap-up combining multiple news stories instead of spreading around individual pieces. #paranoid

      • Rob Keyes

        The reason I combined 8 news posts into one directly contradicts your highly unfair claim that we write about Nintendo in this way for money.

        You read Game Rant fairly regular I think so you know we’re all about editorializing, putting together larger pieces over a large amount of small, effortless news bits (again, goes against your point). We do that because we share insight and analysis.

        And if you think Nintendo qualifies as next-gen when the the top selling multiplatform games of 2013 have all skipped the Wii U so far, and the Frostbite 3 and Unreal Engine 4 may not even support it, you have big disappointment awaiting. Next-gen isn’t defined by release date – it’s defined by feature sets, and hardware tech.

        We read about and write about Nintendo practically on a daily basis – the financial and stock woes of Nintendo are not fanboy hate, they are statistical facts. Nintendo luckily has a huge cashflow still, but their sales are far below expectations, and that’s why Activision and EA are expressing as much and cutting support.

        ps. I have a Wii U. I know first hand how disappointing and unsupported it is.

        • EastOfTheAnduin

          I peruse Game Rant daily and I truly enjoy your site. However, I think the Wii U hate is prevalent and borderline going overboard. I don’t feel that this hate comes directly from the authors per se, you all seem to have a genuine love for Nintendo products, but more from a business standpoint. EVERY Wii U article starts about the same way. “Wii U woes” “Wii U software hasn’t exactly been up to par” “Wii U desperately needs” “Wii U is struggling”. Why not focus on the good things that Nintendo is putting out or will put out?

          I never see PS3 articles start with, “Lately PS3 console sales have flatlined” or “The PS Vita has been dead on arrival”. Why is that? Is it cool to hate on Nintendo? Report almost daily on the woes of Ninty while the others get a free pass? It is not all moonbeams and rainbows for ANY game company right now. However it seems like you only take thinly veiled jabs at Nintendo.

          Why hasn’t there been an article on the Rayman Legends Challenge App? I have been playing that daily while my other consoles have been being neglected. That is seriously the best thing I have played in a long time. Old School platforming at its finest! Or what about the Wii U update that has upped it’s clocked performance to amazing levels of achievement. What about the Indy devs that are flocking to the Wii U eShop? Festival of Magic, Shovel Knight, C-Wars, Road Redemption, mother-loving RAWBOTS!!! Nintendo’s acquisition of developers of late is un-freaking-precedented. However you will not learn any of that on Game Rant.

          Nintendo’s absence of a dancing-girl laden E3 presentation is not a sign of weakness, but one of dominance. To say that the Nintendo Directs do not reach mainstream media is just plain wrong. I saw the Legend of Zelda ALTTP 2 on Yahoo news. Your site and many others spent nearly the whole day covering all of the information released in that last ND presentation. VERY soon you will see M$ and Sony pick up on this type of distribution of information.

          I understand what the definition of next-gen initials and if you think that the Wii U is last-gen then I think you are in for disappointment. Just because publishers right now are shunning the Wii U, whether it be for the low install rate or for vindictive purposes, that does not mean that the Wii U is a last-gen console or that it can’t/won’t stand up to the upcoming (true) next-gen consoles.

          There are so many positives that are coming out for Nintendo and Wii U but instead your site focuses on the negatives. I apologize for my uncouth attitude but, it just seems that Ninty isn’t getting a fair shake of the stick.

          • EastOfTheAnduin

            I forgot to mention EA. If you think the lack of support coming from EA has anything to do with cashflow, you are terribly mistaken. The heads of Nintendo and EA won’t even talk to one another. THAT is why we will not see any EA games come to Wii U. It is not a lack of performance on the part of Wii U. It has everything to do with a grudge that EA has with Nintendo over the whole Origin/eShop debacle. That is why Crisis 3, that was running “beautifully” on Wii U, wasn’t released. That is why they stopped “testing” for the FB3 engine. That is why EA and it’s developers will not work with Nintendo. Not because of install rate or a lack of performance, but because of some petty schoolboy skirmish.

          • Rob Keyes

            I appreciate and love your enthusiasm for the Wii U, but we’re going to have to agree to disagree. It is what it is, and Nintendo’s stock prices, executive salary drops, poor financial forecasts and CEO changes speak for themselves.

            We’ll keep reporting the news along with our own analysis and insight. If Nintendo gives me reasons to turn my Wii U back on, that would be epic.

      • Rob Keyes

        I forgot to mention E3. I actually attend every year there, play EVERY Nintendo game they bring. Their last two conferences had harsh criticisms from the audiences and this year… they’re not even having one. Only Nintendo fans watch Nintendo Direct – it fails to hit mainstream media and the public so it’s again representative if them missing the point.

        You’re incredibly wrong that doom and gloom news is good for anyone. We need hit Wii U games to review, exclusive first party ones, especially. We need publishers and devs to support the consoles and they’re not. That’s what we want to write about. Do you get the same Nintendo press releases we do by chance?

    • Rob Keyes

      Lulz, it’s best not to reference Pachter in making a point about Nintendo. He flat out told Adam Sessler on Revision3 a few weeks ago that the Wii U is a big miss.

      Over 70 games coming? How does that compare to Origin/Steam on PC and the PS4 and Xbox 720 next year do you think?

      Let’s talk strictly multiplatform third-party games then – can you play the best-selling, top-rated ones that came out AFTER the Wii U launched? BioShock, Tomb Raider, Metro, Crysis, etc.?


      • Lulz

        Over the 70 games coming games coming, that’s still quite a few, with a bunch of deals with studios like Team Ninja and Capcom. ‘Origin’ is a very poor example of a DRM for it’s just outragious.
        And secondly, you guys (from what I seen) never really question why some game companies are taking it’s triple A titles off the Wii U because when you think about it, if they don’t to make an innovative game for the console, then why not make a game for the Pro-Controller? That exists too and it’s just as big as a X-Box and PS3 Controller. Yeah, you’ll have to buy one but after you buy one you can play hit game after hit game.
        It’s not because developers have a biased towards the gamepad, it’s because they have a biased against Nintendo, rather it’s Sony or Microsoft holding them back or it’s a grudge match they’ve had since the NES days.
        Hell, if you want to get technical, EA basically might be acting immature about Nintendo not letting Origin run Nintendo Network and possibly spreading lies about the system’s campabilties. Because if you think hard enough, how can a console stronger than the PS3 can’t at least decently run Forstbite 3 or Unreal Engine 4?
        Why do companies back out on the Wii U when if they won’t take the time to make the games innovative, then why not just have the game run normally on the Gamepad?

        What about Activision predicting the same ‘Gloom and Doom’ stuff that’s happening to Nintendo that they say will happen to Sony and Microsoft?

        I don’t listen to Patcher, he’s basically a huge biased moron who can’t decide on what he thinks of something. I was just using as an example.

        In the end, where Gamin Journalism comes, you guys aren’t terrible, but I feel that there are ways to help lighten the mood about the situation by posting stuff like ‘The Nintendo Games where looking the most forward to’ or post up that list of 70 games coming to give hope to Nintendo fans who are on Gamerant.

        Or maybe even achknowledgement on Indie titles and Kickstarters for them. Since Indie titles are very high on the Wii U than most consoles on the market. While they’re not system sellers, they still manage to give the Wii U the most important part of a game console…. Games.

        I don’t have anything against you guys and you’re opinions, but in the end, you guys don’t really seem to care too much for Nintendo instead post stuff that spreads doom and gloom itself. Even you’re (rare) happier articles on Nintendo still had you guys either biasing your words.

        Maybe it’s just me. But I just feel that IGN, WiiUdaily and even the parent news site Screenrant (even tho it’s for movies, BTW, How is the Ratchet and Clank trailer gaming news if it’s for a movie?) are more realible at making news.

        • Rob Keyes

          You should take a look here:

          We’ve had more console-based features on Nintendo more than any other console this year.

          Look, I now know where you’re coming from from reading this post and it stems from a crucial point you’re missing – Publishers have to spend millions to port and modify a multiplatform title to the Wii U – so why would they invest that much when the Wii U has the lowest attach rate of any console? In its first month of release, Wii U owners – on average – owned less than two games each, and with Mario U being the top-selling game, that means Activision got crushed with Black Ops 2, much like WB didn’t do super well with Arkham City.

          “Why do companies back out on the Wii U when if they won’t take the time to make the games innovative, then why not just have the game run normally on the Gamepad?”

          Because they’d lose money on it and that’s bad planning and bad business. There needs to be an active install base to justify this sort of development – that’s why most publishers – EA especially – are skipping it because players wouldn’t support it with the required numbers.

          I think that’s the point you’re missing – and you’re blaming us for it – when really, we’re the ones reading the numbers, the analyst reports, and getting the press releases sent direct to us. We don’t make up the facts – we share them and explain them with our own analysis. It sucks Nintendo’s in the position they’re in, but we’re not going to be dishonest all of a sudden because of it.

          All of your questions about why publishers aren’t doing this and that have already been answered by the numbers.

        • Rob Keyes

          Remember this email chain? Nintendo admitted to the Wii U being a “failure” btw.

  • EastOfTheAnduin

    I didn’t remember this specific email chain, per se. However I do remember the perceived Nintendo bais, probably the main reason I don’t come around as much as I used to.

    I guess I don’t remember Nintendo admitting that the Wii U is a failure either. Failed to meet sales expectations maybe or “failed to make propositions worthy of Wii U’s position as a successor to the Wii system” yes. But Nintendo admitting that the Wii U is a failure, I guess I didn’t read that. Was that on this site?

    Like I said, I don’t come around as much anymore, but I do hope that you report fairly on all companies. How about reporting that Sony is set to lose 110 billion yen, or about $1.1 billion, in this current fiscal year. That’s down from their projected profit of 30 billion yen. That’s more than 3 times that what Nintendo is set to lose. You could also mention that Sony is firing 5,000 people or over 3% of its workforce, selling buildings, selling off it’s PC business and subsidizing it’s TV sector in the process.

    Like I said up above, “It is not all moonbeams and rainbows for ANY game company right now. However it seems like you only take thinly veiled jabs at Nintendo.” I hope you will report on the information that I mentioned above, because I feel that that is just as pertinent, if not more so, as Nintendo’s recent financial problems.