Pachter: ‘Nintendo is a Few Years Too Late’ on the Wii U and eShop

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Pachter Wii U Too Late

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter is not one to beat around the bush when it comes to criticizing developer and publisher decisions — neither is he afraid to make sweeping generalizations or predictions about future trends in the market. Most of the time Pachter is wrong, or slightly off, but that has never stopped him from making bolder and bolder claims.

Today’s Pachter slam is directed at Nintendo, specifically in their handling of the Wii U, the Wii Mini, and the eShop. In the analyst’s mind, the unveiling of these consoles and services was “years too late.”

The quotes from Pachter come courtesy of his Game Trailers show Pach Attack, where the analyst suggests Nintendo is well behind the curve when it comes to an HD console and an online service. As we all know, an HD console was not a priority for Nintendo, but Pachter still believes they are several years behind the competition.

“I think Nintendo’s a few years late. The Wii U is the ‘Wii HD’ and it’s coming a few years too late. Wii Mini was a great idea back in 2008/2009… The eShop is about seven or eight years too late, Online multiplayer for Nintendo is about seven or eight years too late…”

It’s hard not to agree with him on the Wii Mini, a console released far too late in the cycle, but it remains to be seen how large groups of gamers will respond to the Wii U. With so few worthwhile games available at the moment trying to sell the console to casual gamers isn’t going to be easy for Nintendo.

We expect that at E3 2013, in an effort to compete with the unveiling of the PS4 and Xbox 720, Nintendo will unveil a venerable bounty of first party titles to get fans excited. New entries in the 3D Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Metroid franchises rank high on gamers’ wish lists and we wouldn’t be surprised to see all three make an appearance.

And even if just one of those titles hits by the Holiday season that could be enough to help increase the Wii U’s stock with hardcore gamers, maybe even get them to pick up a Deluxe Version. Maybe Nintendo’s console is a few years too late, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still sell well.

Do you agree with Pachter? Are the Wii U, Wii Mini, and eShop a few years too late?

Source: Game Trailers (via CVG)

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  • Red

    Gonna throwa huge “DUH!” at this one. Every gamer everywhere has already made the “Wii U will be outdated in one year. And 32gb max? Waddafa!” statement already. It means that it doesn’t take a trained analyst to see this.

  • Hunter

    Nintendo is in a class of its own. I hate to make the comparison, but look at Apple. They sell under powered hardware at higher prices and it sells because it is “Apple”. I am going to justify that relation to myself by stating that the “exclusive” software on Macs is worse than software available on the competition whereas Nintendo produces by far the best content, for me. People have not been buying Nintendo to get the All New Hardcore Smasher!!!! ever since the Gamecube, why would anyone expect people to now? I buy Nintendo because all the games available on the competition are better on PC, but the only place I can enjoy Zelda, Mario, Kirby, Pikmin, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Pokemon, and a host of other exclusives is on WiiU and 3DS. I’d be willing to bet that at least seventy-five percent of people who buy Nintendo consoles would agree with me. Thus, all his logic flawed.

    • Varteras

      Pachter is, in my opinion, a loudmouthed idiot. He’s been doing this for quite some time and I rarely ever see him correct on something. If someone has been paying this loser they’re an even bigger idiot than he is. Even if he ends up being ‘correct’ this guy shouldn’t be credited for anything because there is already a looming sense of something bad coming down the pipes for Nintendo and like it or not it all depends on what Sony and Microsoft bring to the table.

      If they wow us or at least come out with consoles that can rival the Wii U on the field it built but giving us something extra, Nintendo is going to be in trouble if the recent holiday sales are any indication. The business they got on the first new console after the last long winded generation was disappointing. For all the titles you mentioned being franchises you can only play on Nintendo I can list an equal number of exclusive franchises for the other two in addition to multiplatform titles that never made it to PC or Nintendo and considering the fact that for many people it’s cheaper and easier to buy and play games for consoles even if the PC version is better overall. I’m a PC gamer myself and I can very easily see why many people are turned off by it.

      In addition, while Nintendo is definitely an innovative company they are ungodly slow at delivering new franchises which was one criticism of the Wii I heard often. Sony and Microsoft were bringing us new characters, some now practically mascots, and making sure their other franchises were tapped into far enough apart to not completely feel like a cash-in on the names. Admittedly, some did feel that way. Looking at you, Forza.

      I really feel that Nintendo has got to be holding its breath right now. The holes in Nintendo’s strategy for the last generation really became obvious in the second half of it. It was still good enough for them to outsell Sony and Microsoft but for many they’re looking at the Wii U and feeling that those same holes, while smaller, are still there and if the other two come out swinging at E3, and maybe at launch later this year, Nintendo won’t be able to repeat their success from the last generation. The only question then becomes how far behind will they find themselves and would there be any way to close a gap.

      I have nothing against Nintendo but I really feel the odds are against them this time and anyone looking for a repeat of the Wii phenomenon will likely be very disappointed.

    • natclayful

      I can’t stand Apple at all, to me Nintendo is not going anywhere. They are not going to vanish anytime soon. Patcher is extremly biased, while at the same time an inch predictable. Nintendo makes very good games and represents them with positive sales, but soon they will need to introduce a new intro to their fans. I do not LIKE patcher either. Some of his predictions are waaaaay off. Now for this statement of the e-Shop, he is correct…its pretty late and for the Wii Mini, I don’t think so. In 2008/2009 Nintendo was doing very well in sales, but now Nintendo is well agian after that hardware crash in Q1 and Q2 of 2011 because of the $250 3DS and the slugish Wii sales in 2012. So now they do not want to just kill off the Wii era, they want to preserve it…like the PS2 almost. They want the Wii Mini still avaliable to people, so they still experience motion controled games and its size is just to give casual gamers, part-time fun and so Nintendo can keep profit on Wii titles….but the e-Shop is absolutlly bare on the Wii U and for the 3DS, its a complete work in progress….needs to dump the casual look.

  • Luke Perry Glover

    the wii u uses external hard drives for storage as well Red. a LOT more than the 360 does for external storage

    • Red

      External storage… Meaning WAY slower access speeds… Yeah. They tried that with the other consoles and people hated the lag, that’s why they went internal. Another situation where Nintendo refuses to learn from their competitors.

      • Luke Perry Glover

        that may be true but the wii u deluxe has 32gb … which is plenty for lots of people, however, the external idea is better than microsofts retarded allow only 32GB of external storage per hard drive or usb. so when i plug in a 64GB usb i can only use 32 (it was only 16 until this past November… i did have 3 360s at once before but i sold one. i go for microsoft and nintendo consoles 😛 )

      • Luke Perry Glover

        i actually ended up getting a wii u deluxe 2 weeks ago as well. its cool. not a lot of features or good games yet though

  • Luke Perry Glover

    and i agree with you hunter! i love pokemon

  • Daniel Cortes

    Pachter needs to get a job somewhere else. He always states the obvious and makes wrong conclusions. Then when they turn out to be incorrect he tries to retract them or “explain” what he meant. Sorry about my language but f**k off pachter.

    • graverobber

      I agree he is an idiot, but I wish I had his job.

  • EastOfTheAnduin

    Nintendo isn’t “late” for anything. They present THEIR product whenever and however they please. They just have their own way of doing things. The Wii was released in 2006. 6 years later they released a new generation of Nintendo home console, the Wii U. They are on a 5-6 year rotation, they always have been. They offer the consumer their products just the way they want them to be. It’s up to the consumer to choose if they want to purchase said product. He’s just mad and trying to rectify his wrong prediction, back in 07, that Nintendo would release a “Wii HD” in 08-09. He’s really only saying this spew, because his “prediction” was way off. Surprise! He’s a buffoon.

    My own prediction: Nintendo will release their follow-up console holiday of 2017. This will be halfway (give r take) through the PS4’s & 720’s lifespans. This new console will then surpass them both in terms of graphics, horsepower and interface. It will then put Nintendo back in the lead and leave the others trying to play catch up. It’s not rocket science.

    As far as I’m concerned, Nintendo can keep releasing their upgraded consoles every 5-6 years. As long as they keep releasing games I want to play, I’ll keep buying them.

    The great Miyamoto once said, “…power isn’t everything for a console. Too many powerful consoles can’t coexist. It’s like having only ferocious dinosaurs. They might fight and hasten their own extinction.”

    • DarthMalnu

      Yes, power isn’t everything for a console… which totally relates to your theory on how Nintendo will only get back in the lead by releasing a more powerful console than it’s competitors in a few years…

      • EastOfTheAnduin

        Due to the inevitable evolution of progress, yes, it does relate. Unless of course you expect Nintendo to some how regress, in terms of technology. Just because “power isn’t everything” doesn’t mean Nintendo is going to purposely hold back it’s own natural progression. The Wii U’s successor will only be more powerful, because that’s the natural order, not because it HAS to be.

        I never said “Nintendo will only get back in the lead by releasing a more powerful console than it’s competitors”. This is obviously not correct because because Nintendo led the past/current generation of hardware sales with their underpowered Wii. I said it will put them back in the lead IN TERMS OF graphics, horsepower and interface. Two things, at least, that will be lost with the release of PS4/720 and somethings a lot of people, Pachter included, think is absolutely necessary for sucess.

        For their next home console, Nintendo isn’t thinking “We HAVE to release a more powerful system then the other guys.”. However, they are thinking “We have to release a more powerful system than the Wii U.”. Just because it will be more powerful than the PS4/720, and will hold that dominance (of graphics, horsepower and interface) for a few years, is only happenstance.

        • Dante

          Ok EastoftheAnduin, what I get from your comments is talk of a Wii U successor – didn’t the Wii U just launch? LOL – good stuff. Your defense of the Wii U is its’ in the aether successor.

          So between 2013 & 2017 what do you expect the Wii U to be doing? (I expect it to be floundering) Do you expect it will be selling so remarkably that they’ll then launch a super machine? LOL, Your logic is interesting.

          Seriously man, open your eyes, Pachter may be a douche but Big N is making lousy calls right now, the Wii U isn’t flying off shelves, 3rd party games are selling paltry numbers, 3rd party AAA titles are conspicuously absent from the Wii U for 2013…what more would it take for you to take the blinders off and see Nintendo is quite possibly about to get a very large black eye?

          • EastOfTheAnduin

            What are you talking about? I made a prediction. You know, something that I think might happen in the FUTURE. My prediction is a hell of a lot better than anything that guy has to say.

            Between now and 2017 the Wii U will be doing the same thing every other console will be doing, selling games. I am not talking about any kind of “super machine” or Nintendo prematurely cutting off the Wii U. I’m talking about the next logical step in the series of Nintendo home consoles. What’s so difficult to understand about that?

            I am very happy with my Wii U and I am looking forward to playing some awesome games on it in the next few years. But eventually, Nintendo will have to put it out to graze and release a new console. That’s what happens. That’s why we are not still playing the NES any more. This isn’t MY logic. This is Nintendo’s way of doing things. 5-6 year console life spans. Do you think that the next Nintendo console WON’T be more powerful than the PS4/720? I find your logic interesting.

            IMO the Wii U is selling just fine when you take into consideration the lack of software right now. There are a couple good games, but there are no system sellers. Right now they are only running on word of mouth and Miiverse. Once they get the ball rolling and start releasing some games, I think you’ll see those numbers quickly climb. The 3DS arrived DOA back in 11. Now? It’s killing. I don’t need blinders to see whats right in front of me. I’m not writing the Wii U off or defending it with “its’ in the aether successor”. Whatever that means. I’m just calling it as I see it. Now, I’m going to go play Ni No Kuni till my eyes hurt.

      • Dante

        @ DarthMalnu – LOL – nice.

    • Brian

      I agree!

  • Jak Frost

    I don’t think that this is nintendo s next gen consul I think it Be an upgrade for the wii and that they’ll release something much better…but still sick cause there only good at fun games and not fun consuls

  • Androol

    There’s a difference between “too late” and “late.” The Wii U is certainly late to the HD game, but putting the word “too” in there kind of connotes that it’s gonna fail, or that the console’s capabilities are too outdated to be any use. The latter would be a ridiculous assertion, and as the former, well, it’s still too early to tell. The excitement we saw generated by that last Nintendo Direct seemed like a good omen to me.

  • Emissary of Death

    Let’s make this simple as possible for everyone. The Wii U at this given time is the leader in all this until The new PS4 and Xbox720 is released. “BUT” as I put in quotation it all depends on how much the these two consoles cost if its 400 dollars like they mention then the Wii U is done for but if its 600 dollars then the Wii U will win this competition. Its not about the games. Its about the prices of the consoles whats the point of games if you can’t afford the console. But time will tell and I am feeling confident about the PS4 and Xbox 720 I kind of lost touch with Nintendo because I want to see new icons that’s the only thing Nintendo lacks is new icons if they can make more first party characters with new concepts they are guaranteed to dominate the gaming community. But as of now I am tired of Mario and the other games they make. This is just me that feels that way I know everyone else feels different but I would like to hear more from use.

    • Luke Perry Glover

      I agree. I do still play pokemon though and zombie U seems alright. smash bros is always good too. but the others… yeah theyre getting old

  • kmac_321

    Go to hell Patcher! ERRRR!!