Ouya 2 Coming in 2014; New Controller Already in the Works

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Ouya 2 in 2014

It took more than 5 years for Sony and Microsoft to finally replace their current generation consoles, finally giving fans their first look at the future of gaming. The Ouya, on the other hand, will not wait nearly as long.

In fact, the development team behind the Ouya console plans to start work on a successor in the hopes of releasing it next year. And, more importantly, they plan on improving that extremely disappointing controller.

In a lengthy interview with Polygon, Ouya founder Julie Uhrman confirms the company is already looking ahead, planning for the future of the Ouya brand. What exactly that means — more internal memory, bigger/smaller console, faster processor — is unclear at this point, but Uhrman suggests that the Ouya developers have heard the criticisms and want to do better.

One criticism that was frequently raised at the Ouya concerned the Android-powered console’s controller. At a glance, the Ouya controller seemed like a smartly designed peripheral, with offset joysticks and a useful track pad in its center. Unfortunately, controller latency problems and a general feeling of cheapness soon outweighed that initial intrigue. Needless to say, many of the Ouya console reviews placed a heavy emphasis on the shortcomings of the controller.

But Uhrman says that the team at Ouya is always improving, and one of the immediate ways they are improving is with their controller design. In fact, there the Ouya team has already slightly modified the controller:

“The feel of the controller today is actually probably a lot better then in June. Our goal is to build a great controller. We wanted to build something that was ergonomic, that had great weight, that had a great feel, that offered developers a different way to develop games by including a touch pad in the design.”

Those gamers who find themselves “stuck” with a wonky controller are encouraged by Uhrman to contact Ouya and request a replacement. And as far as the latency and connection issues go, the developers have already made strives to eliminate those.

Despite some stiff competition in the Android console space from products like Mad Catz’s M.O.J.O., the Ouya team has not deviated from their plan at all. They want to make Ouya an annualized thing, which means a new console iteration in 2014. However, despite the desire to develop a successor, Uhrman says they are “still determining what exactly we want that to be.”

Obviously, improving the console and the controller’s design is a great start, but annualized products of any kind are a tricky breed. Apple can get away with it because iPhone demand is extremely high and a cellphone/smartphone is an essential daily device for a large percentage of the population. Gaming consoles, on the other hand, are typically built to last at least a few years.

For right now the Ouya is an interesting experiment, one that showcases what can be done with affordable hardware and an open platform. Unfortunately, the Ouya concept didn’t quite hit the mark when it came time to execute. Hopefully, Ouya 2 will make a better case for the device’s relevance.

Did you purchase an Ouya? What do you think of it? How interested are you in an Ouya 2?

Source: Polygon

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  • xmisfit666x

    if I had invested in the ouya I think I would be pretty pissed to hear that they are moving on to a next console so quickly already

    • bigman

      Yeah… I was going to buy a house but instead I invested in an ouya!
      I am so angry that they will bring out an updated one, what am I supposed to do now that I invested a whole $100 in an ouya 1? A new one means that the old one instantly becomes worthless and I will have to throw it out.

      There needs to be an idiot filter for people like you.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, that’s what I thought too – at first. But think about it for a second – mobile technology quickly becomes outdated, and the Ouya isn’t even running the current standard, the Tegra 4 (understandable, if the price was over $99 less people would have bought the console). And 99 dollars isn’t that much at all! Heck, a SINGLE game today costs almost as much as a SINGLE Ouya! As an Ouya developer, I can say that the execution of the first one was slightly lacking, but overall, the console is great, and the second iteration will be a certain buy for me.

  • Scott Z

    It’s a hundred dollars… and you can get 10 games for easily under the cost of 1 game on teh current gens. Don’t get lost in principle because then nobody wins. However, for OUYA to think they aren’t going to piss people off with short releases shows that they don’t really understand the market. The video game market is in need of change, but if you (OUYA) are still fixing OUYA1, what makes you think OUYA2 won’t suffer the same, if not new, problems?

  • doc

    The short development cycle kind of makes sense. They have to keep up with phones and tablets and you need a modern processor to get fluid 1080p+ resolutions.
    As long as the prices don’t increase this is a sound strategy imho.

  • Dingo

    “‘The feel of the controller today is actually probably a lot better then in June.'”


  • ybomfugue

    They need to have an icon showing if a game is completely free (crossed out coin), microtransactions (stack of coins), or purchase is required beyond a demo (a single coin). This is important because of the experience with demo flash games on portals, which appear to make the game worse despite quality. The other problem is that I have to refer to a fan-based list for game costs, which is kind of sad.

    They should also focus on peripherals, such as Ouya brand keyboards with touchpads, headsets, and arcade cabinets (why not?)

    Another software solution could be being able to connect multiple Ouyas together and being able to control them all with a single account if needed. Imagine if a game could take advantage of the power of 2 Ouyas for processing.

    • Jacob

      In the latest update they added feature that says if the game is completely free or with microtransactions. Just go to Youube channel “OUYA” and look at playlist: “Software updates”.

      You can hook any USB keyboard etc.

      That’s impossible for a developers. Just look at any game console, PC, whatever. Nothing uses technology like this.

  • Tyr

    If they’re able to go with a tegra 5 and still keep the price low (don’t know if it would be possible at $100 USD still), it could be a serious contender for budget gaming and an all around interesting console. Most console games are VERY immersive these days and while that offers a great experience, I feel the pick up and play gaming with 4 people on the same TV is pretty dead these days. So many games are single, or MAYBE co-op split screen. If ouya can get a killer app or two and offer that good old 4 player fun we had in the n64 era, I could see this being a huge success.

    • dju164

      Indeed. I’m looking forward to ouya 2 mainly if have even better emulations, contemplate more consoles like PS2, gamecube and NDS. If i buy, i’ll end up checking other games for ouya as well

  • Steve

    I love the ouya mainly because I can run XBMC on it.Will get the Ouya 2 mainly for the better power and better stability for running hd movies.

    • Del

      when will the 2 come out

  • Jorge

    I only hope they kick other generations assess every time.

  • Blake Zahradnik

    I have an Ouya, and I love it. The downsides are obviously the controller and specs lost to the pushbacks. This sounds awesome, new controller, likely a Tegra 4 processor, maybe more RAM? No matter what, I’m really excited and will DEFINITELY be pre-ordering it ASAP.

  • heath miller

    I for one love they idea of them making a new one so quick. Yes the first one just came out but they are probably only trying to make a second one so soon because of all the problems on the first. Although they are trying to fix fix the first one too it sounds like their just trying to make a better controller for so the customers are happy. Which is good for us. Leting us knoe they will do it in the futer too. Although in the futer they should probably make a new console every 2 years im really glad they are doing it in one year. Because i play pc and my friends dont so they can not play anygames when they come over, but i was looking at this oayo and it is cheap so i could afford it, plays classic games that i love, and is incredibly small. My thoughts on the next one are. Make the console a little bigger rubix cube size seems crazy small. I would say make it the size of 2 rubix cubes so then you can have the option of more internal storage when you buy it. Although the flash drive component should still be there so then i can go over to my friends house that has one and put my stuff on his. Also bump up the cost just a little to 125. So then you can use a little better materials and make the processor and memory better and larger too almost forgot the ram too. Another awesome thing for lan would be if it could support up to 6-8 controllers. As a person that wants to buy a little cool console that me and a bunch of friends could play on this would be great. Of course not all games would be 6-8 player compatable, but on games similar to super smash bro`s this would be amazing! Not to mention most tv’s are getting so big 6-8 on other games wouldn’t be a big deal. Of course your target marget might not have big screens. I would under stand if you didnt because for marketing 100 dollars is extremely appealing. I would still buy it for 125 myself for a better all around console. Maybe you could release two console one for 100 and another for 150. Both which have a really great price. Yeah so theirs my 100 dollars worth on the console. Sorry for long comment.

  • danteventu

    i purchased the ouya in september and I continue to use it everyday, it was a great deal for a hundred dollars and i think the ouya 2 will be a home run

  • danteventu

    i forgot to add that i find that there is no problem with the controller rather than the fact that there is no pause and select

  • edwin

    I love ouya 1. I have no problem with the controller other that it does not have a start and select bottons. Ouya 2 I will sure get it, no doubt.

  • Albert

    I am a fan of the Ouya because it offers a lot of “pick up and play” games. These days video games are too complex and require a lot of time which a lot of us may not have. I also like that a lot of the games have a good amount of local single player. Many games out there focus on the online experience and it is refreshing to have a selection of games I can play by myself.

    There are a lot of trash games on the Ouya, but there are also some that are quite nice considering the hardware, games that were properly developed.

    I have no issue with the controller beyond the cheap feel. The main issue I had with the Ouya is that mine came with a power supply for a different region and I had to buy a new power supply. The power supply that came with was not European (I have no idea what it was) and I could not find an adaptor.

    I would not mind a yearly iteration of the console as long as I can skip one iteration and continue to use the old one, like phones. It’s not the price tag that makes me want to skip a generation, it’s the thought that the changes would be fairly unnoticeable from one generation to the next, so skipping one generation might help me appreciate those changes. That, and the fact that if you do not get the new console the day it comes out then you have under a year to play. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to get at least one full year.

    It is a great little console for the casual gamer at a great price. I don’t think this is meant for the hard core gamers who have tournaments and such.

  • kevin

    Nothing wrong with the controller and I love the Ouya and I have no regret buying it. My son wants one now. I’m planing upgrading to the Ouya 2 when released.

  • kevin

    The Ouya is not a flop. Just about every one is sold on Ebay

  • David Compton

    I bought an ouya1 on preorder before the release date, loved it, then discovered emulators, loved it more. Then discovered xbmc, married it. Now twice a year we have an ouya party, where we get an ouya in every room and showcase what it can do.we have 100% sales if u dont have one you will after the party. Ask yourself when was the last time you had a party to celebrate a console and not just a game?
    Iwould buy an ouya every year forever.

  • boom

    No mattet what controller I use or how I position the console, I get lag. Makes every game unplayable. Very disappointing, to say the least. May as well have lit a benji on fire.