How Long Until Osama Bin Laden Shows up in Call of Duty?

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Call of Duty Osama Bin Laden Mission

If you haven’t heard the news, hide and seek champion Osama Bin Laden was confirmed dead last night, killed by U.S. Navy SEALs. President Obama made the announcement last night, resulting in crowd-surfacing people in Captain America costumes.

With worldwide buzz-topic news like that comes those who wish to make money off of the event, and as such, there’s already word of studios fast-tracking Bin Laden related films. How long do you think it’ll take before one of the mainstay FPS video game franchises includes a mission where you’re a special ops soldier assigned to breach Bin Laden’s compound to capture or kill him?

Call of Duty: Black Ops, also known as the best selling game ever, featured many real-life figures, from JFK to Fidel Castro, in its single player campaign. Speculation from fans as to what the next Call of Duty story would be about have included the hunting down of Bin Laden, and now more than ever, that makes sense.

Is it “too soon”? Is it ever, anymore? Whatever major game does this first, whether it be Battlefield, the next Medal of Honor or a Call of Duty game, there’s going to be a lot of headlines and that’s free marketing. It’s a business and it’s going to happen sooner rather then later.

Unlike Modern Warfare 2’s “No Russian” mission which featured the infamous airport massacre scene, killing the enemy is much more acceptable in these games.

So, will there be new Kill Osama Black Ops DLC? Maybe Infinity Ward can still fit him into the campaign of Modern Warfare 3.

Osama Bin Laden Achievement Unlocked

There’s already a Bin Laden downloadable game that launched literally six hours after the news of his death, titled Mujahedin that lets you play a suicide bomber under his command. Its reviews, although explaining it’s satirical, are not overly positive though.

The creator of the flash game for Newgrounds was working on this before and the news of Bin Laden’s death put a slight hamper in his plans, although the timing couldn’t work out more perfect. He left the following message in the author comments:


What game do you expect the Osama Bin Laden mission to show up in first?

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  • WOWman

    So………………………….you prefer that a mass murderer to be alive?

    • Rob Keyes

      I don’t recall saying and/or believing that… Who are you talking to?

  • 16bit

    I think anyone and everyone who can capitalize on this **** **** ****’s death…More power to em! Viva USA.

  • killa

    Is it wrong that my second thought after celebrating his death, was ‘That is gonna make an AWESOME cod level!’.

    I reckon they can work it into MW3 either as the intro level (like the ship level in MW1) to set the tone of the game and get publicity, or as the final level in a campaign leading up to it. That or it could be a bonus unlockable level or they could use someone else as a thinly veiled Osama in a compound level.

    In any case, it fits in too perfectly not be included somehow.

  • Keihou

    Fugitive Hunter: War on Terror got to this waaay back in the PS2 days:

    Skip to 4:15 for the final showdown.