Open Discussion – January 3 2012

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Game Rant Open Discussion

Here it is, the weekly Open Discussion for January 3rd, 2012. Now’s your chance to choose the topics, whether they be in relation to what game’s you’re playing or news items that have caught your interest.

Unfortunately since many of us at Game Rant have been bogged down by the Holidays there hasn’t been all that much news to report save for some end of the year stuff. Thus far we have posted our individual top game for 2012, our collective top 10, which games we are looking forward to in 2013, and our picks for the best cooperative titles from last year. Make sure to read them if you haven’t already.

Aside from that, though, we want to hear from you. What games have you played over the holidays that caught your attention? Do you have any video game related resolutions for 2013? Maybe playing at least one new game a month for those of us who are extra busy? Or how about trying out a title you wouldn’t otherwise give a chance?

Either way we hope the Holidays were as kind to you as they were to us. And as always make sure to play nice in the comments.

  • the mighty avenger

    **********SPOILERS FOR THE WALKING DEAD************

    So i finally was able to buy telltales the walking dead and got so immersed in it that i beat it about two days (been on ion from work so lots of free time) but i wanna change my game of the year pot from mass effect 3 to the walking. that game is just incredible the choices and the amount of time you have for each one is crazy. being a huge fan of the br show and comics im glad to see that telltale got the theme and emotions right. so m questions for you guys is where do you wanna see the sequel go? hwho wouldlike it focus on?

    personally i wouldnt playig as clementime. i know shes young but she remembers the advice you gave her so i think shell be there for sure. and im assumming omid and christa wil too who i like christa, omid was kinda too much of a goof off for the situation he was in. as fr as story goes idk i wanna belive that the people in the hill are omid and christa but not sure could be walkers could be another group.

    whats your thoughts on the ending?

    • Anthony Taormina

      I personally would like to see a new set of survivors and a new protagonist. I liked meeting Lee, learning about him, and then connecting with all the different people he met.

      I don’t think Clementine’s story is over, though, I could see this new group/character crossing paths with her or something along those lines. But if they do keep it going I wouldn’t mind playing as Clementine with Omid and Krista.

      • The mighty avenger

        I wouldn’t mind a new set of characters if they cross paths with clementine. I really just want closure to her story. I also want some type of confirmation that she finds omid and christa if you told her too.

        What if you play as a different group whose looking for omid and christa cuz they got lost from the group your playing as or there family and the last shot is seeing clementine across the field. I would like something like that.
        Really I grew a attachment to clementine and want a happy closure with her. But as it’s the walking dead there’s really no such thing as happy.

  • Matt

    I have to say, PSASBR is a pretty good game. The Super move system works pretty well, although some characters’ Supers make no sense. But my biggest complaint about the game is the crappy arcade mode. The characters’ stories aren’t even interesting, you basically do the same fights with each characters, and even the boss fight is always the same. It’s very uninspired. The gameplay is what makes the game great, though.

    I just started playing Dishonored, and so far I love it! The gameplay is fun, the environments are cool, and the story is pretty interesting. I’m only past the first mission, though. 😛