Open Discussion – January 24 2013

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Game Rant Open Discussion

Here it is, the weekly Open Discussion for January 24th, 2013. Now’s your chance to choose the topics, whether they be in relation to what game’s you’re playing or news items that have caught your interest.

This week was filled with plenty of exciting new titles, plenty of genres to appeal to a wide swath of gamers. Perhaps the biggest release of the week, in terms of sheer exposure, is the iOS release of Temple Run 2, sequel to the wildly popular mobile game. Though the appeal of the first Temple Run was short-lived, it was so easy to jump right back into Imanji Studio’s free runner and restart that addiction.

For the JRPG crowd is Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, Level 5’s newest project — one they developed in conjunction with Studio Ghibli. One look at the game in action, and it’s easy to see that Ni No Kuni is something really unique.

And finally this week also saw the release of The Cave, Ron Gilbert’s first project since joining Double Fine Studios. The game apparently is dripping in Gilbert’s style, but might not be for everyone. Check out our review.

Though many news items have popped up here and there over the week, they will likely be overshadowed by the THQ auction that took place yesterday. With so many different developers and IPs ending up at new homes there was a lot to keep track of, but that shouldn’t overshadow the fact that many talented developers are now left jobless. We wish them all the best, and we hope for good things from those who did get picked up.

But those are only just some of the topics worth discussing; feel free to share your thoughts or gripes about any recent news or game that has caught your fancy.

Also, respect should be paid towards every commenter, and that no disparaging remarks will be tolerated. This is a place for gamers to get together and discuss the things they love, so have at it.

And if you want to talk about Movies or TV, head on over to Screen Rant’s Open Discussion post.


  • L2404

    I’d like to know what you guys think about the upcoming Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Game?

  • COREY_1993

    i bought all the metal gear solid games recently because i wanted to get revengence. the only reason ive not played any is just cause i dont like to play games that are sequels without playing the game before it. so if it wasnt for the HD collection id probably skip metal gear rising. gonna play metal gear solid 1 on the vita tomorrow then all the way through the hd collection then finally 4.

    • John Jacques

      You’re in for an amazing ride!

  • Dante

    With studios & publishers going out of business practically every week – anyone else think we’re in for another Video Game industry collapse?

    I’m sure there are going to be more developers going out of business this year (my eye’s on Ninja Theory as the next to go – sorry but if they have 2 straight games with disappointing sales out of 3 releases the writing is on the wall).

    Anyone else see a developer as teetering?

  • The mighty avenger

    So I just heard that god of war will have te last of us bundled with it. I don’t want god of war but I do want te last of us demo. When do you think the demo will release publicly?

    • Shalkowski

      Probably when the game comes out and you will get a trial on PSN.

  • DT

    Anyone downloading the DLC for Black Ops 2 and taking advantage of the double xp this weekend?

    • Anthony Taormina

      I’m going to be getting the Revolution DLC and will hopefully be putting together some video content for it.

  • Hunter

    The “mini E3″ form Nintendo’s Direct show on the 23rd has me amazingly excited!!! Remaking my favorite game of all time in HD with new lighting and Miiverse integration? Yes Please! Confirming A new 3D Mario, Super Smash, and New mario kart to have playable versions at E3? Yes Please!! Spring and Summer updates to help speed up mnus and loading times as well as add Miiverse to computers and smart phones? You’re killing me here!!! Two amazing games form Platinum Studios? Kinda knew already but yeah awesome!! Announce you are trying to completely revamp the Zelda formula with the next game? Scary but exciting at the same time!!!! Needless to say I’m really excited!

  • jack b

    I am really excited about nintendo direct at the very end where they had something Xeno related. Maybe Xenoblade 2?