Open Discussion — January 10 2013

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Game Rant Open Discussion

Here it is, the weekly Open Discussion for January 10th, 2013. Now’s your chance to choose the topics, whether they be in relation to what game’s you’re playing or news items that have caught your interest.

This week saw the first official new release of 2013, Sega and Platinum GamesAnarchy Reigns, a button-mashing brawler with some multiplayer elements thrown in for good measure. Though the game featured some returning character from Platinum Games’ critically acclaimed MadWorld, and the story is zany in a way only Platinum can deliver, it fell a little flat in terms of its execution.

Make sure to read our full review, though, to hear how the concept works as a whole. We also debuted a new video feature alongside the Anarchy Reigns review called First 30 where we walk gamers through the first 30 minutes of a new release — providing a brief tease to interested players.

On the news front there has been a lot of interesting tidbits coming out of CES 2013, but the one that seems to have caught most people in the gaming world’s eye is Nvidia’s “Project Shield,” an android-based “console” that pulls double duty as a monitor and a controller.

In non-gadget news we learned that the first Pokémon developed for Nintendo’s 3DS will be released this Fall, and will come in two different versions, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. Since the announcement, developer Game Freak has provided closer looks at the games’ three starter Pokémon and have also revealed two “Legendaries” from the game. Needless to say, if you’re a Pokémon fan this is a really big deal.

But those are only just some of the topics worth discussing; feel free to share your thoughts or gripes about any recent news or game that has caught your fancy. Or maybe, in the spirit of the holiday, tell us what game franchises/games you are thankful for.

Also, respect should be paid towards every commenter, and that no disparaging remarks will be tolerated. This is a place for gamers to get together and discuss the things they love, so have at it.

And if you want to talk about Movies or TV, head on over to Screen Rant’s Open Discussion post.

  • boogoo

    What are some of your favorite Pokemon! I’ll name ten.

    1) Houndoom
    2) Ratatta
    3) Machamp
    4) Butterfree
    5) Staryu
    6) Hitmonlee
    7) Hitmonchan
    8) Sandshrew
    9) Vulpix

    • Riley Little

      1) Mewtwo
      2) Charizard
      3) Lugia
      4) Totodile
      5) Sceptile
      6) Krookodile
      7) Blastoise
      8) Venasaur
      9) Rayquaza
      10) Scyther

      That was harder than I thought it’d be! lol

      • Anthony Taormina

        No love for Pikachu?!

        That’s messed up Riley.

      • boogoo

        Riley@ Well my choices just seem wimpy now. 😛

    • HelghastUser

      I’m not familiar with any pokemon past the first 151 so mines is rather short:


  • Riley Little

    That trailer for Pokemon X and Y has gotten me pretty excited. It’s about time that Game Freak got around to releasing a core installment of the series on the 3DS (it’s something everyone who bought the handheld has been waiting for for a long time), but what do you guys think of it?

    Are there any new features that you’d like to see introduced, or are you content with a similar formula and a few aesthetic changes?

    • Rob Keyes

      If I threw a ball with some hand-drawn face on it against a wall and told you it was Pokemon Blank, you’d be excited 😉

      It’s okay, I dig that.

      • Riley Little

        If you threw a ball with a hand-drawn face on it against the wall and told me it was Pokemon Blank, I’d stare at you like you just threw a ball with a hand-drawn face on it against the wall and told me it was Pokemon Blank.

  • Shalkowski

    I got the God of War: Ascension beta and I’ve got to say, I’m impressed. Although there is only two maps, each match still seems different because of how each person plays and their skill. I cant wait for the full game.

    On a different note, I’ve been thinking about the fighting genre and the different possibilities that haven’t been done. For instance a Marvel vs DC game. Or a SpiderMan fighting game or even a Batman fighting game. I myself like the Marel vs DC and just the Spiderman fighting game. I would also like NetherRealm to make it. I also cant wait for Injustice

  • the mighty avenger

    ive been playing the amazing spiderman game recently and gotta say i enjoy it. obvisouly the combat is the same style of asylum but its a fun game i love the alternate costumes and the combat as spiderman. the swinging is significantly improved but not that of spiderman two but still fun game.

  • COREY_1993

    PS3 has apparently taken over 360 for the first time since its release.

    • Rob Keyes

      Nah, its units shipped, but they could very well be even, or at least extremely close.

      The Xbox 360 sold more during Black Friday and over the holidays.

  • Dovahkiin

    How about that allowed tease for fallout 4? That has me excited!

    • Rob Keyes

      I’d be psyched if the environment had some more … color and variety to it, and if they replace the engine. I had issues with Fallout 3 which prevented me from beating it.

      • Dovahkiin

        Did you play New Vegas? there was significantly more color there… I just hope they don’t screw the PS3 like on every other recent Bethesda game

        • Anthony Taormina

          I played New Vegas (and Fallout 3) to completion and found 3 to be more enjoyable IMO. I can understand the complaints about the look, but I don’t mind my apocalypse having a bit too much brown.

          Either way, bring on Fallout 4!

          • Dovahkiin

            I agree, however I loved the weapon variety in New Vegas

      • HelghastUser


        More color would be great but they would def need a stronger engine.

        • Dovahkiin

          I assume they will use the creation engine, hopefully after fixing the issues with it on PS3.

  • Eehee

    I’m wondering when the next Skyrim update will be announced and released. Even more so, when will the next Elder Scrolls game be released? I’m hoping for Elsweyr. Your opinions?

    • Dovahkiin

      im pretty sure it will be hammerfel. there is a lot of set upfor there in skyrim, lore from the great war… probably where the rebellion against the dominion will take place

  • L2404

    Hey Guys,

    I know im kinda late to the discussion, but i was looking for a place to ask this question that wouldn’t interfere with another post/review/article ect..

    So my question to GR is if you guys follow up on the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Series? particularly Storm 3, since it is releasing soon. This is one of my favorite series, and I’ve come to read a lot of your articles and reviews, which are my main source of gaming-related info, and i’d like to see something that i really enjoy in GR, not saying that i do not enjoy everything that there is, I love it! But I’d like to see Naruto in here.

    If you guys just stopped following it, I’d like to know what made you do that? anything about the game? story? ect..