Open Discussion – Holiday Edition

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Game Rant Open DiscussionIt’s a special Holiday edition of the Open Discussion this week and so we thought what better way to celebrate the festivities than by sharing some video game related stories. So feel free to use the comments below to share anything from your family’s video game related tradition, what games you received as presents, or maybe just show a little love for your fellow gamer — it’s all fair game. But remember to play nice.

And, of course, Happy Holidays from all of us here at Game Rant.

  • The mighty avenger

    Happy Christmas Gamerant! So did anyone score any awesome games.

    My wife got me arkham city game of the year. She is the best and also the amazing spiderman!

    Can’t wait to play them.

    • Anthony Mole

      I got Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse and The Walking Dead (Retail). Some online stores also started their Boxing Day sales early so I took advantage of that. Picked up:

      All-Stars Battle Royale
      Medal of Honor: Warfighter
      DOOM 3 BFG
      Puss in Boots Game

      Not to mention the PSN sales, I got the MGS HD Collection and Hot Shots Golf for Vita.

      Tomorrow I plan to snag Sniper Elite V2 and Sleeping Dogs as well, both of which are $19.99 at EB Games. The Papo & Yo off the PSN Store.

      • Matt

        Damn, where are you going to find the time to play all those games? Also, you have to do a review for Back to the Multiverse, or at least tell us in an Open Discussion!

        • Anthony Mole

          Yea I don’t know when I’m going to be able to play them. I’m currently in the middle of Oddworld Starnger’s Wrath HD for Vita which I’m playing for review, just started Crysis 2 and am also playing through Risen 2 and Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk 2.

          As for Family Guy, by the time I get to it I probably won’t be with Game Rant anymore :(.

          • Matt

            Oh yeah, that’s right. You should write a farewell letter to put up on your last day (the 31st).

  • Matt

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    I got Need for Speed: ProStreet, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Dishonored, and NASCAR the Game: Inside Line. I can’t wait to play them! πŸ˜€

    • Anthony

      Play Dishonored first!

      • Matt

        I would, but I’m leaving on Thursday and won’t get back til Tuesday, so I don’t wanna start it now and forget what happened while I’m gone.

    • Rob Keyes


      I got The Walking Dead Xbox 360 version, but still have Dishonored from before unopened.

      I plan to get Battle Royale when I catch up.

      • Matt

        Sounds you like have plenty of backlog lol.

  • jack

    Unfortunatly, I’ll be working all this week and won’t be able to buy any games until next week. I was thinking about Destiny of an Emperor for NES. I liked that game back then and would love to play it again. Merry Christmas.

    • Anthony Taormina

      Ah the holiday work week, I know it all too well. Hopefully you get your reward Jack.

  • Dovahkiin

    Can Gamerant post a list of good post Christmas deals soon? That is where I will be getting my games, and I’m sure others would appreciate it too.

    • Rob Keyes

      Hi Dovahkiin,

      I’d recommend checking Steam every few days and for amazing PC deals. In Canada & UK, there are boxing day sales everywhere and most games from the year are discounted.

  • L2404

    Merry Christmas to you guys!
    I got a couple of GameStop gift cards wich I used to pick up

    The Black Ops Declassified Vita bundle,
    and Far Cry 3 for the 360

    I’m planning on getting
    PS Battle Royale (vita)
    NFS:Most Wanted (vita)
    And reality fighters.

    So far IM LOVING FAR CRY 3!!! The single player campaign is amazing, and the multiplayer is great!

    What other games would you guys recommend?

    • Rob Keyes

      Glad you’re enjoying Far Cry 3 – It’s one of my faves of the year and to me, one of the best single-player shooters we’ve seen in recent years.

  • boogoo

    I got diddly squat. 😐

  • L2404


  • COREY_1993

    i got a ps vita with need for speed, LBP vita, Fifa 13 and CoD Declassified. I have PSASBR and that has cross but so i have that too XD.

    My sister got a DSXL with mario land and the 3d looks brilliant.

  • tato

    hey ranters i just got before xmas far cry 3 and let me tell u its blowing my mind graphics are awesome also i got the walking dead and dishonored i cant wait to play those two

  • The Dark Knight

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas, here is a list of games I found under the tree waiting for me …

    Batman Arkham City GOTY Edition
    Far Cry 3
    The Walking Dead Collectors Edition
    Black Ops 2

    …all on PS3.

    • Matt

      Pretty damn good Christmas!

  • HelghastUser

    I got nothing so I’m going to give myself the gift of Far Cry 3. I feel in love hunting and just running around in the game…

  • boogoo

    All The Walking Dead game episodes are 50% off on Xbox live for today! Screw the disc, I’m snatching up this deal. πŸ˜€

    • The Dark Knight

      Enjoy the episodes its a unique and awesome way to experience the walking dead.