What Is Official Nintendo Mag’s Top Secret Game?

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The Official Nintendo Magazine’s UK website is teasing, “world exclusive details on a top secret new game.”  Whatever the new game is, it’s important enough for the magazine to change its publishing schedule, from Friday to Wednesday, for the next two issues.

The magazine is set to hit Wednesday, June 16th.  What is the significance of the date?  Nintendo’s E3 2010 press conference is scheduled for Tuesday, June 15th.  Clearly, the game will be revealed at E3, and then featured in the Official Nintendo Magazine the very next day.  Nintendo, it seems, is placing a lot of emphasis on this game.

But what could it be? The new Legend of Zelda game is, of course, the most obvious answer.  But there are other possibilities.  Pikmin 3 has been in development for some time, but no one has seen a bit of it.  And what of Retro Studios, developer of the Metroid Prime games?  It’s been three years since Corruption came out — I doubt they’ve been idle all this time.

Finally, we have to consider the 3DS.  Sure to be the star of Nintendo’s E3 2010 program, could the mystery game be a title for the new handheld?  A brand new 3D Mario, perhaps?  After all, didn’t Mario voice actor Charles Martinet tweet about just such a game late last year?

We are merely five weeks away from E3 2010.  Can the Official Nintendo Magazine keep this secret, or will scans start appearing online?  What do you think the game is?  Let the speculation begin.

Source: The Official Nintendo Magazine

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  • Matt_Weeber

    Please be a Metroid game, please be a Metroid game, please be a Metroid game…

  • Phillipe Bosher

    Unfortunately, 9/10 times ONM fail to deliver anything groundbreaking or interesting, but here's to hoping!

  • http://www.gamerant.com/ alex_sebenski

    I'd put big money on the next Zelda game. Be it for the 3DS or whatever system.

    • Rob_Keyes

      That's a pretty good bet. There's high expectations for this…

    • http://twitter.com/skatality Ryan Blanchard

      I've got to agree with you on this. There's really not much else Nintendo can drop that would be bigger than a new Zelda game.

      Well, maybe a proper sequel to Donkey Kong 64, but I can wish, can't I 😛

  • jackypond

    Well, that’s certainly pretty exciting. So much fun stuff going on with Nintendo right now! All this excitement leading into E3, which is right when this issue comes out! Thanks so much for all those that sent this in!
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  • http://www.duranrivera.com Wepz

    I say it's a Mario & Sonic team up!!! It's an ultimate mash up! The best of Mario Galaxy, and the Classic Sonic together! Making for the biggest CROSSOVER VIDEO GAME OF THE CENTURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sonic vs Bowser! Mario vs Dr. Robotnik! Mario meets Knuckles! Mario wearing the new Super Mario Shoes which make him as fast as Sonic! SUPER Sonic bigger and blazing through those damn mushrooms! Tails on the Battleship of Bowser facing Ludwig Von Koopa! Luigi facing off against ROBO-Sonic! The possibilities are endless. YOU. ARE. NOT. READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! E3 2010!!! WAIT AND SEE!