Wii U Will Not Support a Universal Achievements System

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No Wii U Achievements

In just under a week, the much anticipated Wii U will finally be available on store shelves in N.A.. While many gamers have been busy trying to decide which games to pickup at launch for the system, others are still in the dark when it comes to the new console’s day-one features. We know Nintendo‘s hardware will allow consumers to do a medley of different things, including watch television, but many hardcore gamers have long desired an achievements system on a Nintendo platform. Those dreams have gone on in vain, however, as it’s now been confirmed that the Wii U will not support a universal achievements system of any kind.

Jeremiah Slaczka, co-founder of 5th Cell (the team behind the upcoming Scribblenauts Unlimited), took to NeoGAF to confirm that the Wii’s successor doesn’t currently offer a system for trophies/achievements. Instead, in-game achievements can be implemented at the developer’s discretion.

“There are no Wii U accomplishments that are system wide. They are up to the developers to include or not include. Scribblenauts Unlimited loosely has them in the form of “Global Starite Shards” which is like a giant checklist of global things to spawn and do in the game that aren’t area specific.”

Many may be disappointed that the Big N has passed on implementing a universal system for gathering achievements, but that doesn’t mean it’s something that it’ll shun forever. As an example, the PlayStation 3 was sans achievements prior to implementing trophies into newer games, so it’s not unreasonable to expect Ninty to do the same at a later point in time.

Only time will tell just what Nintendo has planned for their console, in terms of both content and software updates, but consumers will bare witness to initial plans for the Wii U in due time. For now, gamers are probably more concerned with how they’re going to manage to capitalize on the Deluxe Digital Incentive with limited hard drive space, or when Nintendo is going to add a legitimate online voice chat option to the Wii U.

Nintendo’s Wii U will be available to the masses on November 18th in North America.

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Source: NeoGAF (via CVG)

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  • http://unbuildthegame.blogspot.com UnbuildTheGame

    What I would bet a lot of Nintendo fans have to say to this is “Who cares?” They don’t realize, though, that things like Achievements and Trophies add a lot of replayability to games. They also give players a reason to play games in a way they may not play them otherwise. Also, it feels nice knowing that getting 100% in a game is more than just finishing the game, but finishing the game to the extent that the developer demands it be finished with Achievements.

    • Dante

      I was wondering which would be first, someone saying who cares or someone else extolling trophy/achievement virtues.


      I like trophies…kinda. I have seen the dark-side of them however.

      A friend of mine will not play a game he can’t “platinum” easily. As such a bunch of great games have gone unplayed by him…purely because of trophies.

      Just sayin’

      • http://unbuildthegame.blogspot.com UnbuildTheGame

        Well, one bad thing about Sony’s Trophy system is that it’s been exploited to where now you can unlock any trophy in any game without doing anything, which nullifies the point of them in the first place.

    • Adam

      As a Nintendo fan you have guessed correctly that I take the who cares approach but I’m also a Microsoft and playstation fan and I have never liked to achievements and trophies stuff. Because I already feel the need to collect every coin… Item… Kill every enemy and the added task of collecting every trophy adds touch time on to the point I get bored. But to each there own. I’m sure other people enjoy it 😀

    • Poncho

      You can’t really say that last bit, because Microsoft and Sony require developers to add achievements. Well, Microsoft does. Not sure if Sony does or not.

      • Dante

        Yep, Sony requires trophies of all games on the PS3. (Trophies also have a sound when they come up and I love that little *bling*)

        I was, not too long ago, trapped in my OCD for collecting trophies, but I have given that up.

        Back to playing games for games.

      • http://unbuildthegame.blogspot.com UnbuildTheGame

        True, they require them to add achievements, but they don’t decide what they are. The developers can make the achievements whatever they want, and a lot of the time, they enjoy the added reward system. It makes it justifiable, for instance, to give an achievement at the end of a long dungeon instead of a weapon/spell that would make the rest of the game too easy.

  • dethfuse

    Just another reason why the Wii U is not the next-gen and is in a category all by itself. Nintendo clearly does not give two shits about the competitive community and sure as hell am not going to give them two pennies for their shit products.

  • Poncho

    Sad new for the achievement junkies out there. I never personally cared for achievements on my Xbox, but I did like the sound that came up when I got one.

  • Daniel Carlson

    meh… most trophies dont add replayability they just say kill 200 of this or find 1000 of that. things that would happen eventually no matter what if played enough

  • hunter

    “For now, gamers are probably more concerned with how they’re going to manage to capitalize on the Deluxe Digital Incentive with limited hard drive space,” I’m pretty certain you can plug any old storage into the usb I planned on getting a terabyte external hard drive. Just sayin =)

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/FerguliosoFilms Poncho

      Pretty much. If you’re a gamer, I’m pretty sure the hardrive space doesn’t matter to you.

  • Rickkk

    Who cares?

  • http://www.karyyk.com Marshall

    I like achievements, so that’s a shame. Another reason to wait for a price drop, especially since I’m unsure that the Wii U will be any less of a dust magnet than my Wii has been for a good long time.