No ‘Tomb Raider’ on Wii U; Another Bad Sign for Nintendo’s Third-Party Hopes?

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No Tomb Raider for Wii U

The news continues to get bleaker for Nintendo’s third-party reclamation project. A recent rumor that the Wii U is twice as powerful as the Xbox 360 seemed to arrive clinging for dear life onto the coat-tails of similar rumblings that the Xbox 720 is six times as powerful as current generation consoles. Now, the system has been dealt another red flag directly from Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics.

In an Eidos Games forum FAQ posting from Crystal Dynamics community manger Megan Marie, the issue was brought up as to whether or not Tomb Raider was being developed for the Wii U — or any Nintendo platform, for that matter.

Here’s what the posting had to say:

“At this time no. When we started developing the game we made a conscious decision that it was all about building the game for a platform and making sure the game was specific to that platform. Given that we’ve been working on the game quite a while before Wii U was announced I think it would not be right to try and port it across. If we started building a game for the Wii U we would build it very differently and we would build it with unique functionality.”

Keep in mind the first point that the Wii U was only announced back at E3 2011 and Tomb Raider’s conception likely goes back several years prior; it’s not as if Crystal Dynamics and publisher Square Enix openly shunned the system from the get go. The troubling news for Nintendo, and what’s left of its hard core gaming base, is that Crystal Dynamics seems to view the Wii U as a rocky middle ground between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and their incoming descendants.

After our first impression of the system at E3, we weren’t quite sure how a developer would feel having to take a game currently in the works for the Xbox 360 and PS3 and integrate it with the Wii U’s unique controller and graphical specs. Crystal Dynamics seems out of their comfort zones on the issue, and they’re likely not alone.

Wii U Third Party Support
Surely there’s still hope, though, that developers of newer next-gen projects, conceived with full knowledge of the Wii U’s existence, are willing work with the hardware, isn’t there?

That’s where the jury’s still out, Phoenix Wright.

The Wii U has been confirmed for release in the 2012 holiday season, and there’s no question that for a brief time, it may well be the most powerful system on the market. Nintendo’s challenge will be to woo heavy hitting developers willing to (a) exploit every bit of the system’s potential in order to stand above current-gen systems in the short run; and (b) stay on board when Microsoft and Sony join the next-gen party (likely in 2013), with more powerful systems that are liable to offer a few innovation opportunities of their own.

According to some industry analysts, many developers will see this as a short-sighted approach and choose to forgo the system in the long run. And should Crystal Dynamics’ sentiments towards developing on the Wii U turn out to be a prevailing theme, Nintendo might have to ponder another generation of lacking third-party support.

Ranters, where do you think most third-party developers stand on the Wii U? Do you want to see the system feature games like Tomb Raider in the next generation, or are Nintendo’s first-party offerings more important?

Tomb Raider is scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2012 on the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and possibly Mac.

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Source: Eidos Games [via CVG]

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  • Jecht

    Not really…I mean they have already the the attention of MUCH better developers and publishers like EA, Activision, EPIC, and even Valve said they were interested. The tomb raider game looks interesting but it’s not a loss on Nintendo’s part.

    • Dante

      It actually is a loss for Nintendo, a big name big budget franchise is NOT coming to their system, did you not read the article?

      • Meelow

        Just because one game that is current gen is not coming to the Wii U which is next gen does not make it horrible for Nintendo, look at the PS3, tons of big budget games did not come to it in it’s first few years. Most developers like to see how new console do before making a game for it, and plus she did not say no to it she said she would want to use the Wii U’s tech to make it better so it won’t just be a 360/PS3 port

      • MacdaddyMiddleton

        Tomb Raider is total always has been and always will be. Nintendo is always making better games. And the loss of a potential tomb raider game, which is definitely going to be crap anyways from a nothing developer is absolutely no problem for Ninty.

        • Archaeon

          …in your opinion, perhaps…doesn’t mean you’re right.

  • iDancethroughshadoWs

    lol. the wiiu a “powerful” system. lol.

    when it comes out itll look no better than a ps3.

    • GameCollector44

      Please show us your time machine o wise one.

    • Jecht

      You do realize that the Wii U WILL be more powerful than the PS3 right?

    • Archaeon

      Since the PS3 looks so good, that is not a bad thing.

    • Phendy

      holy hell dancesthroughshadows, did a console do something wrong to you in you childhood to brew this anger?

    • Yahya

      That makes sense since ALL rumors now say its at least 2-5 times more power than PS3.

  • GameCollector44

    You know, they didn’t say it wasn’t ever coming over to the Wii U. They said they’re not porting it, as they don’t want to put it on the system without capitalizing on the tablet controller.

    Quit blowing things like this out of proportion.

    • Brian Sipple

      Everything you said in the first part of your comment is true, and that’s kind of the point.

      Tomb Raider and the Wii U are likely to be seeing similar release windows. If Nintendo wants to cultivate more third party developers in the next generation, it’s going to have to start now – and with developers like CD. Yes, a few other developers have informally expressed interest, but this isn’t a good sign.

  • dave

    I don’t want to watch a Tomb Raider movie anyhow.

  • Spider-Abu

    I’m definitely picking up this game on PS3 or PC soon as I’ve always been a fan of TR since it stared on PS1, but I doubt it’s too much of a loss on Nintendo’s part as they still have some amazing developers making games for their console, such as Ubisoft’s Wii U exclusive Assassin’s Creed game(which is the only game that makes me even consider buying this nintendo system).
    Anyhow, they said they don’t want to just port the game to the Wii U since they started work much earlier, and if they do make it, they’ll try to integrate all the functunalities of the Wii U and its controller. I hate how many of GameRant’s articles really overdo it with their articles, you guyz make this sound like SE is never gonna release any game on the Wii U and that they actually said that. >.< I totally agree with GameCollector44's comment there, you guyz are blowing the quotes and news out of proportion, giving false sense of what people have stated.

  • Aiman

    Well, Im actually really excited about the wii U
    though I do agree that nintendo needs a bit more attention from bigger developers even thouhgh I love EA (sims fan!) getting more attention WOULD BE REALLY BIG for nintendo.

  • SuperTrainStationH

    Umm, how does this bode poorly for Wii U’s 3rd party support?

    I didn’t read “We think Wii U sucks and we would never disgrace Tomb Raider by putting it on Wii U”

    what I read was “we’d want to build Tomb Raider for the ground up for Wii U to best utilize its features, so a port of what we’re doing on PS3 and 360 to Wii U isn’t under consideration”

    Its just ONE game.

    Hell, I’d rather developers work on making NEW experience tailor made for a new console rather than flood it from day one with ports of games built for systems that came out six and seven years earlier.

    • jimson

      Dude, once the console is out and people see what Nintendo 1st party games look and play like on it, the underpowered Wii will be just a memory… that’s the problem. The Wii left a really bad taste in a lot of hard core gamers mouths and they have to be proven with the WiiU… if it’s even a little more powerful than todays consoles it will be just fine. Personally, I’m psyched.

    • Rob Keyes

      It’s an example of a major multi-platform game not coming to Nintendo’s strongest console, and the reason for it is because the Wii U – like Pachter said – makes it too complex for developers to bring all of their major releases to Nintendo’s console because of its controller.

      • SuperTrainStationH

        I could understand this being a bad sign for Nintendo IF full knowledge and access to Wii U had been available at the beginning of the Tomb Raider project and the team said “no way dude”, but instead what we see here is a team deciding not to rush over a port for a system that was never even considered in initial conception to poorly utilize its features just for the sake of having it on the system.

        The hope is that even Wii U Ports of ALREADY RELEASED games are going to have a great deal of additional work put into them to thoroughly utilize the controller and the bumped up hardware.

        I’ve played DS and 3DS games that are rushed ports of single screen console games. Even if the game plays fine, just having a lower screen that is for instance nothing but a useless, completely static, non-interactive screen with the game’s logo on it, really sucks.

      • HardcoreNintyFan

        And Patcher is relevant how? The guy sucks at what he does. It’s almost like, no he does appear to only listen to 360 and PS3 fanboys and not the multiplatform owners.

        Also in the quote I don’t remember seeing anything about “Oh the controller complicates things, so we don’t wanna develop for Wii U.” I read that they wanted to take advantage of what the system and controller offer with a game built from the ground up for it. Huge difference.

  • andy

    only issue i have with the article is that your meshing two rumor together while leaving some info out
    for example how the rumor that states 360 will be 6 times as powerful as current gen but then you fail to point out that the same rumor states that it will be only 20% more powerfull than wiiu instead you quote another rumor that states the wiiu is only twice as powerfull
    with that being said i do agree that the wiiu may present some chalange to developers but i seriously doubt that would stop them from developing on it

  • jimson

    You don’t have to integrate the game for the controller… just use the STANDARD FPS controller… Nintendo already said that there will be different controller options… yeah, like your really gonna play MW3 with the slate controller. Of coarse there will be many 3rd party games that don’t use that big ol’ chalk board controller.

    • Rob Keyes

      That’s my thinking. Why do devs require the second screen? Just make it as you would the other consoles and use standard control scheme.

  • Luke

    Oh no now where will I turn when I want to play a mediocre action game?!

  • Andrew

    I echo others who say the quote was misinterpreted. If the editors disagree then reach out to the person who said it for clarification.