BioWare ‘Doesn’t Want Shepard’ in ‘Mass Effect 4′

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Shepard Mass Effect 4

Gamers built up an army, subdued the Reapers, and wrapped up the Mass Effect trilogy this past March, and (aside from the extremely controversial ending) many enjoyed finishing what they started with the series’ protagonist, Commander Shepard. It’s no secret that BioWare plans on continuing the franchise, but no one has a clue just what’s in store for the much-anticipated Mass Effect 4.

While fans speculate on where the series will go following the events of Mass Effect 3, there’s one thing about the inevitable fourth installment that gamers can be sure of — there will be no Shepard.

This revelation was exposed during an interview between VG247 and BioWare Montreal producer Fabrice Condominas. According to Condominas, everyone’s favorite commander has had his time in the spotlight, so it’s time to throw someone/something different into the, now vacant, leading role for Mass Effect 4.

“There is one thing we are absolutely sure of — there will be no more Shepard, and the trilogy is over.”

At this point in time, the Shepard-less Mass Effect 4 hasn’t progressed that far in development, but the passing of the guard has acted as as a jumping off point for the team. As BioWare gathers ideas internally in an attempt to decide where the franchise will head to next, the developer is confident that the Mass Effect universe is vast enough to provide them with plenty of different storytelling options.

“This is really our starting point. Now the Mass Effect universe is vast, and very, very rich. So at this point in time, we don’t even know what kind of time frame we’re going to be in. All we’re doing is more gathering ideas from the teams, gathering feedback to see several things.”

BioWare doesn’t just want to simply remove the Commander and throw some other generic sap into his shoes either, and Condominas made that very clear. There will be no “Shepard 2″ in the next iteration, and that sounds like it’s for the best if the developer is truly trying mix things up with the next game.

“So first, we don’t want to make ‘Shepard 2′, or Mass Effect 4 with like, ‘oh there’s no more Shepard but you’re a soldier in the universe’. So this will be a very, very different context for sure, and nothing has been decided on the rest.”

Casey Hudson, the executive producer behind the Mass Effect series, has already mentioned that there are “a lot of possibilities” for the next ME title. Of course, gamers won’t be able to see which of these possibilities make it into the final product for a very long time, but it’s hard to not be curious about the future of the franchise.

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  • bio

    First contact war prequel or get out.

    • ATG


      • dan

        agree to disagree

    • Justin Loomis

      Wasn’t the Contact War short, AND WE LOST? I know there’s games with tragic endings, but I get the feeling that loss wasn’t graceful.

    • tom

      agree first contact war for sure

  • Gallifreyanjedi

    Considering Shepard is either dead or stranded it wouldn’t make sense to bring him/her back anyway, and I wouldn’t want my Shepard to return. I hope they don’t try and top the ‘end of the universe/invasion’ plot, I’d want the next games plot to be like Dragon Age 2’s, more personal (but better executed than DA2s.)

  • Shalkowski


  • Alter

    it’s better to do a prequel but of a cycle that fell to the reapers and got harvested were are fighting a war against an AI (skynet fufu) an during theses process the reapers begin attacking the machines first then when the ai is weakend the reapers attack the organics an begin harvest

  • David

    It has to be a prequel because the rest of the universe outside the Sol system is unreachable because of the destruction of the mass relays. Still, I can’t care knowing that the destruction of those same relays is STILL the only future humanity has.

    • Toxenworm

      You didn’t play the extended cut did you? Cause in the extended endings it turns out that they are able to rebuild the relays (Even though it has previously been implied that none are able to replicate them…)

      But aside from that, I don’t think it would be impossible to make a new game where the relays are not functioning. Instead it just revovles around a single star cluster (Where they do have the technology to travel between stars without relays). The game could revolve around rebuilding the relay, and the tensions between different alien and human colonies in this star cluster, when they are suddenly cut off from their respective home systems.

    • ATG

      SPOILERS!!!! I still haven’t finished it guys.

      • DrSamBeckett

        Why are you reading about ME4 if you haven’t finished ME3? Of course people are going to be talking about the ending. Come on.

        • ATG

          @ DrSamBeckett

          The article is about not using Shepard for ME4, not about a continuation of events from ME3. And regardless, it’s not hard to have a little courtesy and add a ***SPOILER*** alert before a comment.

          If you are into ANY type of media entertainment you should know discussing endings is a no-no unless warned. That way, if the reader does happen to stumble across it, it’s their fault and not the writer’s.

          • Charles

            An article about Shepherd being in a fourth game directly concerns the ending of ME3… Seriously man, use your head.

            Ned Stark dies and Rosebud is a sled.

          • ATG


            Not necessarily. Had they just been talking about Shepard and not mass relays and such, then sure. But like I said, courtesy, spoiler alert, endings. All that extra stuff has nothing to do with Shepard being in the 4th game.

            You can easily discuss this whole thing without mentioning the endings, like Riley did. Use your head.

          • Androol

            It’s been out for seven months, I think all bets are off in terms of spoiler alerts.

          • ATG


            All right fine I lose…

  • boogoo

    I was hoping Condominus was a typo but I suppose that’s really the guys last name haha.

    On topic, however, I wonder if they’ll go down the action RPG route again. Each Mass Effect title subsequently got more action heavy watering down the role playing elements. I wonder if they’ll veer towards a more straight-up shooter or maybe mix in a little Uncharted-ness. Something tells me they’ll change up the formula one way or another.

  • Jeff

    It’s obvious Bioware doesn’t have a clue when it comes to there fans. Yes the universe is cool, but it is Shepard that made it cool. Of course if they had a clue then 3 wouldn’t have had such a terrible ending.

  • Guardian

    Who wants mass effect 4?

    Not me.

    • dan

      I do. And I want a sequel, not a POS prequel.

      I spent three games, killed a love interest, became a SPECTRE, nuked a planet, had virtual sex with a plant-lady, trekked through a blizzard, saved an endangered species previously thought to be extinct, reformed the citadel council, lost a ship, died, was resurrected, took on a suicide mission even though I was JUST resurrected, unshackled a rogue AI, allied myself with a terrorist organization, killed a reaper with my bare hands, got told off by one of my friends, lost another love interest, killed an entire solar system, was imprisoned for killing said solar system, escaped a cataclysmic attack on Vancouver, narrowly survived being crushed by a shuttle, tracked down a politician in an active war field, got kicked in the quad by an assassin named Kai Leng, cured a genophage, rallied entire galactic civilizations to one flag in the name of galactic security, found the quarians a home, gave sentience to a machine race, and a ton of other stuff just to save this galaxy.

      Now I want to enjoy it and see how well I’ve done.

      • Jecn

        I agree…I want see the repercussions of what I did in the first 3games have direct consequence in the next game…there doesn’t have to be Shepard but to he able to interact with liara and grunt(considering krogan and Asari are long lived species) and see how the galaxy is rebuilt after the war would be totally worth it:)

        • dan

          Ha, I didn’t even mention the first time I broke out of prison. Now that was exciting. I just want to see what my labor ultimately contributes to. I want the next game to have story, yes, but I want it to revolutionize exploring the galaxy. Massive sandbox style locales on major planets, a return to prolonged sidequest surface missions, more in depth npc interactions, etc.

          • Jecn

            I agree I want the same style of play from me3..tighten it up a lil…lil more tog elements would be cool an above all the same cinematic story telling that I have come to expect from mass effect..even the mp with Pvp would be great as well

  • Chaos707

    I feel as though a new executive producer would be great (get rid of Casey Hudson) and that the company should be a little bit more like Bungie, like listening to the community to a point.

    • SeabeeGR

      In a way i have to agree with this but sometimes I prefer the ” Evil that I know then the one I don’t”.

      For this story, at LEAST we may say some surprise guests from the original then scraping the characters we’re used to and love.

  • ATG

    Mass Effect universe sure, but don’t call it Mass Effect 4. Like someone else said, Mass Effect: First Contact. Follow a human (or a Turian, make it more interesting) as the lead character. With a deep and personal story, SMALLER than the Mass Effect trilogy, start fresh. And please don’t dumb it down so much, focus on the story rather than fast paced game play. I always had this idea of a massive SINGLE PLAYER game where you start out young, play through some age segments (child, teen, adult (early 20’s)), then a war begins. You enlist and fight for your family and girl/boy you love. Imagine Saving Private Ryan in the Mass Effect universe. No big movie-like segments; the war doesn’t come home and you’re not a hero. I want to play the little guy for a change.

    Or you can play as a Prothean during the invasion of the Reapers, it’d be cool because you already know the outcome. It’d be similar to Halo Reach.

    They could do a strategy game (but please no turn based combat like XCOM!), or it doesn’t even have to be a shooter. Please, no FPS like they had planned.

    They should also keep their dialogue system and decision making. There’s a ton of ideas for this universe.

    • Riley Little

      I’m sure they’ll take a break from the numerical sequels. BioWare is calling it Mass Effect 4 for now though. 😉

  • Wally

    They could do the Robotech thing, and go generational gap, and go far enough to tie them all together. *shrugs*

  • Brent

    I think they should go with a choose a race and the story diverges a little depending on the alien race you play as sort of thing. Keep it simple but I would say POST- reaper in terms of plot. I want to see the universe rebuilding. Maybe have you play as a character in the midst of forming a new intergalactic united army in the wake of the decimation of the reapers and the individual armies. One large defense force to start off the new united future of the galaxy. early missions can be small issues before a larger threat occurs. Make it very low on mythology maybe the big bad for the game is a military force attempting a coup on a planet and you stop it.

  • Vain

    A prequel with two campaigns, Human/Turian would be interesting. I know Bioware or one of EA’s companies wouldn’t touch this with ME4 in early stages of development, but I’d love to see a ME RTS game.

    • dan

      now that is something I can get behind. I always thought the ME universe would be ripe for an RTS game. But then, you’re reading a comment from a guy who though Halo Wars was cool lol

      Ahh, maybe I’m just an RTS junkie. It’s like my second favorite genre after RPG.

      • dan

        And I would even be ok if it was a prequel. Normally I gawk at the idea of making a prequel ME game centering around first contact. But I think RTS would be just a novel enough way to tackle it without ripping off the gameplay tropes of ME1 2 and 3. I would also be open to the idea of an RTS set during the reaper invasion, or one set in the Morning War with the quarians, or even one between the terminus systems and the citadel races. There are so many possibilities for RTS in this universe that I really get explored one day.

  • Androol

    I like that it sounds like they’re trying to make it a significantly different story/character. BioWare did a very good job of building their universe; they’re smart to want to approach it from a different direction next time.

  • Scrambles

    try to focus more on dark matter, what the game was supposed to be based around

  • Serge A. Storms

    i say… something revolving around Illusive Man, maybe go back to the founding of Cerberus. i mean if the next game is going to be placed around the time of the first contact war, then Jack Harper (Illusive Man) should maybe be involved in some way, maybe show what happened to drive him to become the Illusive Man.

    how he founded Cerberus… why he chose the name Cerberus to begin with maybe.

    and maybe Tali’s father as well, ooh and Wrex! maybe even get to play Wrex or something…

    maybe get to witness Wrex’s betrayal by his father or something.

  • Cheyenne Shepard

    Mass Effect isn’t Mass Effect without Shepard.. I want Shep back!!

  • TDBM

    No Shepard No Buy. If Shepard is gone for good than they needs to call it something else rather than Mass Effect “4”.