Ubisoft: No PC Port for ‘Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’ [Updated]

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No PC Port of Ghost Recon Future Soldier

[Update: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier IS coming to PC!]

Based on their obsession with DRM and franchise-wide online passes one could assume that Ubisoft is a big proponent of anti-piracy measures. They’ve provided a few inconveniences here and there, and even backed down in a few cases, but ultimately the UPlay Passport is here to stay. But what if Ubisoft’s fear of piracy is preventing one of its more highly anticipated games from reaching the widest range of gamers possible? Such is the case with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

While Ubisoft has long since known to be a publisher/developer who likes to cater to both console and PC gamers, they have decided not to go that route with Future Soldier, citing piracy as the biggest reason. In their mind, the PC port wouldn’t even receive the full amount of development attention it needed, and then would end up being spread around the Internet — a lose/lose situation.

Part of this discovery on Ubisoft’s part comes because of their findings with Ghost Recon Online — a free-to-play PC-only experience. With that game, Ubisoft discovered that if you give people a game for “free” then they are less likely to find it on torrent sites — essentially it keeps the barrier to entry low.

But with a fully-fledged release like Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, there is no way Ubisoft could eat those costs. Instead they figured it would be best to forgo the wasted effort, and potential disappointing sales, and focus on the console versions of the game.

“When we started Ghost Recon Online we were thinking about Ghost Recon: Future Solider; having something ported in the classical way without any deep development, because we know that 95% of our consumers will pirate the game. So we said okay, we have to change our mind.”

Now that doesn’t mean that, if after it releases next month Future Soldier sells well, that Ubisoft might change their tune, but for now a PC port just isn’t in the cards. Future Soldier does seem like it is a game developed for a controller, but that’s never stopped PC ports before.

In reality, it seems like piracy and used game sales have really got to Ubisoft’s head, and they will do anything to combat them — even segregate or, in this case, cut off parts of their audience.

Are you disappointed to hear that Ghost Recon: Future Soldier won’t be receiving a PC port? Do you think that Ubisoft is getting out of hand with this piracy and used games sales prevention?

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier releases March 6, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, and PSP.

Source: PC Gamer

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  • Daniel Carlson

    Well there goes a third of the market. I always knew ubisoft would do something stupid. But in my experience, NEVER interrupt someone when they’re making a mistake. It’s Rude.

    • Yuuchun

      Hahaha I like this comment.

  • Josh

    Good job! Now Ubisoft might lose 35% marketing. I mean, come on, games was made by softwares in PC, see “PC” and there are practicing, testing and playing it on PC. That doesn’t any sense. =(

  • Blanchette

    This is, probably, the dumbest thing that Ubisoft has done to combat piracy, and they’ve done some stupid things. The DRM for Assassin’s Creed 2 where you had to have a constant, uninterupted internet connection to play. Pirates had it cracked within a week of release, and that’s where most of the people went to get it from there, because not everyone has a solid internet connection, so their only option was to pirate it. I think that Ubisoft is doing nothing but killing theirselves here, they’ll lose a large portion of their market. For example, I’m not going to invest in a new console for one game, even though that game may be great. I was intending on purchasing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier as well, but for PC. Now that I see this, I’m not going to waste my money on it. Unless of course they see that this is a stupid idea and decide to make a PC port of it.

  • Ken J

    I’m not even going to waste my time reading this article or their excuses. Here’s the rundown: Ubisoft only likes consoles because they make more profit with less work. They don’t care to support PC, and never have.

    See, so much better to just get straight to the truth and bypass all of the above excuses by Ubisoft and those who buy into their crap…

  • Ken J

    But anyway, I’m not longer interested in any “Tom Clancy” games made by Ubisoft anyway. So far they all suck in comparison to the originals by Redstorm… They have gone from smart tactical shooters to dumb console run-and-gun shooters with some tacticool stuff thrown in. No thanks, I’ll save my money…

  • ATG

    They’ll lose some of the market, but I doubt it’s 1/3 the market guys lol

    Wasn’t planning on getting this on PC anyway, just a rental for me.

    • Ken J

      I agree, no where close to 1/3. Most PC gamers are smart enough to know to stay away from their crappy wannabe “tactical” games anyway…

      • Daniel Carlson

        clearly you have no idea how BIG the pc gaming market really is.

        • iDancethroughshadoWs

          LOL! if he or Cyryl doesnt then i dont know who does.

  • Aftermath

    I am personally excited to watch this crash and burn. True gaming is on PC. Precision FPS gaming is no exception. Tech heads generate the community into more than it could ever be on any console with the ability to mod, map, and program. I would have been pissed now knowing that it would just be a port from a console anyway. That’s a waste of everyones time. Save us the trouble ubisoft

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/100270055410428625943/about Carson J Gallo

    Does that also mean no OnLive version as well?

  • TheMadTortilla

    I don’t have much to say except for, “this is complete and utter bs”.

  • bent

    I purchased all Ghost Recon PC games. The last two games. Advanced Warfighter were bad ports. I got them at a really huge discount. They didnt support anti-aliasing. Heck I’ll take a minor COD source update verses this junk.

    If you release junk then it will get treated like junk. The homeless will steal it and people who sell junk sell it at a discount.(i got my games for less than 10 dollars each)

    UBISOFT has some really good games. SO far every ubisoft game i purchased, I had to use a crack to get rid of the DRM. (why should i run my internet connection if i am in single play?)

  • argamow

    In an effort reduce sales, Ubisoft has announced that highly anticipated shooter ‘Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’ will not be making its way to the PC.

    There I fixed it for you.

  • ATG

    As business its probably not profitable for them to invest in the PC market due to pirates. Don’t blame consoles, blame the pirates. Would you make something for a market where your product is primarily stolen? This is why PC gets sub-par ports. My theory at least.

    • Ken J


      You give too much credence to their excuses… Pirating doesn’t make them negative money. At most, it’s money they won’t earn, but they won’t LOSE money as long as they make enough sales. The whole “we don’t want to lose money due to piracy” isnot literal in that their bank account will go down, it’s a hypothetical “how much money we could have made if those pirates would have bought the game isntead of downloading it.” And to be honest, while I’m against piracy, there’s no real proof that the majority of them would have spent money to buy the game if they were not able to pirate it, so those figures of how much money they “lose” is pretty much just made up numbers to give them an excuse to ignore an entire market. And then we have people that support these excuses and even give them more excuses… *shakes head*

      • bent

        LoL i am commenting again because I probably would not have purchased the games if i couldnt use the crack to get rid of the DRM. FOR me the crack created a sale.

        • Daniel Carlson

          Not to mention people pirate on consoles too. With soft modding it’s easier than ever. I think all of us pc gamers should download a pirated console copy. Whether or not you actually bother to burn and play it is up to you, but it’s all the same to them. Oh and all the pc gamers who wouldn’t have bought it but instead pirated it should do that too. Now THAT might actually make them lose money

          • ATG

            You guys act like pirating is common on console. The few I have seen is from people who are either broke, or not hardcore gamers. People complain when they get sub par games, but turn around and steal it.

            If you don’t support them, this is what you get. Sad but true, no point in arguing this. If anything Ubisoft saves money from this lol and if that’s how bad it is, that is truly sad.

          • Ken J


            I never even mentioned about piracy on consoles in my post. My point still stands that they don’t “lose” any money from piracy. They simply don’t get the hypothetical profits they could have maybe made if and only if those who pirated the game would have bought it… Almost every game is profitable for having a version on the PC. But thanks to people like you who completely buy into their excuses they can keep making these excuses and get away with it…

          • Yuuchun

            I would just like this to be known. About 5-8 months ago there was a article wrote about Piracy on a tech site I follow, I forget which one it was that was wrote it (Possibly Techeye). They got info about a Swedish anti-piracy team which did a review about Pirates and their habits. They said in it that while Pirates did steal allot of content. They also found that Pirates are also the ones who buy the most content.

            Just sayin.

  • Joe

    Good riddance imo.

    Ghost Recon has been bad since the 360 launched.

  • iDancethroughshadoWs

    i have never liked any tom clancy game. they have always felt inferior in just about every aspect

    • Joe

      R6, RS and GR (originals on PC) will always be classics in my eyes. Rogue Spear introduced me to online FPS, and I have basically watched the standards for military shooters fall lower and lower ever since.

      • Ken J


        I agree. Those games were awesome… But the second Ubisoft got their dirty paws on those titles, it’s been straight down the toilet…

  • EK22

    this is a sad reality, but I agree with ubisoft, people have been warning pirates that if they keep downloading games for free that game publishers will stop making pc games, its not fair to hate ubisoft for this, hate people who steal from hard working dev’s. but until they can find a better way to combat piracy I will support there dispossession not to make games for the pc

    • Daniel Carlson

      That’s a very weak weak argument. I mean really weak. It doesn’t matter how many times, or how many people, you tell to stop. People are going to pirate no matter what. Especially given how flippin easy it is to do it. And given the fact that its free and the chances of getting caught are slim to none, its not really a mystery as to why pirating is where it is now.

      Lets use an example. A BANK opens up but they have no vault, no cameras, or security system, they leave all the money in a big pile in the center of the room. The only thing stopping you is the person at the door saying don’t take that money. nobody knows who you are, you are 100% anonymous. Now, how long do you think that money is gonna sit there undisturbed?

      • Daniel Carlson

        I guess what i’m saying is, given the right conditions and circumstances anything can happen. I think its on the developers because they should have been able to predict something like this happening a long time ago

        • EK22

          what is your point? if the bank cant protect the money, then they wont be a bank, my point is, is that the developers dont have they way to stop piracy so of course they aren’t going to waste time to give away games on the pc

    • bent

      They just can’t compete against Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 in the PC market. They should have just said that outloud.

      • Jeff

        Honestly, I don’t think they can compete against those two titles in the CONSOLE market.

  • ATG


    The Witcher 2 was pirated OVER 4.5 Million times on PC! That’s a lot of money LOST. And you wonder why PC gets cheap ports. Face it. PC isn’t dying, but it sure as hell is hurting in this regard.

    If console games were pirated that much, there’d be an article the same as the Witcher 2. I know people typically need to pay someone to pirate consoles games. That is all.

    • Ken J


      Omg, how many times do I need to repeat this…

      Ok, here’s a dumb way to look at it. I write a program and sell it for $1 and it cost me $50 to make. I sell 1000 copies. I make $950 profit right? What if I sell 1000 copies but a million, heck 10 million people pirate it. How much profit do I make? $950… Hm, strange isn’t it??

      Look, as long as they sell enough to make a profit, they will make a profit. These numbers they throw at you about how much theu “lost” through pirating are HYPOTHHETICAL numbers ASSUMING that every pirated copy should have been a sale. We all know what happens when you assume right???

      I’m not at all condoning piracy, but they don’t actually “lose” money, they simply see POTENTIAL profits that they MIGHT have missed out on. Is this really such a hard concept???

      They are just giving lame excuses for why they want to ignore a market, the real reason is that it’s easier to make games for consoles and they sell for much more. So they see from a point of view of how much profit they can make versus the amount of work they need to put into it and clearly consoles are the way to go if you want to profit from the least amount of work. That’s the real reason. Stop buying into their stupid excuses that make it everyone else’s fault but their own…

      You know, you obviously don’t want to acknowledge any of this since you conveniently ignore it every time. So forget it, blindly buy into Ubisoft’s lame excuses for why their games are crap…

      • ATG

        @Ken J

        Calling me dumb then? Or just implying?

        Sure they make a profit either way, but its still bad for business. I don’t think they’re going about it the “right” way but that doesn’t seem to be the point here anymore does it?

        You could paint a hundred scenarios, I see your point, but doesn’t mean I’m in the same boat. And honestly, it sounds like you have something personal against Ubisoft altogether. This ruins PLENTY of potential sales, no DRM does also. Sure it can get cracked, but not everyone can do it. That’s like saying, why lock your door at night when anyone can break in?

        If I make a product, and a vast majority steals it, I probably shouldn’t be making that product for people to steal it.

        So make “dumb” scenarios or ways to look at it all you want, I’m against pirating more than I am this ridiculous solution.

        Either way you shake it, I’m siding with Ubisoft. And I blame pirates for mess like this. I work Loss Prevention, we’re like DRM. Sure people still steal, but without us, imagine how bad it would be. But getting rid of the department all together won’t make much sense, will it? These companies have their reasons, and until you go to their meetings about this kind of crap, you won’t convince me. The word “loss” shouldn’t be in ANY business’ vocabulary.

        • Ken J

          Uh, would you rather me think of an overly complicated example just to avoid hurting your feelings? Or would the dumb one suffice because it’s easy for me to make up and easy for everyone to comprehend?

        • Ken J

          And yes, I do have something against Ubisoft, because they are so inept, they acquire a whole bunch of excellent IP’s with so much potential, but even given something like that on a silver platter they find a way to screw each and every one of them up…

          If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about them buying out Redstorm, that used to make all of the Tom Clancy games since he was the chairperson. Look at the before and after. Raingow Six, Rainbow Six: Eagle Watch, Rogue Spear, Rogues Spear: Urban Operations, Rainbow Six: Covert Operations, Ghost Recon, all excellent games, all very realistic, focus on forcing the player to think before they move, believable scenarios, etc. etc. Then look at after Ubisoft, Raven Shield was BARELY ok, then the Rainbow Six Vegas games… seriously??? What a bunch of garbage games they have turned these awesome IP’s… But apparently console players still like garbage games, so they still sell on them, but when the old Redstorm titles sold fine on PC, the new trash Ubisoft was releasing wasn’t selling well on PC.

          Oh, it’s not because they are making garbage, it’s because of piracy!! I guess piracy didn’t exist back when Redstorm made those games… 😀 Well, at least you believe them…

          I’m sure it’s the pirates fault that the games suck too right??

          • ATG

            Hmmm… you wouldn’t hurt my feelings either way. I can’t comment on whether they ruined the games or not. Piracy will always exist and has in the past, kind of a no brainer. And whether the games suck, improved, appeal to a broader audience, etc is entirely your opinion. But I’m sure many old school gamers would agree with you.

            These are people making a living, not always passionate designers and business men. If their money flow is being disrupted, they’re going to take some type of action, and should. Piracy can’t be prevented, but at lease measures can be taken to reduce the amount.

      • ATG

        Think about their quota and budget, something we don’t know.

  • Engage4Blood

    You guys need to stop bitching.