Indie Surprise ‘No Man’s Sky’ is Most Exciting Reveal of Spike VGX

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Just when you thought the video game overload of two next-gen consoles, news of Steam Machines and awards season was making the community even more desensitized and skeptical than ever, Hello Games swoops in to save the day. Or more specifically, to provide gamers with some genuine excitement for the world premieres coming out of the Spike VGX event.

Most of the footage and announcements during the Spike VGX were for games we’ve known about since before E3 or have heard about in the months since. No one saw No Man’s Sky coming.

Sean Murray and the rest of this 4-person indie studio Hello Games have been secretly working away, long hairs and on a small budget, on an ambitious project, an MMO of sorts that involves exploration. From the ocean to land, though the atmosphere and into space towards other planets. There are fish and there are enemy starfighters.

From the brief footage snippet that Murray cut himself before flying himself out to attend the VGX and showcase the game, it appears the game will even let players fly from the ground and into space seamlessly – something that’s never really been done right in any sort of space sim. We’re not even sure that the big budget Star Citizen will feature that sort of gameplay.

While little was shown, Murray – whom we spent a lot of time chatting with at last year’s E3 – says that other players will share the same universe as well, making this 4-man operation that much more ambitious. Still, the idea of it is special and the idea of true exploration on this scale is as well. The game comes in the wake of the success of the Joe Danger franchise – the original game of which Murray had to sell his house to fund.

The hours of work and that dedication makes this project even more exciting since the team is literally putting their lives into the project. Let’s hope they learn from Spore.


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  • Joshua T.

    My jaw dropped watching that trailer. This is exactly how I perceived “next gen” when people started talking about the new consoles. I will be watching this one very closely.

  • reno2200

    Yet more proof (if it was needed) that ‘indie’ no longer means ‘small.’ This looks awesome!

  • Ken J

    Here’s hoping that Battlefront will allow planet to space flight…

  • Archang3ll

    This was literally the ONLY thing good about the VGX Awards. This game completely floored me. This is Next Gen should be about. Not just pretty graphics.

  • Smikal

    I remember being floored by how real spaceflight felt in Star Raiders in atari. And that’s exactly how i felt watching that trailer. A-mayyyyyyy-zing.

    A million times this.

  • radenismoyojati

    what platform ?

    • Archang3ll

      That info hasn’t been announced yet. Most likely consoles. I hope the PC gets a version too though.

      • radenismoyojati

        yeah,me too,i hope it will be release for PC

        • Ken J


          Even if it doesn’t, there’s Star Citizen. The ships in SC are like 100 times more detailed than the ones we could see in this game footage..

          • Archang3ll

            Yeah, I’m backing Star Citizen & Elite: Dangerous also. I’m just happy that the space sim is making a comeback.

            Being that it’s still a ways off, I’m not so concerned about the graphics right now. What has me seriously impressed though is that it’s all procedurally generated and even at the very early stage, in-atmospheric flight to outer-space is a reality.

          • radenismoyojati

            yeah i’m waiting star citizen too,i love space and planet explorer,when star citizen announced it’s just like dream come true