10 Nintendo Franchises That Should Come To The Wii U

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  1. Fingers crossed for a Wii U Fire Emblem.

    • As long as the upcoming 3DS iteration does well, it’s likely that the series would eventually make its way over to the Wii U.

  2. Surely you could have included some third party franchises that are bigger on other consoles haha.
    Also, you could have fit them all on one page.

    • You could totes fit The Hobbit novel in one page too. It’d be a ugly page though and harder to read.

  3. The lack of Zelda makes this list bogus.

    • That is because Zelda is already confirmed for the WiiU, this is speculation only.

    • Jeez… people complaining without reading the preface… why do they do it?

      “Pikmin 3, Super Smash Bros. 4, and even a new Legend of Zelda have already been announced for the platform, but it’s what Ninty hasn’t announced that has longtime fans speculating.”

    • Red, you need to read the intro, friend. We listed Zelda, Smash Bros. and Pikmin as already confirmed games. The list is for non-announced, non-confirmed Nintendo properties.

      • Do you have a source for Zelda being “confirmed”? I only ask because… it totally never was. The video shown at e3 was a tech demo.

        • Miyamoto confirmed that the game would be arriving on the platform back in June of 2011, and that’s why we back-linked to it. Here it is:

          I’m also well aware that the Wii U tech demo shown off at E3 2011 is not an actual Zelda title.

  4. I’m not a fan of Animal Crossing, but it really would be a perfect fit for the Wii U. Hopefully Nintendo’s aware of that.

    And I agree that Metroid should probably return to first-person and stay there, at least as far as home console releases go. But I think Nintendo might be wise to try and bring 2D Metroid back (without the extra BS that was in Other M) on either the 3DS or as a downloadable Wii U title. I mean… I guess I’m wrong to think this, because the NSMB titles sell so well; but I really think side-scrollers should be cheaper, since that particular genre is so popular with (and so well-executed by) indie developers these days. So releasing a non-fancy, completely 2D Metroid at a lower price via Nintendo Network or 3DS seems like a good idea to me — especially the former, as a way to maybe get people like me into buying from the service.

    • I think that’s a great idea. If they released a downloadable 2D Metroid on the eShop, then Wii U owners would have a reason to connect their systems to the internet. My only issues is that there are so many sidescrollers that the thought of yet another one is a little unappealing at this point.

      Still, it would be great to see Metroid return to form at some point in the future!

  5. Pokemon please!

  6. good article although you did miss mario party haha just kidding man, looking foward to your next posting

  7. PUNCH-OUT!! Motion control dodge, with dual analog for punches?! Sign me up!

  8. Why is Mario Kart even on this list? Nintendo already beat the crap out of that series. There is really nothing to add to the gameplay other than new characters and maps, and that isnt worth dumping $50 on. Sure there is “innovation” with Mario Kart 7, but Nintendo should focus on F-Zero for racing. Lets all just go back to playing Double Dash and leave it at that.

    • I generally agree with this in terms of the franchise being sort of past its prime, but I also agree with the article about the potential for DLC tracks (and racers, I guess) and competent online multiplayer. And I imagine they could come up with a good idea for dual screen functionality, beyond just a minimap.

  9. Although they are not original classic Nintendo titles per se, it would be great to include a remake of the Konami classic Castlevania and SNK classic Ikari Bros.

  10. Many thanks for an ideal piece of gamer info.

  11. Earthbound please!

  12. Metroid. Nintendo has just got to do it. They just can’t let it die out. Maybe an origins story from the Chozo in their power suits and engineering metroids for Phaaze and SR388 to the introduction of Samus.

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