Analysts Doubt Nintendo Will Reach 2013 Wii U Sales Target

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With next-gen consoles crushing sales records and selling out around the world and Steam attracting more users than ever with its annual fall sale, it seems like almost all the big dogs in the video game industry are making out like bandits this holiday season. Unfortunately for one of the oldest console producers in the game, not every company is doing as well as Sony, Microsoft, and Valve…

Despite the rave reviews (from here at Game Rant and the rest of the internet) surrounding Nintendo’s Super Mario 3D World, analysts fear the Wii U still won’t be able to muster enough hype to reach the company’s 2013 sales target. Nintendo’s president, Satoru Iwata, intended for the company to move 9 million Wii U unit sales this year, but the predicted sales from the majority of analysts is closer to 6.2 million units.

According to Bloomberg, Sony and Microsoft each sold more consoles in 24 hours than Nintendo did in the last nine months. Many analysts, including SMBC Nikko Securities’ Eiji Maeda blame Nintendo’s focus on a niche market and lack of games for the underwhelming console sales.

“Wii U has become a game console only for Nintendo fans. Wii U needs groundbreaking software to draw casual and hardcore gamers.”

“It’s going to be difficult for Nintendo to sell 9 million Wii U consoles this fiscal year. Iwata needs to plan what to do next year if the performance this year isn’t good.”

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Nintendo fans hoping to see the year-old console live to see another Christmas have their fingers crossed that the company is working on something big to breath life back into the Wii U in 2014. Despite having a few highly-anticipated games in the pipeline, like Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Super Smash Bros., it’s a realistic concern that the console is hitting its stride a little too late to attract new consumers, while continuing to earn negative profits on the system.

With a full year head start on the Xbox One and PS4, we would have loved to see more console-selling exclusive games arrive before the Sony and Microsoft consoles had a chance to overtake the market. Unfortunately, while Nintendo’s handheld system, the 3DS, continues to break records thanks to new installments in popular franchises like Pokemon and Zelda; the Wii U is following in the footsteps of the company’s less successful ventures.

Analysts predict that the Wii U will see a lifetime sales record of less than 25 million units. If that prediction comes true, the Wii U will be on the same tier as the GameCube and will have failed to achieve much more than a quarter of the sales the original Wii did.

Despite the grim predictions coming in from the majority of analysts, it’s not impossible for Nintendo to turn things around for the Wii U. If the console can ride out the success of the latest 3D Mario adventure and deliver games of similar quality in early 2014, then the affordable price tag (compared to the new consoles) may draw in some of the more savvy shoppers. Bring on the Smash Bros, Mario Kart and Star Fox games!

Do you think it’s worth owning a Wii U to play Nintendo exclusive titles or will the Sony and Microsoft consoles give you enough to stay busy with? Sound off in the comments.


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  • Jwefa

    I’m planning on buying one.

    • John

      Go for it!! I bought one and it’s awesome. The defining factor was that my kid can use the wii pad for scribbling and playing, it can use the old wii games and accessories and I can turn off my tv at anytime and play it like a giant DS in and around the house.

  • Zach

    I wish I could buy one… But here’s an idea. Why not make more Pokemon games for the WiiU instead of just the DS? Make another Metroid even. Revive old franchises people want instead of beating poor Mario to death (I still love him but still) another pokemon snap that you use the game pad thing for I don’t know… Another Star Fox? Metroid? Bring some of the titles you’re holding hostage in Japan like Fatal Frame over to the states. I don’t see the point in that, you lose money…

    • bio

      Yes… that. They could also make some original ideas too. Build a new set of games and a new set of Nintendo characters for a new generation of gamers.

  • Craig!

    Is anyone but me even aware that Bayonetta 2 is a Wii-U exclusive? Seriously, that’s the killer app; why aren’t people talking about it?

  • Josiah

    I actually really want one, just a matter of having the money available without life interfering.

  • bio

    It’s the games… Make more exclusives to target more of the older population (You can do that with out being M, Game cube done it pretty well with Metroid prime) and I am more then sure that people will start buying the WII U. I am actually thinking about buying one when smash bros comes out.

  • Austin

    just give me a new “console” and not a tablet and im sold.

  • GeeEmm

    Yeah id like to get one, just not sold on the tablet controller.

  • ex-sell69

    People that bought the PS4 or the Xbox one don’t see the WII U as something they want / or as a real system (when was 6.2 million a failure?). And the people that bought the Wii aren’t buying the Wii U, because it doesn’t offer the same things… But in the end, the numbers doesn’t matter. The Wii was the number 1 selling system, but some people say only grandparents or little kids own the Wii, so it’s not a real system. And the 3DS is selling great… If the PS Vita was doing this good, no one would be questioning Sony or the Vita as a real company / system… But this is Nintendo, they can’t be real… Just as much as Micro$oft can’t be good.

  • Joey1013

    Wii U should fail and will fail. No more junk products should produced. Hopefully Nintendo will learn or go away.

    • ios


      Wonder where some people left there brains !

  • John

    I bought a Wii U and was worried about the tablet but I actually think it’s awesome. It works like a giant DS even when I turn off my TV and want to go lay down.

    It is a better choice for the family too and has less violent games and more family friendly exclusives. I hated the thought of it last year but now I’m glad I have it. It grows on you the same as the wii did.

  • Beth

    I am 27 yr old married woman expecting my second child. We have tvs in every room and the living room so everyone is satisfied. We have a Ps4 and a WiiU and we plan to get the xboxOne because my husband always wants every gadget he can have and as long as we can afford it .. Why not? with that said the Ps4 has been played once since purchased and the WiiU has been played very often since purchased last year. Why? although yes we can all go to our separate parts of the house and play or watch what we want but we enjoy things more together. When there is a game on .. My husband and I can cuddle on the couch while he watches his game and I play on the WiiU. When my daughter wants to be around and I don’t want to play AC4 in front of her I can simply put on her show and continue to play on the tablet while she sits happily next to me. The PS4 is nice and everything but it feels just like our ps3 to me, and if we want to be together well we would just have to sit there watching each other play (which is enjoyable too) but I like my options on the WiiU better. When it’s time for bed I can take the gamepad with me upstairs in to our bed room(directly above living room and although sometimes signal is weak most of the times plays perfect) and Put my daughter to sleep Lay down with gamepad while the hubby reads or browses on the iPad. Instead of one of us having to stay downstairs and play. I like the other systems but I thought they would’ve tried to match this at least so they disappoint me a little. And yes ps4 has the vita but really that’s like paying for a second wiiU and why would I do that when I get the gamepad free with my wiiU -__- plus I’m a Mario fan. Nintendo land and wiiU party are so much fun with friends.. Brings back Mario party memories. I can play all my old wii games on my WiiU as well.. Meanwhile we got gta5 on ps3 and now we are done with it cus it can’t be played on ps4. I just think wiiU has a lot more to offer than these other systems except for the fact that people just “prefer” the other ones so the WiiU community is smaller. I wish that people would just throw out the notion that it’s “just for kids and grandparents”. I don’t consider COD or AC “for children and they not only can be played on WiiU but they look great. Anyways WAKE UP WORLD. Smash bros will be coming soon !

    • bio

      I don’t see how some one call Wii U a “Kiddy system” while the xbox one is banning people for cussing and grinding there disc to a pulp.

  • Pak55

    Nintendo makes games I want to play but not enough to warrant me buying a whole new system. I hope they leave the console market and just make games and then everyone wins. But I’m sure they will just keep pumping money into underperforming systems, because there are just enough Nintendo fan boys out there to keep them afloat.

    • Mike Pitcher

      exactly, the new Mario 3d world looks awesome, several of their games look fantastic. BUT I won’t be going out and dropping hundreds of dollars on their console just for those few games. If they went the way of SEGA, I wouldn’t complain, nor would I be surprised.

  • TonyN2x

    I’ll get wiiu when it cost 250.00

    • Beth

      The 8GB is 249.99 ..
      That’s the one I got
      Along with an inexpensive hard drive 😉

  • Henry McHenry

    I got me one, I like the games it has already and what they will release in the future. The WiiU will give me more than enough of the games I like to play.

    During the 7th generation I beleived the Wii was just a toy, until I got me one and I played it as much as my X360.

    Seeing how M$ has comercialized their platform for the last couple years, and seeing where Sony is headed to, I’m staying away from those two.