Nintendo Keeping Wii U Name?

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Nintendo Changing Name of Wii U

There’s no question that the Wii U has received backlash from the gaming community for its less-than-captivating name. Fans of the Big N may need to get used to it though, because Nintendo has placed the logo on their press site. Despite whispers earlier this year that the console manufacturer could be changing the name of the impending console, it would appear that the Wii U’s questionable name will remain unchanged for now.

Not only does Nintendo’s official press site feature the official logo, but the Wii U was recently given an official Facebook page — giving further evidence to support the idea that the name isn’t going anywhere. Nintendo hasn’t chimed in to confirm or deny anything related to rumors or speculation on the Wii U, but the truth on how the company plans to market the product will surface in just over a week at E3 2012.

The evidence is undeniably building up against a change in title, but none of it has completely ruled out the possibility. The house that Mario built originally changed the name of their ‘Revolution’ console to the Wii just over six months before that system launched, so it’s entirely possible that the same scenario will play out once more; since the console is assumed to launch in roughly the same time frame. After the financial beating given to the company after the botched launch of the Nintendo 3DS, many believed that the $250 price tag — along with confusion amongst casual gamers pertaining to the 3DS name — negatively impacted sales.

Nintendo claims to have learned from past mistakes, and we’ll see if that much is true soon enough. The lid will be blown off the Wii U console in a very short amount of time, and if a name change is coming then it’ll be announced inside of two weeks. Many gamers will likely keep their fingers crossed for a name change, but it’s not looking good.

‘Wii U’ be okay if the console’s current name remains intact? What name do think Nintendo would use instead of Wii U?

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Source: Nintendo World Report

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  • Kholdstare89

    That pun was painful, Riley. :\

    • Riley Little

      I’m sorry! I couldn’t help it. 😛

  • Alexis

    I like the UNES Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System. Kind of a nod to the SNES.

    • Joe

      that’s the one I thought up a while back. it sounds good, retro and it has the U they like still intact.

  • david

    My little sister use to be a casual gamer. Now she just wants to kick ass. Core all the way. I dont care what they call it, but i hate all things Wii. I love Nintendo.

  • Matt

    “‘Wii U’ be okay if the console’s current name remain intact?”

    Ha. I see what you did there.

    Atrocious puns aside, I think the name Wii U is just fine.

  • nesmaniac

    The system not only needs a name change but needs to not look like a wii as well. The name and look will cost nintendo lots of sales because people will be confused this holiday thinking the Wii U is another version of the Wii. Plus it looks so much like it people will probably be trying to buy the controller alone to use with Wii. I think this is a very bad marketing decision. Nintendo should name it something like the Nintendo Galaxy with a blue spiral lit logo and have cool NES colors. The console should look like a nes crossed with a N64 with a flip top spindle load design which not only works and last better than the slot load but also saves money. Nintendo better be willing to spend a load on ads to differentiate the Wii U from the wii or else people just won’t bite. I’ve been a long time nintendo collector and gamer and I know this is a mistake and whoever is in charge of marketing at nintendo had better take a long hard look at this again before it’s too late.

    • Poncho

      I agree that the system needs a redesign, but the name issue is a non-issue. I don’t see why people are bothered so much over a name. If some people confuse the Wii and the Wii U, then they’re idiots. Plain and simple. And they’ll learn eventually. It doesn’t take much research to find out that the Wii U and Wii are different consoles.

      • Fathomless

        you obviously don’t seem to get the idea of sales. Saying “oh well, they’re dumb” doesn’t fly at board meetings. The fact of the matter is that a lot of consumers may in fact be confused, buy the wrong shit, and nintendo will lose buyers. People don’t “research” things the way you must think they do. They ask store associates, who have a reputation for being unhelpful. Without proper marketing, as it stands many consumers will think the “U” is the new controller for a peripheral heavy console. And Nintendo doesn’t want them to learn “eventually”. All that does is hinder launch sales.

  • Daniel

    They should go back to “Revolution”. Wii U sounds like a children’s toy and a lazy way to come up with a console name .

    • GameCollector44

      I can’t say it’s any better than Playstation 1, Playstation 2, Playstation 3 or the Playstation Portable 1000-3000.

      • GameCollector44

        In terms of laziness, I mean.

  • Crazed

    Well, I’d have to say, I’d like the new console to be named something creative, no gaming company has an exactly catchy name for their console.

  • DC5

    Nintendo Triforce
    Nintendo Revolution

  • Androol

    Nintendo Feel (a less played-out synonym for “touch”)? Nintendo TouchDown/TD (Touch Display/Two Displays)? Nintendo VI (sixth console)? HDiiWii? That last one’s a joke.

    I should say that I’ve been enjoying the “Wii U” name more lately, since I started pronouncing it as one onomatopoeic word. Weeoo! It’s a kind of “meh” name, but I’m generally okay with it. Still, the whole “consumer confusion” thing seems like a legitimate concern that should’ve been addressed. Adding a letter really doesn’t seem to get the “this is new” point across as well as adding a number would. The slim 360 is called an Xbox 360 S, after all, and even that thing looks more different from the original 360 than the Wii U looks compared to the Wii.

  • Dante

    I really think keeping the Wii U name is a mistake. Those droves of Wii buyers that Nintendo likes to point to as their success? Well those people aren’t core gamers, they are casual ones and, as such, they aren’t following internet articles about next gen systems.

    PlayStation 4 – even without an article – tells anyone that it is the next PlayStation.

    Without an article can anyone tell that the Wii U is a new system and not just another in a long line of Wii merchandise, upgrades, or peripherals, etc?


    • Poncho

      I thought the PlayStation 2 was 2 PS2s glued together

      • Poncho

        *PlayStation 4

        Fail :(

  • JaBray

    I really like the sound of UNES.