Nintendo Hints At New ‘Metroid’ 2D and 3D Adventures In Development

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Metroid Wii U Possibilities

Nintendo’s E3 2014 presentation may have disappointed some consumers who were hoping for a few surprise reveals with 2014 release dates, but patient fans of the big ‘N’ have lots to look forward to in 2015. The arrival of Star Fox and Zelda on the Wii U will bring two of the most-often requested franchises to the new(ish) console. Throw in this year’s Super Smash Bros. and the newly announced Kirby game, Yoshi title and Captain Toad, and we have almost all of our favorite Nintendo properties in the pipeline for the Wii U. Samus was absent from all the E3 announcements, but her sci-fi shooter franchise may see some big news sooner than later…

Nintendo has had plenty of success with the 3DS in the last year (thanks to the always popular Zelda and Pokemon franchises) and even the Wii U seems to be recovering from its slow start with the help of Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, and all of the exciting games announced at E3. According to a Kotaku interview with Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi, Metroid may soon join the long list of highly anticipated games in development for the Wii U or 3DS.

“So it has been a while since we released the last one [Metroid title] and we’re having discussions internally about what we can do next…

“So at this point we have two different types of Metroid games. We have the Prime style of Metroid game and we have the more traditional style of Metroid game. We feel that we do need to take care of both of these styles of play. And the hope is that at some point in the near future we’ll be able to share something about them.”

Metroid Wii U Retro Studios

Although the quote lacks some crucial details, it certainly sounds like confirmation that plans are in the works to bring at least one, and possibly two, new Metroid adventures to Nintendo platforms. Takahashi suggests that Nintendo plans to release a new Metroid in the traditional 2D style, in addition to an adventure in the Metroid Prime style.

Fans of the classic series have been waiting a long time to return to Samus’ universe. We haven’t seen a new 2D Metroid game since 2004 and over four years have past since 2010’s Metroid: Other M. What the interview doesn’t mention, and what many consumers will be asking, is which platform will these games be released on.

Wii U owners would obviously love to get their hands on a Metroid game and it would likely be a console seller in the same way that Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8 have been. It’s possible that if two games are being developed that we’ll be seeing one for the Wii U and one for the 3DS.

Takahashi doesn’t specify when we’ll hear anything official on an upcoming Metroid game, aside from the vague timeline of ‘soon.’ The fact that he refers to ‘having discussions’ about the next game doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that things are very far along. We may be looking at a late 2015 or early 2016 release date as a best case scenario. Be sure to tune in to an upcoming Nintendo Directs and hopefully we’ll hear more details about the next Metroid adventure before long.

Would you prefer to see the next Metroid adventure on the Wii U or the 3DS? Let us know in the comments.


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Source: Kotaku

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  • SA-X

    I want Metroid to follow up the events of Fusion on the 3DS. As for the Wii U (and I don’t have one myself), I’d love for Nintendo to take us back to that Prime feeling we loved, it’s been a long while for all Metroid fans.

    Remember on Metroid Prime that part where you see a hologram of a Solar System? Well, cross out Zebes and Tallon IV (there’s nothing else to look for there). I would say that Twin Tabula could be a new destination, just sayin’…

  • Saver010

    I would like to have a new metroid on the new 3ds, a new game and not a port from the game cube but a new story made for the new 3ds.

  • DarkMoonxD

    Honestly I would love a Prime title for Wii U. They need to bring in more console main games like zelda as they already planned so they can get fans interested. Also I am really interested in the prime series. I adored the lore; looking at all the wars that had happened and all the creatures behaviours but one thing in that game confused me. I could never get the Prime 1 and 2 100% done but in Prime 3 I did it. The ending though was with a ship flying after Samus’. It can’t just end like that can it? Something MUST happen after that point and I want to know what