Nintendo Hints At New ‘Metroid’ 2D and 3D Adventures In Development

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Metroid Wii U Possibilities

Nintendo’s E3 2014 presentation may have disappointed some consumers who were hoping for a few surprise reveals with 2014 release dates, but patient fans of the big ‘N’ have lots to look forward to in 2015. The arrival of Star Fox and Zelda on the Wii U will bring two of the most-often requested franchises to the new(ish) console. Throw in this year’s Super Smash Bros. and the newly announced Kirby game, Yoshi title and Captain Toad, and we have almost all of our favorite Nintendo properties in the pipeline for the Wii U. Samus was absent from all the E3 announcements, but her sci-fi shooter franchise may see some big news sooner than later…

Nintendo has had plenty of success with the 3DS in the last year (thanks to the always popular Zelda and Pokemon franchises) and even the Wii U seems to be recovering from its slow start with the help of Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, and all of the exciting games announced at E3. According to a Kotaku interview with Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi, Metroid may soon join the long list of highly anticipated games in development for the Wii U or 3DS.

“So it has been a while since we released the last one [Metroid title] and we’re having discussions internally about what we can do next…

“So at this point we have two different types of Metroid games. We have the Prime style of Metroid game and we have the more traditional style of Metroid game. We feel that we do need to take care of both of these styles of play. And the hope is that at some point in the near future we’ll be able to share something about them.”

Metroid Wii U Retro Studios

Although the quote lacks some crucial details, it certainly sounds like confirmation that plans are in the works to bring at least one, and possibly two, new Metroid adventures to Nintendo platforms. Takahashi suggests that Nintendo plans to release a new Metroid in the traditional 2D style, in addition to an adventure in the Metroid Prime style.

Fans of the classic series have been waiting a long time to return to Samus’ universe. We haven’t seen a new 2D Metroid game since 2004 and over four years have past since 2010′s Metroid: Other M. What the interview doesn’t mention, and what many consumers will be asking, is which platform will these games be released on.

Wii U owners would obviously love to get their hands on a Metroid game and it would likely be a console seller in the same way that Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8 have been. It’s possible that if two games are being developed that we’ll be seeing one for the Wii U and one for the 3DS.

Takahashi doesn’t specify when we’ll hear anything official on an upcoming Metroid game, aside from the vague timeline of ‘soon.’ The fact that he refers to ‘having discussions’ about the next game doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that things are very far along. We may be looking at a late 2015 or early 2016 release date as a best case scenario. Be sure to tune in to an upcoming Nintendo Directs and hopefully we’ll hear more details about the next Metroid adventure before long.

Would you prefer to see the next Metroid adventure on the Wii U or the 3DS? Let us know in the comments.


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Source: Kotaku

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  1. time to move on i think :\

  2. I’d love to see a new 2D metroid game for the 3DS (with 3D parallax backgrounds of course). The Nintendo DS was completely lacking in Metroid titles (with only a really bare-bones Metroid Prime title released for it) so there has not been one since ‘Metroid Fusion’ and ‘Metroid: Zero Mission’.

  3. 3d metroid game ummm no. and no 2d. metroid fans expect the prime treatment. so in short prime style gameplay or go home ninty. of course after Other M i really dont trust ninty with Metroid anymore anyway.

    • other m is what happens when you give a big name title to a third party company. ninty didnt have anything to do with other m, other than the naming rights of course. Team ninja was behind that trainwreck.

      • no sakamoto the George Lucas of gaming is 100 percent responsible for all of the poor choices in other m.

    • the prime titles were done by retro studios. hence the massive disappointment when we got donkey kong instead

    • I for one enjoyed the 2D games and the prime games, i would not mind a 2D game again.

    • Umm… it’s THEIR game. they can do what they want. I actually liked Other M, but I wasthinking of how awesome Mega Man would be in that style. Metroid Prime with online multiplayer would rival boring games like CoD and Battlefield.

    • So forget doing new things, give me the same FPS game that you’ve made since 2002 (plus it’s 3 sequels and 1 side game).


      This is the problem with most nintendo fans. Just because you screw up one time (Other M/Starfox Assault/Earthbound/etc) it means we have to completely abandon any of the poorly executed ideas for tried and true ones we’ve already done, instead of polishing and perfecting them.

  4. Metroid Prime 4, por favor! Showcase the Wii U’s power! Allow us to interact with a WORLD, not just some 2D game! Bring more newcomers to Wii U with a game that appeals to a wider audience! Prime was fantastic!

  5. I hope retro develop a remake of Metroid prime hunters on the wii u. Perfect for HD, multiplayer and online capabilities. It would be cool if they involve gunship battles during multiplayer battles, similar to what nintendo land did. The single player can be played with other hunters leading to alternate endings. Option two remake metroid II bundled with super metroid for the 3DS, with wii u connectivity. I know those ideas are stupid but worth some consideration.

  6. I would love to see a Metroid game on both, although I would only be able to play a Metroid game on the 3DS, since I have a Wii and not a Wii U. Why does the Wii U have to be so expensive?!

  7. 2D Metroid for 3DS, Prime-like Metroid for Wii U. It only makes sense.

    (Maybe incorporate Hunters’s style of multiplayer into the next Wii U Metroid title?)

  8. I personally love the 2D platform versions of Metroid. Super Metroid was by far my favourite title as they made a massive 2D world to explore with several very difficult to find hidden items that can be crucial to progress in the game.

    Wii U seems to be for the new gen type players, so I’d say develop Prime for Wii U, and develop the new 2D adventure (with hopefully just as much punch as Super Metroid) for 3DS.

  9. Half of my childhood was getting wifi in my house for the first time and playing metroid prime hunters for the ds. My friends and I got so good at that game that we beat people who had game sharks and cheats on a daily basis. We made a lot of people look pretty stupid. So I wouldn’t mind reliving that part of my life again with a first person metroid game for DS.

  10. I feel like its a bunch of crap that metroid has been neglected for so long Nintendo is more of a childish franchise so I kinda understand why. Nintendo is hurting really badly since there last big mistake the Wii u so I think the logical choice would be release a new console with a new metroid or release it for 3ds since 2d independent game style is key for a metroid game I miss the sequence breaks they need to stop holding peoples hands and make an intelligence requiring metroid like the old obes

  11. All my childhood game franchises have been ruined by everyone making UNNECCESSARY CHANGES so I do hope they don’t muck it up and make another other m like game where you can’t move while firing missiles and focus on story which is NOT WHAT METROID IS ABOUT I hope they don’t ignore old fans and only pay attention to the newer ignorant and easy to manipulate for more money generation
    And I’m sorry for any typos since I’m using mobile and the text is black with dark background and its hard to see so I hope that gets fixed lol

  12. I’d prefer to see the game on the 3DS, although i do admit it would be rather difficult for a first-person shooter game to work on the 3DS, and i prefer that over the 2D versions from previous games like Fusion

  13. Metroid other m wasn’t as bad as most people would like to think, samus has had ptsd type situations before like in the manga, but it does make her look out of character following orders since she has almost always disobeyed an authority figure unless it was terribly important.
    As for a new game I would like to see, not necessarily a 3d or 2d, but a chozo centered game from the point of view of a chozo prophet, it would make lorefans die of anticipation and make Nintendo look less repetitive as with other games of theirs.

  14. I also like to think of samus’ freak mental breakdowns as her experiencing what the chozo prophets experienced when they had their visions, future seeing samus ftw.

  15. Both!

  16. I know what will happen, so Nintendo has been working on this game since 2008 at the latest. Soon as in e3 2015 he will announce the games and release them a month later ex: (S.S.B)

  17. put everything on 3ds!! I think the 3ds could be a huge seller with the right games! I think nintendo needs to get out of the console competition that xbox and playstation have obviously dominated. 3ds has a jump on the portable consoles right now and they can beat the vita if they put more effort into it. the eshop has nothing on vitas psnetwork, or the amount of games vita has released over 3ds, but you cant beat nintendos classics. nintendo should be hitting up square enix for that ff7 remake on 3ds right about now, ff7 was what saved the playstation from failure in ’97 and boosted it over nintendo, I think it would be not only rightful but kind of ironic to see the same play made in the opposite favor. right now nintendo is doing a half a** job on both wiiu and 3ds. and wiiu has absolutly nothing on xbox1 or ps4, they need to take all the games that are out for wii u and put them on 3ds. portables are the way of the future.

    • I never answered the original question haha prime and only prime, do away with the old 2d styling. we can download metroid 1 and 2 from the eshop if that was what was wanted!!

    • “nintendo 3ds can beat the vita if they put more effort into it”? What planet are you on? The PS-Vita is already crushed by 3Ds’ sales for like, a year now. Guess why Sony dropped the price for the Vita, surely not because of generosity with sony-fanboys like you.

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but Nintendo ALWAYS dominated the handheld market. And it has never been different.

  18. Lmao playstation fanboy? Yeaa ok look I play video games but not everyday and I’m calling it like I see it. Out of the 3 of my friends with portables I’m the only one that went the Nintendo route and I only bought a 3ds when smash came out, the console sales may have shot up in the past couple months but have you seen vitas psn? They’re downloadable content surpasses the eshop by triple the amount of games easy! As far as you disrespecting me you are a piece of work, why come off hostile? I said nothing about you or any of the previous posters. You make me want to return my 3ds in favor of vita simply because of your attitude. Attack me personally? I thought only children do that kinda s***. I prefer Xbox if we’re talking plug in consoles anyways thanks very much. You are the reason Nintendo will fall. Don’t take the outsiders point of view that’s fine, but then you know why the rest of the known world isn’t buying. say more about me now please, not about the argument at hand.

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