Nintendo Wii Slim Announced; Removes Gamecube Support

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Nintendo Wii Family Edition Slim

Are you tired of your huge, bulky Wii? Nintendo has the answer! This morning during Gamescom 2011 the Big N announced they will be releasing an even smaller cuter Wii Family Edition for the holiday season this year in UK. The system, colored similarly to the original, is designed to lay horizontally and a little smaller than the already tiny Wii, but buyer beware; it will no longer support GameCube games or controllers. There’s no confirmation on if the bundle will be making a debut in North America.

A significant portion of the size of the original Wii was dedicated to the GameCube controller slots on the side which appear to have been removed along with the GameCube memory slots on the front. Many Wii games have supported GameCube controllers over the years, as many players prefer the old controller for non-motion controlled games. For example, in the fa- favorite Super Smash Bros, using anything other than a GameCube controller is considered a handicap, but the sequel to Super Smash Bros is years away and hardcore fans will already own a Wii. Wii Family Edition buyers will be forced to buy the Wii Classic Controller which will prevent further sales of used GameCube controllers, cutting Nintendo in on a bigger piece of the accessories market. That is, if people will still be buying Wiis going forward.

It’s not as though Nintendo hasn’t entirely given up on GameCube games; They confirmed that some GameCube games will be downloadable on the Wii U WiiWare just like they’ve done for Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 games in the past. Don’t worry everyone, your favorite games aren’t lost forever, you’ll just be paying for them a second or third time.

The new Wii bundle comes with a fully upgraded Wii Remote Plus controller and a nunchuk accessory – which you’ll need for the new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword coming out November 20th. Wii Sports and Wii Party games are both included in the bundle which is a bonus compared to the original Wii bundle’s offering of only Wii Sports. Take a look at the box art below and you can see if the size reduction is worth sacrificing a few features. Click to enlarge:

Nintendo Wii Slim Announced No Gamecube Support

The Wii Slim follows in the footsteps of both the PlayStation 3 Slim and the Xbox 360 Slim which are upwards of 30% smaller than their predecessors. The Wii was already smaller than the competition’s updated models so the small decrease in size isn’t exactly a key selling feature. The Wii U is due for release in 2012 so you have to wonder if this release might confuse Christmas consumers looking to buy “the new Wii” and what they bring home to their kids is a scaled back model of the five-year old console. Poor kids. Maybe they’ll get a Wii U next year.

If you don’t already own a Wii, can a smaller model that includes two games and a fully upgraded controller entice you or does the removal of GameCube support or the PS3 pricedrop ruin it?

The new Wii Family Edition bundle to set for release in the UK before the 2011 holiday season.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine

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  • Mike.E.

    Wii U WiiWare?

    Is Nintendo starting to sound decidedly “Smurfish”?

  • Bill The Dancing Peanut

    What’s with systems dropping support for it’s predecessors? First, the PS3, now the Wii.

  • greenbomber

    Ya i love my gamecube games. So…. nope.

  • Jay Hunter

    I already have a wii; and it collects dust, so no thanks! They should at least bring it out in a new colour. Wiis aren’t that expensive….

    I guess it’s like the NES2, the SNES2…. but i don’t see how it’ll sell well. sure, who cares lol…

    • Mark

      History repeats itself… My Wii works just fine with backwards compatibility and all… Wouldn’t have it any other way… Nintendo, I used to love you guys… And still do… However, get with the times or die a horrible death. Just sayin…

      Peace out!

  • Chris

    Why remove features? Why so fail Nintendo, why?

  • Ryan

    I can understand offering an alternative Wii system that doesn’t support Gamecube functionality. The Gamecube generation has been over for five years now, so anyone buying a Wii at this stage of its life cycle isn’t really looking for backward compatibility. As for people who want to play with a Gamecube controller instead of motion controls, a classic controller would surely suffice.

  • Josh Mason

    Wow Nintendo really? You announce a console this year, the Wii U. That would be fine but, now it is your belief that re-releasing a home console that you failed to have much for your hardcore fans, and low third party support. Not your smartest move Nintendo. Of course this isn’t the first time you’ve botched one of your consoles with lack of good games, lets all take a moment to remember the Virtual Boy.

  • maru

    omg they forgot to include wii fit in it since the name wii slim correlates to it XD

  • ken

    Why do this now

    • Hard Pore Corn

      My thoughts exactly.

  • SwimyGreen

    The Wii is already $100 cheaper then the 3DS. : /

    Is it me or is Ninty seeing if it’s possible to loose money with this…

    Also, I was pissed enough that there’s noGC for the Wii U. So now I will need to keep my PS2 AND Wii lying around. Because companies’ just want to save several dollars so we can waste cabinent space and energy in our livig rooms…

  • james braselton

    hi there not at new 3ds price of $169.99 vs wii $199.99 oh forgot if your not a nintendo embassadore you will lose out on 20 free e-shop games value $150.00

  • james braselton

    hi there forgot too mention wii u out 2012 soo too late for a wii slim you have old wii cpu wii gpu wii 512 mb internal flash vs wii u 8 or 16 gb internal flash and no wii u 6.2 inch touch screen controler

  • Jnoone

    I can see why alot of people dont need to play old games. im one of them i would drop gamecube for better current stuff, i dont understand to much why they would put a wii slim out this late and so soon to the Wii U :/