Nintendo Wii 2 Controller & Console Photos

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Nintendo Wii 2 Controller Concept Art

Nintendo finally made their new HD console officially official through a brief update to shareholders. While we eagerly await confirmed details on the tech specs, name and design of the Wii 2, we at least know that they are bringing a playable Nintendo Stream (if it’s called that) to E3 in June where 11 of us Game Ranters will be there fighting for a chance to play it. We also know it’ll release next year.

While the early reports from inside sources are correct so far, only time will tell if the nitty gritty details are true as well, like the controller and console designs for which we’ve seen only mock-up and leaked images of thus far. New photos surfaced today of what could be the the Nintendo Wii 2 touchscreen controller (unlikely) and the console itself (very possible).

What you’ll notice about the images is that the mock-up controller design depicted here is something completely new and unlike the leaked images released previously – it does match all of the descriptions heard thus far however, and isn’t too dissimilar from the 3DS which may also be used as a potential Wii 2 controller input.

The console image however, matches both the mock-ups and the leaked box photo, giving further credence to this being a realistic potential design possibility of Project Cafe (the new Nintendo console’s apparent codename).

Now compare the controller concept art here to the leaked images before. It’s quite a bit different and I have a feeling this particular design is too big and bulky and that the actual controller will be quite a bit different. While it’s possible that this is some masterful photoshop and that the fakers are using the same console design as each other, there’s a very real chance that what we’ve seen thus far of the console design may actually be the real deal. That’s now three leaked images in three different styles that all depict the same unit design, and it matches the rumored descriptions to boot.

What do you think?

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Sources: 01net, NeoGAF

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  • Blaze

    definitely shenanigans on these “leaks”

  • michael

    is this real?

    • Riley Little

      They could be, but it’s not confirmed. Allegedly these are leaked images of the console. I don’t think they will turn out to be legit though.

      • yuuchun

        Very well could be though. I remember the 360 leaks that came out just before the system launched. They looked just the same.

  • Donald McDowell

    The controllers remind me of the old-school Neo-Geo Pocket system.

    • halik

      holy that’s weird just reading the comments and my name is Donald McDowell Bohn

  • Not impressed

    Those images are third-hand mockups as described by people with second-hand accounts of what the items look like. Not actual photos. I’d suggest adjusting the vocabulary of the article to relfect that.

  • J.C. Reeves

    It looks like an external hard drive. I expect something cooler from Nintendo this time around. Also, I can’t imagine that controller being comfortable or practical.

  • Dark_Kid8

    controllers looks ugly

  • TROLL :)

    I think the wiis about to be more expensive than the ps3.. O:


    Wat am I looking at looks like a wireless router lol and the controllers look hideous and uncomfortable not looking good nintendo

  • jwalka

    control looks weird, console itself is nice and small (hard to believe since the sucker is gonna out perform both playstation 3 and the xbox)

  • xsp

    The controller pictured above was a concept that myself and Nick Writes created. It was based on the technical specifications that had surfaced and was by no means meant to be considered an actual design. However, it is currently believed that the controller will be similar to or

    Can’t wait until E3 to find out.

  • Per

    Isn’t the most obvious use of a personal screen that the games can give every player personal/hidden information which allows completely new game mechanics. To take a very basic example you could suddenly play Poker with your friends! Think about it a bit…

  • mario64

    i can see nintendo going for that if they wanted us to be able to use that controler also as a keyboard to be able to send mesages to our freinds. cuase it would feel comfterble but even so the analog sticks are way wrong