Nintendo Plans a Surprise Announcement for Tomorrow

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Big Nintendo Announcement on PS Vita Launch Day

Many gamers – mainly the ones who opted out of getting the First Edition Bundle – are looking forward to the PS Vita’s official release tomorrow. It seems that even those who prefer the Nintendo 3DS over Sony’s new handheld have something to look forward to as well, as Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has taken to SwapNote to inform 3DS owners of a big announcement. The surprise announcement will conveniently be made on the Vita’s launch day, but what could Nintendo have up its sleeve?

According to the SwapNote message from Fils-Aime, the big announcement will be made at some point tomorrow — presumably to take away some of the Vita’s thunder. Details are slim though, which opens up the floodgates to cornucopias amounts of speculation until tomorrow’s big reveal.

It seems likely that release dates for some upcoming first-party titles for the 3DS may be announced. Mario Tennis, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Paper Mario, and Animal Crossing are all still sans release date. Maybe details on future downloadable content for the 3DS will be touched upon. It’s also entirely possible that Nintendo will release very little new information and stick with detailing the soon-to-be-released Kid Icarus: Uprising. Whatever Nintendo has planned, let’s hope it’s as awesome as everyone is hoping it is.

I can’t help but think Kid Icarus: Uprising and its AR card-battling functionality will be the highlight of the pre-recorded video. Although, I certainly wouldn’t be even remotely upset if they announced a new Earthbound. Yeah, everyone knows it’ll never happen, but can’t you just let a guy dream?

The last video message from Fils-Aime didn’t reveal too much, so let’s hope the second time is the charm. Those who want to see what the reveal pertains to can head over to at 6am PT/9am ET to watch the Regginator lay down some new details right before your very eyes. If that’s not something you feel like doing, then you can check out Game Rant tomorrow for complete coverage of the Nintendo announcement.

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  • Rex


  • tristsn

    maybe a big price drop? that would help them get some more sales durring vitas launch period.

    • GameCollector44

      Why would you want another price drop? The system is cheap enough as it is. ~rollseyes~

  • StPau1y

    Price drop, game announcement or new version of 3DS

  • Graverobber

    I hope this is about the new game they are secretly making.

  • Cariannis

    Wii U spec’s the official spec’s plz.

  • Conner


    • Kirk

      Yes please.

  • gamerzx

    Wii U is getting a name change, reason is, ppl dont think Wii U is a new system, just a add on for the Wii, so they are cutting their loses, and rebranding Wii U to a new name which will be out tomorrow.

  • iDancethroughshadoWs

    apologising for how much they suck maybe?

    • GameCollector44

      I don’t think he’ll apologize for killing your parents. (But in truth, Bill Gates killed em.)

  • Red

    $20 bucks says 3DS 4G just so they can release yet ANOTHER minor update handheld for kds to go bat**** over.

  • GameCollector44

    Oh, would you look at that? The Last Story is being localized for the North America!

  • RisingSun

    There was nothing that I was interested in. I want details about Animal Crossing…and there was nothing. I could care less about Kid Icarus or any of the rest. Why are they being so silent on a game they have been promising for almost two years.