Nintendo Teases Spike VGX 2013 Appearance – What Will They Announce?

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Nintendo Spike VGX 2013 Tease

Over the next few days, gamers are likely to hear a lot of teases for Spike VGX 2013, the channel’s revamped awards show and interactive video game experience. Thus far, we have learned that Respawn Entertainment will bring some sort of “surprise” from their upcoming, multiplayer-focused title shooter, Titanfall, but that was only the beginning.

Although it’s not completely confirmed, we now have a new name to add to the Spike VGX 2013 list: Nintendo. NOA President Reggie Fils-Aime teased a Nintendo-related announcement late last week, and since then buzz has been building.

If Nintendo does take to the Spike VGX 2013 stage (will they have a stage?), it will be their first appearance on the show. The company has won several awards from Spike, but they have never broken news at the “winter E3.”

That might change, though, as Fils-Aime says, “We may be making an appearance, we may have something special, we’ll see.” GameTrailers TV’s Geoff Keighley further hyped the Nintendo appearance confirming that Reggie did tease a first-time appearance, in case it wasn’t clear.

Of course, there are many different possibilities for why Nintendo chose Spike VGX 2013, but we’d suspect it has a lot to do with the show’s change of format. Now, Spike VGX (formerly the Spike Video Game Awards) will stream online for three straight hours — starting at 6PM EST — and will not just feature awards presentations and new trailers, but also in-depth discussions of new games. Presumably, this would be a good venue for Nintendo to show off, and demo, one of their new games.

We wouldn’t expect them to make too big of an announcement, though — like a new Zelda, for example — as those are usually saved for E3 or, at the very least, a Nintendo Direct. Rather, it seems most likely that Nintendo would show off one of their currently announced games, but show a new wrinkle of it.

As far as likely candidates, we’d suspect Super Smash Bros. might be the one, as the Spike VGX crowd typically loves multiplayer-focused titles. We know the game is targeting a 2014 release date, so perhaps Nintendo might give an official date or maybe they will announce a new character.

The show is slated to go live on December 7th, so either way we should know whether Nintendo does actually take the Spike VGX stage very soon. This year’s show is slowly coming together, with this Nintendo tease, news of Titanfall, and a recent confirmation for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, and this new direction could help it improve its overall quality.

What do you hope Nintendo announces at Spike VGX 2013? What seems the most likely announcement?

Spike VGX 2013 airs December 7, 2013 at 6PM EST on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, Twitch, iOS and Android devices, and available globally on, Hulu, Yahoo Screen, the Yahoo Screen app and Viacom properties,,, and

Source: GameTrailers TV

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  • Aaron

    Hopefully they will annlunce that they will discontinue making consoles and just make games for XBOX (or PS for those people). I would love to play Mario, Zelda, and Metroid games again…

    • shawn

      If you want to play Mario, Zelda, and Metroid again, then play the games again. If you want new games in the series to play and enjoy, then buy the new consoles and enjoy them instead of bitching.

    • Poter

      Nintendo would never work on ps4/xbox its it own thing and the 3DS is selling well, and everyone is looking forward the new Mario kart 8 and Super smash bros. If you like nintendo games then don’t insta buy next gen consoles and get a wiiu instead until some good games drops on ps4/xbox.

    • Guest

      Um that’s like asking Apple to put iOS and the App Store on 3rd party tablets and phones. Not going to happen. The reason they have been successful thus far is because they have a very controlled ecosystem so they can control the entire experience. If you want to play games from Nintendo then you need a Nintendo console. If you don’t want to buy one then why even comment? /\/\/\

    • TheRedShadow

      Maybe you should try buying a nintendo console. Any one with an ounce of common sense would pick any nintendo console over any xbox console.

  • Kyloctopus

    I have a good feeling it’s a Beyonetta 2 trailer.

  • Aaron

    1) I am not bitching, rather making a simple statement.

    2) I meant playing the newer games, such as the ones after Gamecube. I will not ever buy a Nintendo console again. There is a reason their sales are dropping a lot and it is because that motion crap sucks. Sure, it is fine to mess around with for a little while, but the Wiis are not geared towards people like me – hard core gamers. Until they decide to only make games for XBOX and PS, I won’t play them.

    • guest

      Yawn…same old stuff…blah blah Nintendo this, Nintendo that. blah blah make games for ps and xbox blah blah…

    • Noah

      Microsoft and Sony go their way. Nintendo goes its own. Cool Stuff from Soft and Sony, or innovation from Tendo. If that “motion crap” sucks, why were the wii v1 sales double the x360 and 3 times the PS3? CUZ IT WAS MADE BY TENDO. But seriously, the wii u isn’t a wii. Its pretty awesome.

    • Jo

      1) if u want Nintendo games, get a Nintendo console- u r never going to be able to get them on PS or Xbox- even if they didnt have much money (and they have a LOT).

      2) the Wii U doesnt have “that motion crap”- at least as amain feature. The controller is more like a regular twin stick controller mixed with an Ipad.

    • Bryan1980

      Aaron- you do realize the Wii U gamepad isn’t a motion controller, right?

      And just for the record: Nintendo will never make games for another console.

      You can keep having your wet dream of that happening. But it never will.

      Good luck though!

    • kidarkade

      “Hard core” gamer…what does that mean to you exactly? How do you define that? Because I will tell you, its not what you think it means. Im going to assume you as a self titled Hard Core gamer, probably play FPS titles mainly. This does not make you a hard core gamer.

      Even snuggling up to one console as your preferred platform, does not make you a Hard Core gamer. Someone who is a hard core game plays the games regardless of the system. Im 38 years old and Ive been gaming since I was 6 years old. PC, NES, SNES, N64, PS, Neo Geo, Atari Lynx, Game Gear, Sega Saturn, Xbox, 360, PS3, Wii U, etc…I own them all and I play on all of them.

      Playing Call of Duty for 6 hours a day, does not make you a hard core gamer.

  • Jo

    I hope it’s more info on Monolith Soft’s X game, cuz we get Smash Bros info all the time, but we have not heard a word about X. Maybe (extremely hopefully), we’ll get info on both

  • Reggie

    Half-Life 3 exclusive

  • Nycer

    I hope it is something more about X from Monolith Soft.