Nintendo Responds to ‘Pokemon Black 2′ & ‘Pokemon White 2′ Criticism

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Why Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 Aren't on Nintendo 3DS

It’s no secret that the official reveal of Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 has been met with both excitement and mild confusion. The Nintendo 3DS is cruising nicely now after a poor start, but there’s still no denying the appeal of a brand new pair of Pokemon games — something the 3DS is still without. So when the new titles were confirmed to be coming to the Nintendo DS, instead of the Big N’s newer and more powerful handheld, some fans understandably became a little upset.

The follow-up to Pokemon Black and White, which many assumed would be Pokemon Gray, was rumored to be on the Nintendo 3DS. As The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have since confirmed though, is that they always planned to offer Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 on the Nintendo DS — despite the need Nintendo felt for these games during the drought of games the early adopters of the 3DS suffered through early last year.

Nintendo has now issued a response after IGN proceeded to do a feature on how Pokemon may be hurting the 3DS. The statement itself makes it clear why Nintendo and The Pokemon Company decided to develop the new Pokemon games on the Nintendo DS, but it likely won’t comfort 3DS owners who’ve been waiting for an exclusive pocket monster adventure title since purchasing the portable.

“Remember that Nintendo 3DS can also play all Nintendo DS Pokemon games. The Nintendo DS family also has a massive installed base of more than 51 million systems in the United States alone, and we are keen on continuing to deliver new experiences to this audience.”

There’s no denying the success the Nintendo DS has had in North America, and all over the world for that matter, but Nintendo should not be focusing on selling software for a dying portable when their future should be focused on moving more Nintendo 3DS units with big exclusives. That being said, it’s very easy to criticize the developer when you’re still not aware of all the un-played cards they may have up their sleeves. Maybe Righteous Ruby and Sacred Sapphire versions are already well into development for the 3DS. Still, it’s going to be a long wait for Pokemon fans longing for a true 3DS installment.

In the meantime, we can look forward to Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 hitting the Nintendo DS this Fall in North America.

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Source: IGN

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  • Rob Keyes

    More evidence as to why it’s not good to early adopt Nintendo platforms. If you wait a year not only do you get a more affordable console, but more games. Maybe by this time next year, a new version with two analog sticks will be out – wouldn’t that be something?

    • Poncho

      That’s true for every single gaming device, albeit not all do a hardware revision. Example: PS3. I’m sure the early adopters would have preferred to pay less for a console. Stop throwing Nintendo under the bus for something everybody does.

  • CheatMaster

    I’m never gonna catch ’em all. As soon as I got close to the 493 there were with Diamond and Pearl, they immediately add 150 more.

    • Ace

      They’ve made it impossible to do so without cheating….at least for some of the rare ones.

    • Ranuu

      Try not seeing the game series since the original 150. That was a bit of a shock.

    • Jesse

      I got close in Black and my game died on me. *insert EXTREMELY sad face here*

  • Kyle

    Its odd that they install new pokemon everytime… when will they stop? I thought diamond and pearl had to be it with a god pokemon and all but no… seems in about 4 years well have over 1,000 pokemon if it becomes a yearly franchise. they need fresh new ideas though…

    • CheatMaster

      yeah I agree, they need to establish a stopping point sometime. Rather than adding a new region wouldn’t we love a remake of Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald; you know like they did gold and silver. In my opinion Sinnoh was alright but the Unova region’s pokemon are just kind of dumb. You see we got to revisit Johto in SS & HG, so what we need next is to go back to Hoenn and Kanto (a full game devoted to Kanto that is) These may not be the freshest ideas but they would surely be a success, not only that but that gives them 2 more games to make easily and in the meantime they can brainstorm for newer pokemon. Revisiting their roots would be good for the brainstorming proccess anyways.

      • Jonesy

        Kanto already recieved a remake a few years ago, although I agree Hoenn should have one soon. The fact is introducing new Pokemon keeps the series fresh, and the fifth generation had a few bad designs, but don’t every generation of Pokemon?

  • Nathan

    It is gamefreak’s decision instead of nintendos in the end im pretty sure. since they are sequels to black and white as opposed to a fully new generation i think it makes sense for them to be on normal ds too. it does suck a bit but ill probably get them anyways. XD lastly why i can see them making this move is that they probably knew that these games would get a very mixed response, either people will love it or hate it. i know many people who have vowed not to get another pokemon game because of it. more than likely nintendo and gamefreak took note of this possibility and decided not to nuke the 3ds along with it.

  • MikePitcher

    i dont even play pokemon games and even I think this is bull Sh##

  • gleeok

    Still terribly disappointed. I’m not getting it, i’ll save my money for Kid Icarus and Kingdom Hearts DDD. And obviously these awesome titles coming on the 3DS (heroes of ruin for example).

  • 1GameRanter

    Nintendo, why would you release the 3DS in the first place if you don’t plan on using its feature in one of your major titles?

    That said, I’m no longer a Pokemon fan, after Black I’m done. It feels like the franchise never improves enough, after 10+ years, the battles still lack decent visual effects. The new pokemons also look like crap: a “garbage” pokemon that attacks with its foul breath, are you serious? An ice pokemon that looks exactly like a ice cream cone, and when evolved, it becomes 3 ice cream cones stuck together. Fancy.

    I used look forward to the frequent battles. Now it’s more like, “oh, great, another ugly piece of ___ that I don’t want to catch.” But I’ll have to wait for the text to finish introducing the ugly, and finish the animation where I throw a pokeball and say whom I’m using, like I don’t already know whom I’m using, to escape the stupid battle.

    No more for me.

    • blazekin36

      Dude look at Geodude. Its a boulder with arms…real creative and original. Then it evolves into a bigger rock with… more arms… stop hating on the 5th gen pokemon.

      • 1GameRanter

        Geodude was created in 1996, at that time, the idea was fresh. And as a child, I thought they were amazing.
        Black was released in 2010, you can see that not much has changed.

        The old pokemons, although ugly, at least they have a nostalgic effect.

        • Jonesy

          Agreed, ‘as a child I thought they were amazing’ is not a justification for anything. There have been stale Pokemon in every generation, including the first gen, where many could have been criticised for simple designs. Personally, I don’t think simple designs are a bad thing, but the fact is Pokemon designs don’t have to be continually fresh and completely new to retain the feel of a journey to a new area.

  • blazekin36

    Well at least it will be $35 instead of $40 which is for 3DS games.

  • ATG

    I don’t see why people are complaining. I’m glad it’s releasing on DS (wouldn’t hurt to have it on both DS and 3DS) because ***Nintendo isn’t abandoning their DS market***. I’m not sold on a 3DS and need more games for my DS. Games like Pokemon that are tailor-made for the system are perfect. I’d rather play a game like Pokemon on the DS instead of a crappy Call of Duty port (for the sake of an example).

  • Justin

    I think if they were going to do sequels, the should have started with Red and Blue/Green. This way not only do we have Kanto on the DS, but maybe the sequel can focus on the orange island league.

  • Rob

    The 3ds pokemon better have multiple regions in it. Like having the first 3 regions together and maybe throw in the 4th as DLC lol and why not give the player a choice, so let them join up with team rocket or one of the other groups.

  • Loki

    Gamers in a nutshell. The minute you give them anything, even if it’s something they’ve wanted FOREVER, they’ll instantly hate it.