Nintendo More Interested in New Games Than HD Remakes

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Nintendo Original Games Over HD Remakes

There’s always been a certain allure about HD remakes and there’s little question that they’ve risen to prominence in recent years. Nintendo is one of the company’s that’s been heavily associated with high-definition remakes lately, having just unleashed The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD on Wii U owners, and it’s been able to move quite a bit of hardware as a result.

While these games certainly give credence to the power of nostalgia, a recent discussion between Polygon and industry icon Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that Nintendo is more interested in creating new content than churning out better looking versions of past releases. This topic was raised during a roundtable pertaining to the Wii U’s upcoming Super Mario 3D World, and the game designer confirmed that a majority of first-party studios are hard at work on original content.

“That’s certainly possible, but most of our developers are working on new games. We like to have them working on new stuff. HD remakes might be a good project for development partners, so that’s something I hope we can introduce in the future.”

Allowing outside developers to work on high definition remakes allows core Nintendo developers to focus strictly on generating new content; something that that Wii U in particular is in need of. With games like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. scheduled to hit in 2014, the onslaught of original content isn’t far off. That said, there’s definitely more than a few games that longtime fans would love to revisit and Nintendo is well aware of which remakes are in high demand — The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask being the biggest.

As Ninty learns more about HD development through games like Super Mario 3D World, the company’s rate of exclusive software releases can only go up. With the next generation of consoles on the horizon, gamers are in for a very interesting few months with plenty of great original games (and remakes) to occupy their time.

Which game would you like to see Nintendo release an HD remake of next, Ranters?

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  • Mike Pitcher

    says the company creating the LEAST amount of new characters. Didn’t you guys just release an HD remake of Wind Waker? you know, the ONLY zelda adventure currently on the WiiU? Tell me you guys have done anything but rely on nostalgia and remakes since the gamecube was around, and I will call you liars. Nintendo.. you are transparent. Even though I still love you to death. But don’t stand there and lie to my face like we haven’t all been watching you kill yourself off gradually over the last decade.

    • Joe

      creating the least amount of new characters but having the Highest amount of Characters still around and remembered.

      • DanniiD

        Doesn’t matter..still never giving new I.P characters.. how much longer can Gamers put up with a fat pornstar plumber and his taller pornstar plumber brother trying to get laid with a peachy princess? He is overrated imo

  • Jamhead

    Being a fan of Nintendo since it was first around I don’t care much for remakes if there is no new content. If I want to revisit an older game I can likely download it and Nintendo is backwards compatible. I am still a fan of Nintendo and will likely eventually get a Wii U. I am not even that bothered by them not getting a lot of third-party support. Nintendo needs to make their own new games faster! they should be reusing old characters to speed up production the way Majora’s Mask gave us another Zelda game only two years after Ocarina of time. Heck I would revisit a link to the past if they just change the layout.

    • Joe

      “A link between worlds” on 3DS will be that game…

      • Jamhead

        Yes now if Nintendo would make two more games like that for the Wii U I’d be sold.

  • JC

    Donkey Kong 64!! That was a great title that needs some HD magic loving

    • Josh Calkins

      That was a fun, inventive and massive game. Variety of gameplay and the expansion-pack enabled graphics ruled. On the other hand, if I spend any more time collecting bananas I might lose my mind…

  • patrick

    dang i thought new content meant ‘new’, not new mario games and other existing titles, oh well.

    • patrick

      although i would buy a wii u for a mario 64 or ocarina of time hd remake.

  • Shalkowski

    Id rather them make HD remakes than another “new” Mario game.

  • Joe

    Nintendo spoke of a possible new IP at some point, I really don’t care if they do as their current IPs are great and they have many others they have not utilised since NES like Startropics.
    The New Zelda is something I’m looking forward to. I think Nintendo makes the better series by making a story that is the same always feel different. Not many companies can re-tell a story and make it feel completely different. Most just feel like the same game with improved graphics, new games that FEEL like HD remakes.
    Even with an HD re-make, Nintendo made it better, Windwaker HD has enough new additions and features as well as utilizing the new hardware to make it feel new.

  • Cariannis

    People complain that Nintendo doesn’t make anything new. When Nintendo does make something new no one buys it because its not Zelda, Mario or Donkey Kong. /sigh

  • Thundernun

    And this My friends Is why I stopped at the Gamecube…..