‘Infinity’ Versus ‘Fusion': The Battle of Rumored Next-Generation Xbox Names

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Xbox Fusion or Infinity

The Internet has been ablaze with speculation regarding Microsoft‘s upcoming next-generation Xbox console. In the past we have seen name drops of Xbox 720 and Xbox Infinity, but recent reports of Microsoft registering Xbox-related domains has drawn attention to another possibility: Xbox Fusion. Straight out of a science fiction lexicon, the “fusion” title could mean a blend of hardcore gaming and home entertainment in the next console.

With regards to the Fusion rumor, there’s been a lot of discussion about recent Microsoft domain registrations. In the past, domain registrations outed a number of Microsoft games – long before they were officially revealed: Halo Infinity and Spartan Ops, for example, not to mention the company has already secured Halo sequels numbered 7 through 9! Has Microsoft secured Xbox Fusion ahead of a console announcement?

Upon closer inspection of Microsoft’s domain registration habits, it should be noted that while they own XboxFusion.com, they do NOT own XboxInfinity.com. Several other names have been kicked around the web, such as Xbox8, Xbox Gold, and Xbox Durango, along with the aforementioned Xbox Infinite, but none of these have been registered as domain names. Also interesting is the fact that not only is the .COM domain registered for Xbox Fusion, but also .INFO, .BIZ — even .DE. Of course, Microsoft is known to put all its eggs in the final product basket without securing trademarks, so an Xbox Infinity domain could be registered later on.

Xbox 720 Rumors Internet Connection Backwards Compatible

In terms of the name itself, Xbox Fusion could signify a few technologies Microsoft has been touting lately, all working together in a “fusion” of next-generation entertainment – not the least of which being IllumiRoom, which quite literally pushes the boundaries of traditional television sets into a new realm of home entertainment. Another interesting thing to note, while a bit of a stretch, is the alleged infinity symbol and its possible interpretation as a fusion of two shapes.

No matter what the insiders say about Microsoft’s intentions, only one thing is truly certain: they will begin unveiling their next-generation console at 1PM EST on May 21st – in addition to a full E3 press conference in June.

What do you think, Ranters: are you convinced that Xbox Fusion is the new home entertainment and gaming supplement from Microsoft? Or, are you on team Xbox Infinite? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Robert

    maybe the Fusion is the 720 with the 360 SOC?

  • suspicious gamer

    You know what is a better name? PC.

    • Tyler

      Do you really have to be so immature as to start a fanboy fight?

      • JayDogon

        do you know what will be better than thaT?

        Playstation 4

    • Shalkowski

      This would be funny if it were true. But it’s neither.

  • boogoo

    Xbox Fusion sounds like an energy drink to me.

    • notcaring

      I wouldnt drink it, probably give me red rings of poo or blue squirts of death

      • boogoo

        Well there’s a lovely image.

  • Doc

    Bring on the fanboys, because Haters are always gonna hate.

    I’m looking forward to the reveal on the 21st, Hell… Microsoft may do it RIGHT, unlike Sony, and actually show us a console, not just some dumbass controller.

    But consoles will always be outdone by PCs, we can upgrade as technology comes out. And yeah, I am a Xbox/PC fan…. My PS3 is used for Netflix and Blurays.

    • notcaring

      Bring on the fanboys, haters going to hate? Really then let fanboy speech from your mouth. Im a Sony fan but still interested in MS show because I have friends that love MS. Its nice to discuss with them.

    • Atomic Gumshoe

      I guarantee Microsoft will show the console just to one up sony. Although I don’t know why anyone really want to see what the console looks like, all I want to see are the games.

      • Dovahkiin

        Yes. To me the controler is much more interesting. What defines the Wii? the controller. What defines kinect? lack of a controler. And I really doubt “One upping” is a big concern to MS. I’m positive that if there is much innovation in the controller they will show that. Unless the new Xbox dual functions as a portable gaming system and a TARDIS i highly doubt that they will show the system.