Splinter Cell: ‘Sam Will Be Back’ on Next-Gen Consoles

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As summer quickly approaches, the infamous video game drought that once plagued avid gamers appears to be nothing but a thing of the past. There are a number of blockbuster titles coming out in the following months, but Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist is without a doubt one of the bigger ones. Scheduled to rappel onto store shelves this August 22nd, it’s hard to even fathom a follow up to Blacklist so soon, but apparently Ubisoft is already talking internally about just that.

In a recent interview between Arabic Gamers and Splinter Cell: Blacklist art director Scott Lee, it was revealed that Ubisoft Toronto is tossing around ideas for a direct follow up to its very first project. While explaining that the team is still very much focused on finishing off Sam Fisher’s latest stealth-packed outing, Lee wouldn’t rule out his team’s plans for the forthcoming next-gen consoles — assuring fans that they haven’t seen the last of the tri-goggled protagonist.

“For next-gen there are a lot of plans in the works. Obviously we can’t talk about that at the moment but I definitely look forward to seeing Sam in new adventures, bigger and better as we go along. Sam will be back.”

This news isn’t likely to come as a shock to many gamers, especially considering that Splinter Cell has been a massive franchise for Ubisoft, but it’s still reassuring to have a next-gen iteration of the series all but confirmed.

Obviously plans this early on in development can change, but our brief hands-on time with Splinter Cell: Blacklist has many among the Game Rant staff excited for the game’s eventual release. Whether or not the final product can live up to the expectations of fans is one thing, but the thrill of having Sam Fisher rendered on next-gen consoles is admittedly a rather tantalizing prospect.

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Source: Arabic Gamers (via CVG)

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  • ATG

    They need to retire Sam, Sam should’ve retired with Ironside. I’d like a new character. A young, foolish, and reckless agent.

  • Ken J

    Now you guys can see those stupid NVG’s with the bright glowing green lights from the objective lenses in 1080p!! Nothing like announcing your presence in a dark room with 3 bright glowing green lights. Good thing all of the splinter cell games put you up against a bunch of blind enemies…

  • Ken J

    Odd, clicking the link on the front page for an article about this game leads to this really old article, lol.

    • boogoo

      I was so confused.

    • http://gamerant.com Anthony Taormina

      This can happen when we use the same URL by mistake. We’re working to get the right article up at the right spot.