New ‘Call of Duty’ Game Confirmed for Release in 2014 – Will it be ‘Black Ops 3’?

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Call of Duty: Ghosts sends players out into space and behind the eyes of a playable dog character, but has nonetheless been criticized for being overly familiar in quite a few of the reviews so far. An analyst recently described the franchise as being “review-proof” and the the $1 billion in units bought up by retailers on day one certainly seem to reflect a confidence in Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ ability to keep the fans coming back.

Call of Duty has become a mainstay of the yearly video game release schedule, with one new main title released every year since 2005 and plenty of smaller titles released for handheld consoles and mobile devices. Just Cause developer Christofer Sundberg has expressed his belief that Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 will be the end of an era for both of these titans of the FPS genre, but Activision is happy to keep on trucking with its current release model.

During the company’s third quarter financial reports, Activision Blizzard noted that Call of Duty: Ghosts sales figure within the period was lower than that for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, but this has been attributed to gamers waiting to buy the game on next-gen consoles instead. Furthermore, CEO Bobby Kotick delivered the (not-so) stunning revelation that 2014 will, indeed, bring another Call of Duty game:

“Despite short term uncertainties, as we look forward to 2014, we have a very strong pipeline… We expect to launch new Call of Duty and Skylanders titles and our major, new potential franchise with Bungie’s Destiny. We will also continue to develop Call of Duty Online with our partner TenCent for the growing Chinese market.”

Call of Duty is one of the strongest franchises in its genre and draws big profits for Activision every year, and with such a tried-and-tested formula that’s been consistently successful it’s understandable that the developers prefer to stay within certain boundaries with each new game. This is even more true since the relatively short development time permitted means that there’s a limit to how much new material can be cobbled together in between games.

Call of Duty Ghosts Launch Trailer Riley

That’s not to say that the most recent Call of Duty games have been bad. Call of Duty apologist might not be a popular stance, but it should be noted that the shooting mechanics have become very well-polished over the years and the singleplayer campaigns are usually pretty interesting – with some memorable moments and great voice acting from talents like Tony Todd, Stephen Lang, Michael Rooker and Gary Oldman. It’s mainly because of this kind of quality that many FPS fans would undoubtedly be excited to see a Call of Duty game made within a development cycle of more than two years.

If the pattern continues as expected, the next Call of Duty game will likely be made by the team at Treyarch that created Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 and 2, which means that there’s a good chance the upcoming title is Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. This certainly seems like the safest and most predictable route to take, with the many futuristic war accoutrements already on Treyarch’s shelf ready to be reused, and safe and predictable has generally been the calling card of the franchise in recent years.

On the off-chance that Treyarch does want to think outside the box a little, however, here are a few suggestions for the next title: Call of Duty: Hastings, in which players must defeat the wretched Anglo-Saxons and win a decisive victory for Normandy; Call of Duty: Pacifist, a game with no guns at all but lots of dialogue trees through which the player must negotiate peaceful outcomes to potential hostilities; Call of Duty 6025, set in the distant future and casting the player as an entity that has left behind its fragile mortal body and become a sentient cloud of information, destroying enemies with the power of mind bullets.

Failing that, just go with more animals and aliens.


Call of Duty: Ghosts is now available for PC, PS3, Wii U and Xbox 360 platforms. Next-gen editions of the game are scheduled to launch alongside their respective consoles, on November 15th (PlayStation 4) and November 22nd (Xbox One).

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  • S1k_K1ll_CamZ

    3arc Has 2 make the nxt COD!! Their insane!! they know what to do with it! so give us a COD remix! MW3 and Black ops guns and kill streaks! New Maps no remakes! For zombies put a store on all the maps where we can go in pay for our perks and weapons and upgrades so we can choose how we want to battle the undead!! only thing i ask is let Treyarch make all the CODs!! Like i said their insane!! They really do give us what the people want!!

  • itsjoe

    I think they should come out with a blackout map where everything is pitch black and have night vision or they can throw us into a blizzard and call it whiteout u can only see a few feet In front of you and have thermals to see heat signatures

    • nae

      That sounds like an AWESOME idea!!!

  • d d dd

    call it blak ops 3, mw went til 4. blak ops 1 zombies was the best game ever made by humans!but then blak ops 2 zombies got much WORSE, because the game FEEL changed. the graphics became too cartoonish and when you kill zombies u dont FEEL anything anymore..not sure why maybe its the sound effects. i still play the map FIVE everyday,best map ever. even details like the way pakapunch works is better in BO1. PEASE MAKE BO3 MORE LIKE BO1,HIRE TH SAME PEOPLE THAT MADE BO1 AGAIN !!!

  • Quartz1900

    1st comment

    I found out the new cod game in the series,

    It is

    “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare”
    Say good bye to Modern Warfare

    • josh

      Stupid comment. Nobody cares if you were first.

  • only me

    we need some sniping maps like ‘sniper 2 ‘ with no crossing .

  • Cash Nichols

    Black ops 3 next please. COD should make a zombies map where you just stand on a hill in the dessert with all perks and the box on top that never moves . All players stand at the top of the hill with zombies coming from all directions. Their bodies shouldnt disappeare. Therefore the bodies keep building up creating a burier around you would be awesome. Also a multiplayer map that is just a straight tunnel, both teams opposite sides running at eachother . Creating constant death and kills. Plus should give us the old glitches bacj for all the old maps instead of these dumb up dates that took them away for higher rounds.

  • Cash Nichols

    Treyarch please give us a black ops 3 im begging you.

  • Cash Nichols

    Black ops 2 was better than 1 in my oppion. Didnt care for the maps in 1.

  • nathan

    ushould make maps that u could fly on and hide any where and like hacked guns and take the fire rate of the guns were you can shoot s fast as you want

  • Jimmy_77Vermland

    Just give us Black ops3 with bo1/bo2 maps and weapons, make some new to. Split up Bo and Zombi to 2 games(don’t want to pay fore Zombi wen I don’t want it)

  • Jimmy_77Vermland

    And pleas make the maps on different levels, want to be able to wake up on the 2/3/4/5 floor on a house

  • zach 1177brothers

    Call of duty ghost was great and all but I think that the player and fans of call of duty would have wanted to by it and spend their time on it if they’re was a zombies map on the game along with the aliens monsters what ever you want to call it. The makers of call of duty should make a hole new disk that is only zombies maps from all the call of duty game that had zombies maps and combined all the zombies maps in to one map just like tranzit and Have all the different maps have their own stop including the map called five and have all of the different maps all in one map so u could take the bus to the next stop and it be the full version of five or take the bus to the next stop and it be nuke town zombies or what ever other maps that there is including the the dlc maps and if u want to play a certin map then have the maps by them selvs to or make some new perks to and keep the Building part in the game I think it is fun trying to gather all the parts and build something compleatly new and make it to were u can carry more than one contraption at a time and make it to were u can play with atleast 6 player online and offline on or of the same console . But all I’m trying too say is that u will probibly make bilions upon billions dollors just on that one game because zombies is a favorite to every one who plays call of duty so if u could try it out some time maybe next year’s call of duty for 2015 but all I’m saying is to atleast have a zombies map in the next call of duty please I’m being u guys to atleast try my idea about all zombies I dont think you would regret it please try atleast have a zombies map on the next call of duty u make I would pay good money to see an all zombies game like I said with all the maps in a tranzit map by the call of duty makers please if u got any question for me text me ur questions and y ur texting at 2176179595

  • kori lockard

    I really do think you should make a cod blacks ops 3 but make the zombies a little better and it will be an amazing game ever. Btw i love kicking my hubby and bros booty in cod . Lol its funny watching them get beat by a girl .

  • daryl

    I think u should make it were you mix zombies from bo1 and aliens from ghost. I also think you should let the story line play out from ghost cuz there should atleast be an ending of ghost


    GOT a great ideal for bo3 bo1 zombie maps are the is the best zombies maps in bo history. Why dont you guys do apart 2 to kino der toten ? The players are fighting in the theater why dont you expanded by making the players fight outside the theater also give us access too the doors that dont open up. Its a mirror on the stairs in the lobby why dont you guys make that mirror be a gateway to another world that also infested with zombies. Please consider I really love bo1

  • adam

    How about make a call of duty were snipers are a bit hard to use, black ops 2 was a disaster too much quickscoping and not enough assault rifles. TBH everyone hates trickshotters and feeders

  • Bob Jonson

    Your all freaks get a hobbie

  • nktattz

    Nobody wants these games made by ne one else treyarc all the way, I personally won’t be buying ne othere call of dutys unless they have treyarcs zombies, never mess with a good thing you could make much more giving the people what they want :)

  • Ashlee

    Make Cod Ghosts 2 plzzzz

  • austin 16

    I think you guys neeed to make black ops 3 and 4 and more so alot of people love black opsand want more of it plezz and thanks