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Microsoft has seen plenty of success this generation, and apparently that growing momentum still hasn’t ended. According to Robin Burrowes, Microsoft’s head of Xbox Live marketing, they see a new Xbox Live user every two seconds. Burrowes did not state what percentage of users are Gold members, but nonetheless this is still an incredible feat.

Since last year, Xbox Live currently sits at more than 35 million users, which could ultimately be read as a lot of money in Microsoft’s pocket. This number may appear to be dwarfed compared to the over 60 million PSN accounts, but in that case one must remember that the PSN also extends to the PSP and Sony’s forums.

Burrowes claims that the 35 million users can be attributed to the wide variety of services Xbox Live offers, including those that are not gaming related. He specifically cites Facebook, Twitter, and the European Sky Player as examples, and also believes that games such as Modern Warfare 2 have made a huge impact, and who could blame him? It’s no secret that the advertising for Call of Duty has always had strong ties to the console and online service.

As always, these numbers should be taken with a grain of salt. Burrowes does not specify how many of these accounts are Gold members, or how many of these users made their accounts on an Xbox 360. Gamers can create an account on the Xbox website, either to secure a Gamertag or to simply chat on the forums. In other words “a new user every two seconds” doesn’t necessarily mean that Microsoft is rolling in an unending and always growing pool of money. On the positive side, these are still potential new users and we’re sure Microsoft will be able to use that to their advantage.

In any case, congratulations to Microsoft for turning Xbox Live into the success it is today. Even if the emphasis on online play can sometimes dilute what should have been good single player games (we’re looking at you Homefront) competition is still a good thing, and Microsoft’s success should cause Sony and Nintendo to better improve their services.

Are you surprised by the momentum that Xbox Live still apparently holds? Any particular game that got you hooked on online multiplayer?

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  • Mforce

    That’s good for Microsoft. I’m still torn whether I should get an Xbox now or wait. We are 6 years into this generation.

    • Ken J

      Well, it’ll be at least another 2 years before they release the next one. So I say if you find a good deal, just get it. I’ve seen some with Kinects and others with games or $50 gift cards go for pretty cheap. Check slickdeals dot net.

      • Mforce

        Yeah I spotted this awesome deal on Xbox.com this year their holiday bundle has The 250GB Slim with Halo reach and Fable 3 for the same price as just the console. Another problem is I’m not a fanboy. I love the ability to log in with two profiles on one system on Xbox. Love all the exclusive games (like infamous 2 and LBP) on Ps3 cause of its faster CPU and all the crap that goes on in those games. And as for Nintendo… Sure it’s weak. Sure 3DS started on a rocky path. But I doubt any of you would rather play KZ 3 with the move or anything on kinect, then take up that white rectangle, It’s analog stick and triggered friend. Sure you may look stupid waving that stuff around. Yet when your flying through space, destroying your friends dreams at the last moment with spiked shells, or running in search of twilight blankets, you feel the power, now REALLY playing with power. So anyway. The Wii U might be a problem for my wallet, so will Skyward sword.

    • Joe Funky

      I pondered this same question, I recently sold my old Xbox, and had thoughts of getting a new slim one, and thought the same thing as you: New consoles must be coming soon. But my friends made a good point, that, it’s still a good 2-3 years before a new console appears for sale, and that it would take a little while before they work out all the kinks in the new console.

  • Graverobber

    Well, and I thought I was the only one who made free 1 month accounts off of all my friends xbox’s. Who would of knew there a lot of cheap people out there.

  • Leonardo Sivilla

    OH NO
    In 443 years, they will have 14 BILLION USERS!
    Lol, funny Microsoft, dreams aren’t for businesses

  • Ken J

    Lol @ the Homefront comment. Man, I remember looking forward to that game for so long, then bam, disappointment… *shakes head*

  • Ken J

    I think if I can find someone selling a working xbox for under $100, I might get one just for Forza 4, lol. So they can add another Xbox Live account then, but not going to bother with the gold membership. I’m happy with the single player of that game to be honest, just want to drive some cool cars…

  • Chris

    Thats good and all but where are the statistics with the accounts that haven’t been logged into since the date of their creation and the accounts abandoned and unused?

  • JD5DAD

    I like playstation better free online game play.Me and my sons haven’t touched the 360 in over a year and a half I got tired of dishing out over $100 a year just to play online.

    • Ken J

      I agree. You already have to pay for internet access, then you have to pay again to play online?? No thanks. PC gaming for me, like the PS3, free online gameplay… :-)

  • scarpreston

    1oo dollars a year? you mean more like 50 and its better and you dont have to worry about your credit card numbers comin up missin and you can cross chat!

  • JJ422

    Xbox live is a great way to play online for a decent price.Halo 3 online play made me an xbox live fanboy after many games and some lost sleep.

    I spend 50 a month for broadband and 8+ a month for xbox live.So thats like 600 for starters and then there is downloadable content.I can understand the appeal of the playstation network as far as costs goes.

    Some feedback on the live for 50 a year would be appreciated /scarpreston\.

    I gave up on the PS2 and have yet to pick up the PS3.I would like to play Grand Tourismo again but one game console is really enough.Especially from a costs perspective.

    • Ken J

      Forget Gran Turismo, that game sucks compared to Forza 4, get that since you already have an Xbox, that is a much more realistic racing game, trust me…