Electronic Arts: No New ‘Star Wars’ Games Before March 2014

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EA No New Star Wars Games March 2014

While the gaming populace was instantly filled with equal parts elation and apprehension over the announcement of EA’s exclusive licensing deal for the Star Wars IP, a lot of that trepidation should easily be calmed once gamers get their hands on the games. Unfortunately, as it turns out, that won’t be any time soon.

According to an Electronic Arts investor call, the publisher will not deliver any Star Wars games during their fiscal year 2013. All fiscal years are different, but EA’s runs from April 1, 2013 to March 30, 2014. In other words, gamers should not expect a new Star Wars game any earlier than April of 2014.

Star Wars games are coming, though — gamers are well aware of that — but developers Visceral Games, BioWare, and DICE (who are presumably all working on titles) need some development to get them right. Even so, this announcement gives us some idea when EA might be thinking of releasing the first of many Star Wars games.

It was almost like a well-timed series of announcements — EA reveals their fiscal earnings for 2012, which were up thanks to strong SimCity sales, the day after they announce a blockbuster deal with Disney. In other words, while gamers are focused on the prospect of new Star Wars games, EA can further tip the scales in their favor with investors. And they can promise more exciting content is in the pipeline for the foreseeable future, including Battlefield 4.

Obviously, development on a triple-A game takes time, and we’ve only just learned about the licensing deal yesterday. That being said, Disney did reveal they are already planning new Star Wars games, which leads us to believe this deal was only “confirmed” yesterday, but has been in the works for a while.

So while we don’t when these games might release, we do know that they are headed for “all interactive platforms,” and they will be using DICE‘s revolutionary Frostbite 3.0 Engine. However, as we cited in a previous post, that calls into question whether Wii U will be considered among those interactive platforms.

Stick tuned for more Star Wars news as EA teases more about their deal with Disney.

Did you expect Electronic Arts to launch a Star Wars game before Spring of 2014? Which developer should they prioritize for the first 2014 launch: Visceral or DICE?

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  • boogoo

    It would have been pretty mind blowing if they did release a game before that date.

  • Androol

    Glad they’re not rushing it that much… although a March 2014 release would still mean a crazy short dev cycle, unless we’re talking about refurbishing a scrapped game like Battlefront 3 or 1313. Maybe a racing game. HOLY **** WOULDN’T AN EPISODE 1 RACER SEQUEL FROM CRITERION BE AWESOME!?!

  • Martin

    Dice : Star Wars Battlefront 3 with frostbite 3.0

    I’m so in.

  • john solo


  • Aaron

    For the love of God and all that is holly, please start working on a battlefront 3!!!!!! Ill pay a $100 for the damn thing if you make it!!

  • dan

    Knights of the Old Republic 3. Republic Commando 2. Battlefront 3. My top three hopefuls.

  • SV

    Battlefront 3 (or some equivalent) HAS to be on the development schedule for DICE. I’m pretty sure EVERYONE wants that game and the Frostbite engine is obviously already well suited for infantry/vehicular combat so not having them make that would be insane.

  • doc

    I really, really, really want republic commando 2 or imperial commando or whatever the hell they want to call it. That reminds me I still need to finish reading the surprisingly great novels. Only star wars books I ever read.

    With bioware having become a soulless EA slave I don’t have much hope for KOTOR 3 and 1313 seems to be properly annihilated. So Republic Commando pretty much the only thing I’m really interested in. Battlefront 3 by Dice might be fun for a while but I wasn’t too impressed with Battlefield 3, so meh.

    • Dante

      Bioware will be making a Star Wars RPG.

      I mean who better to make an RPG out of the soul-less shell of what used to be great a science fiction franchise?


  • Austin

    If Battlefront III came out I would buy it, no matter what the cost, that was what I only played on the ps2, I played for hours!

  • Anthony B.

    What worries me, is that Disney shut down production on the M rated Star Wars game that Lucas Arts was developing called “Star Wars 1313″. So, if Disney didn’t wanna finish an awesome looking star wars game that (at least) already half way finished because it wasn’t “PG” enough, then I think we’re looking at the end of the Star Wars legacy. All we can probably look forward too now are games like “Lego Star Wars” and little kiddie cartoons like “The Clone Wars”. =/