An Open World ‘Star Wars’ Game Is Currently In Development

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Star Wars Open World Game Coming

Looking back over the last few months, there has been an onslaught of open world games including GTA V, Assassin’s Creed IV, Saints Row 4, Batman: Arkham Origins, and Dead Rising 3This list doesn’t even account for the recently delayed Watch Dogs that was originally slated to release alongside the next-gen consoles.

Indeed, it appears that open worlds are as popular as Star Wars licensed properties are about to get as “bigger” games become the norm as we transition into next-gen platforms and franchises aim to craft more immersive living, breathing worlds. Thanks to Disney buying up Lucasfilm, the Star Wars brand is being revived on all fronts, and gamers look to benefit from the new leadership.

With a promised trilogy of films and several rumored spinoffs in the works, Star Wars is about to take control of cinemas once again. To compliment that, Star Wars is also going to have a hefty presence in the gaming world with EA recently securing the franchise’s license for ten years. A DICE produced Battlefront reboot is on the way, but that’s not the only Star Wars project currently in the works.

As pointed out by Kotaku, EA Canada is working on an unannounced open world Star Wars game. According to a job listing on EA’s recruitment site, the developer is looking for an Animation Director “to help define and deliver on the vision for a major new next-gen open world action game.” So if you are looking for a job and have shipped 2+ AAA games as an Animation Director or Lead Animator, it might be worth sending a CV across.

Star Wars Open World Seen

Besides the fact that there is an open world game in development, there’s very little else to go on. We know that EA isn’t currently working on any direct movie tie-ins (cue sigh of relief), so players can scratch that off the list. It is also unlikely that the game will end up being a traditional-esque MMO since EA is already sustaining The Old Republic, but that doesn’t mean the open world couldn’t be connected to a server like in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto Online or Ubisoft’s The Division.

It’s also likely that the game (or portions of it) will take place in the same time period of the new trilogy of films as the first wave of new triple-A Star Wars games won’t debut until around or after Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters in fall 2015. Perhaps the game will bridge the gap between Episode VI and Episode VII, or perhaps it will go back to either the original or prequel trilogy time periods. It is just impossible to say at this point.

It isn’t entirely clear if this game is solely in the hands of EA Canada or if the studio are just being outsourced for some extra support. It has been rumoured recently that Dead Space aficionados Visceral Games are working on a Star Wars title and this could very well be that same project. EA Canada is mostly known for their sports titles FIFA, NBA Live and NHL so an open world action game would be a major change of pace for the studio.

Are you excited about the prospect of an open world Star Wars? Where would you want it to take place and in what time line? Let us know below.


Source: Kotaku, EA Recruitment

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  2. Ohh man that would be awesome if it was KOTOR III.

  3. Screw KOTOR III, gimme Mah 1313, damnit!

    • BOTH!

  4. Imagine an open world Star Wars game exploring all the planets from every single inch and detail. An open world game where you set a character within the universe to follow their own destiny or being able to do missions based on the Star Wars films with classic characters. There is a huge endless possibility for an open world Star Wars game and series.

    • already done, and closed by lucas, star wars galaxies.

  5. This is the type of game that will motivate me to get a new system

  6. The Battlefront reboot is no news to any Star Wars fanboy/fangirl but the fact that there is a mysterious Star Wars game in the works leaves me pondering. There are so many parts of the Star Wars universe that are left untouched which gives developers a lot to work with. KOTOR III would be absolutely epic for any gamer who has played the previous two. Bring us something memorable!

  7. If they do this right it could’ be something very special. I am excited to play a great Star Wars game.

  8. Excited!!! Are you freaking kidding me? Ecstatic!!!! Been waiting patiently….I still play KOTOR and KOTOR 2 all the time…NEW GAME NOW!!!!

  9. Star Wars like skyrim, with option to travel on other planets, that would be nice :)

  10. I think it shouldn’t be 1313 or KOTR 3. I think it should be between the clone wars and the return of the jedi. Be a huge game. If they could change from movie to movie during the game that would be epic. The only reason i don’t this to KOTO 3 is because. I think its already in development with Bioware or there just waiting. Couse EA already signed with them for a star wars game.

  11. I would really like to see something similar to the open world sandbox that was StarWars Galaxies. I sunk so many hours into that game and enjoyed almost every minute of it. I would happily sink many more hours, days, months and years into SWG2 :)

    • Indeed!!!!

  12. You guys already have KOTOR 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, etc… with SWTOR.

    We need a real Star Wars MMO! We haven’t had one since SWG!

    • If swtor wasn’t so broken with free to play restrictions, then i would be happy with that. But I can’t afford to pay monthly fees for gaming, i would much rather have revamped kotor. It’s been way too long sine they’ve done a star wars rpg.

  13. Is Disney high as ****? Yeah lets give 10 years to a company that couldn’t even get SWTOR right without WoWing it. Give SOE another chance. They had a steller game until they over simplified it, but hopefully they learned from it. And at least they, did not develop a joke. Give that “license” back to SOE and give them another chance. Maybe then we’ll get something good, if an MMO is coming. Disney do NOT TRUST EA TO GET IT RIGHT.

  14. My wishlist for this game: Most important– KOTOR timeframe and characters
    1. Open world will mean traveling from planet to planet like in the KOTOR games with bigger maps and possibly more planets.
    2. In-depth character customization starting with a morally neutral character of any race of the player’s choosing.
    3. Player can then decide whether their character will be able to use the force or not.
    4. If so, they can officially pick a side by going to the jedi academy on dantooine or the sith academy on korriban or travel the galaxy alone.
    5. Cutscenes that involve moral choices affecting the character’s alignment.
    6. May not be too popular but Couch co-op. A lot of you might cringe at the idea but I’ve been searching for an open world RPG game that would allow me to play locally. I have two brothers that I get along quite well with and it would definitely catch my attention if we could all play together in a customized world of our own. If this were to happen, I could definitely see it working like Fable 3 where a player can import a character and the two can play together. I could do without this one though.
    7. Another small detail with little importance. Optional romances. I love my action games but a romantic subplot is irresistible in RPGs. A romance system similar to Skyrim with more emotion to it and the ability to have children.
    8. Real estate. Whether I want to call a large starship home or buy a high end apartment in nar shadaa or even just a charming little family home in tatooine, it would be cool to have a place to rest my head after a long millenium of exploring the galaxy.

    Include most of these things and I will certainly do whatever is necessary to buy this game. I am officially excited to see what they bring about

  15. What an open world Star Wars game needs, is a huge and beautiful world with everything that Star Wars has to offer.
    Not one character with one story, but many characters with different stories.
    We need the option to be either a Jedi, Sith, Bounty hunter, Republic soldier, Empire Soldier, A.I. Droid, etc.. where you can choose your race, name, and customize your character any way you like.
    Have one lightsaber, two lightsabers, double bladed lightsaber, with any one or two colors you like, have one blaster, two blasters, one rifle, a rifle and a blaster, be a bounty hunter with a rifle and a lightsaber, have a jet-pack if you want, and many more options.
    Each class would have ranks, Jedi Padawan, Knight and Master, Sith apprentice, Lord, and Master, Beginner soldier, Veteran, Bounty hunter to very deadly, things like that..
    Each character will have a different story, and different missions. And they don’t have to tie together, just simply have each character class have his own story. There should also be choices in the story, like whether to do this mission now and which way you want to do it, whether to do it in a heroic way or selfish way, which will affect your Karma and Reputation, or deciding not to do it at all, which will change the character’s personal world, like his enemies strength, intelligence, and also the way people treat you in the open world. If you choose to take on a dangerous mission, the civilians will thank you or cheer for you. If you decide to ignore the mission they will be disgusted by you or beg you for help. The choices you make will also change the outcome at the end of the story, and depending on the outcome, the open world will behave according to that. These outcomes will also give you a certain reputation and name, which the open world and other players can view. The enemies you fight should also behave in a living way, similar to what Shadow of Mordor did, where if the boss defeats you or escapes before you can defeat him, he will remember your last fight and will be more difficult to defeat.
    The open world needs to be big, full of life and options, and beautiful. To make a truly successful open world Star Wars game, you need to step away from the generic fours and make seven to ten open world maps, that take place on different worlds in the Star Wars universe, and that are all connected.
    The worlds should also vary from Cities to jungles, mountians and villiages.
    Corucant city, including the Jedi temple, Senate building, and the under ground levels, which can be a separate map, a whole map of the underground world of Corucant. A glowing blue and green Jungle, where you can search for exotic loot and fight mysterious enemies, Cloud City with also platforms around the city to roam around, a Snowy planet with mountains to climb and battle enemies on, and with a village inhabited by strange creators to roam around, Mandalore, Mustafar, Tatooine, Korriban, a Planet with a rocky terrain and a city to visit, and even a few Space Stations either outside of certain maps or as separate maps.
    Each map will have hundreds of civilians to interact with, with random events, or offers, districts to liberate depending on your faction, shops to buy armor, weapons and upgrades, depending on your play style and reputation you can even steal or rob, help the local police or rebel against them, help repair the city or reek havoc upon it. In the maps there should also be many building to enter. You can have a home, headquarters for your faction, hideouts. The open world will have many characters you can interact with, and you can choose your own path, like becoming a personal Assassin for someone powerful and rich, or becoming a Jedi Master and taking on your own apprentice, or starting your own faction of rebels or bounty hunters.
    Each character will have their own personal missions, like a Jedi would have to defeat a Sith, or an Empire Soldier would have to destroy a Republic base, and the bounty hunters would have bounties of course.
    In the open world you will also have a variety of vehicles, a speeder to ride over swamps, forests, the rocky terrains and through the cities, and a star fighter of your choosing, that you can summon whenever you want and jump into it and fly over the entire map. The enemy infantry will also have tanks and walkers to battle from time to time, which you can also commandeer and sell. You can also have a Star-ship to fly with your faction and allies.
    The skies are one of the most important things in the open world maps. There should be many Star-ships flying around, including civilians and factions, and you can battle Star-ships of your opposing factions if you meet them in the air. There should be an option to fly out to space and have space battles. There should be a system of random battles and events, where you can stumble upon a Space battle or ground battle, and choose to interfere or not, and even have the option to start one yourself. Fly through the skyscrapers on Corucant, and fly over jungles and forests and mountains, land wherever you want and watch whatever view you please.
    Karma and reputation should play a huge role in the open world. You can start as a Jedi Knight and end up a Sith Lord, or be a heroic soldier or a selfish and infamous soldier. Also a bounty hunter can have good or bad reputation depending on how he treats the open world, regardless of the missions he is given.
    Fighting with a lightsaber and shooting with a blaster should be different and feel different, and also depend on the enemy type you’re fighting. Lightsaber gameplay against regular enemies with blasters should be just regular slashing and fighting against enemies or bosses with swords should be attack and counter based like Assassin’s Creed’s sword play. Blaster gameplay should act like a third person shooter, where you can take cover, roll, pop up from cover, aim over the shoulder or fire from the hip, and also have melee, whether it’s with a punch or a knife, but fighting against an enemy with a Lightsaber with a blaster would be different, since he could block your blaster shots. You would need to throw grenades or trip him and shoot him in the back, etc..
    All this should be rapped up in nice graphics and stunning enviornments, since the world of Star Wars doesn’t deserve any less.
    We have the PS4 now, this is totally possible! Make it happen!!

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