An Open World ‘Star Wars’ Game Is Currently In Development

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Star Wars Open World Game Coming

Looking back over the last few months, there has been an onslaught of open world games including GTA V, Assassin’s Creed IV, Saints Row 4, Batman: Arkham Origins, and Dead Rising 3This list doesn’t even account for the recently delayed Watch Dogs that was originally slated to release alongside the next-gen consoles.

Indeed, it appears that open worlds are as popular as Star Wars licensed properties are about to get as “bigger” games become the norm as we transition into next-gen platforms and franchises aim to craft more immersive living, breathing worlds. Thanks to Disney buying up Lucasfilm, the Star Wars brand is being revived on all fronts, and gamers look to benefit from the new leadership.

With a promised trilogy of films and several rumored spinoffs in the works, Star Wars is about to take control of cinemas once again. To compliment that, Star Wars is also going to have a hefty presence in the gaming world with EA recently securing the franchise’s license for ten years. A DICE produced Battlefront reboot is on the way, but that’s not the only Star Wars project currently in the works.

As pointed out by Kotaku, EA Canada is working on an unannounced open world Star Wars game. According to a job listing on EA’s recruitment site, the developer is looking for an Animation Director “to help define and deliver on the vision for a major new next-gen open world action game.” So if you are looking for a job and have shipped 2+ AAA games as an Animation Director or Lead Animator, it might be worth sending a CV across.

Star Wars Open World Seen

Besides the fact that there is an open world game in development, there’s very little else to go on. We know that EA isn’t currently working on any direct movie tie-ins (cue sigh of relief), so players can scratch that off the list. It is also unlikely that the game will end up being a traditional-esque MMO since EA is already sustaining The Old Republic, but that doesn’t mean the open world couldn’t be connected to a server like in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto Online or Ubisoft’s The Division.

It’s also likely that the game (or portions of it) will take place in the same time period of the new trilogy of films as the first wave of new triple-A Star Wars games won’t debut until around or after Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters in fall 2015. Perhaps the game will bridge the gap between Episode VI and Episode VII, or perhaps it will go back to either the original or prequel trilogy time periods. It is just impossible to say at this point.

It isn’t entirely clear if this game is solely in the hands of EA Canada or if the studio are just being outsourced for some extra support. It has been rumoured recently that Dead Space aficionados Visceral Games are working on a Star Wars title and this could very well be that same project. EA Canada is mostly known for their sports titles FIFA, NBA Live and NHL so an open world action game would be a major change of pace for the studio.

Are you excited about the prospect of an open world Star Wars? Where would you want it to take place and in what time line? Let us know below.

Source: Kotaku, EA Recruitment

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  • scottyusceaser

    @Fred- we were given star wars mmo that we never wanted. We wanted kotor 3. And I personally would scrap the whole swtor content and play kotor 3 as though the mmo never happened.

  • Logan

    How bout this…. Just make a star wars galaxies you idiots! That was the best game and everyone loved it… People still talk about it and wish it was still around… I dont want to play the free emulator either i want swg legit again!!! Please stop being dumb… Swtor is so dumb…

    • Joshua

      They wont do that because EA/BioWare have exclusive rights to make ANY and ALL Star Wars based games as per an agreement with Disney. So with the sale of LucasArts, that has killed any chance of SWG ever coming back. I love SWG but to be realistic they wont bring it back which is sad and I hope Disney chokes on it

    • Rob

      Make it for Pre-cu and NGE

  • Drew

    I’ve heard it’s supposed to be a Han Solo or Fett game or something like that (still cool but it breaks my heart) what I want from Star Wars is, first of all, to live in the universe. Seeing as that is not possible, the next best thing would be to create a character to live in the universe. It would be amazing if this game spanned the time near the end of the mandalorian wars and the Jedi civil war. Playable planets could be maybe Tatooine (bigger next gen version of anchorhead city and dune sea) Nar Shadaa, Manaan (bigger Ahto city) Dantooine (jedi enclave) Korriban (Sith Academy) Taris, Kashykk, and onderon (Iziz city). The game could start with a cutscene of revan defeating mandalore at the battle Malachor V, and then revan and malak go to the outer rim. The player will then create their character, and choose from race, gender, and class. This could affect the starting planet. For example, race: wookie could start on Kashykk while class: smuggler could start on nar Shadaa. Classes could be: Force sensitive, Soldier, Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, or trader. (Players can have the ability to learn force sensitivity if that story is more appealing). Players can later choose whether they participated in the mandalorian wars or not through a dialogue option. Force sensitives can choose their faction by going to the sith academy (dark side points) or the Jedi enclave (light side points) Jedi and sith alike can advance through the ranks. when they are training Jedi recieve the title of Palawan and sith recieve the title of acolyte. When jedi are fully initiated they recieve the title of the Jedi subclass they choose at the beginning of the game (Jedi Consular, Jedi Sentinel, or Jedi Guardian) When sith are fully initiated they recieve the same title except for it says dark jedi instead of Jedi. Both sides have prestige classes that can be reached. Jedi: Jedi Master, Jedi watchmen, Jedi Weaponmaster. Sith: Sith Lord, Sith Assassin, Sith Marauder. As a sith you can advance until you are known as Darth … “Whatever your name is” and normal people will acknowledge that and fear or respect you. Lightsaber battling will be almost like assassins creed where you must counter and strike back. Harder foes will counter back and you will have to react quicker to parry their advances. Force powers that render an opponent or player immobile may be parried also and will often be by harder foes. Based on player or opponent skill level, damage based, non-stunning force powers (such as lightning) do less damage to players with more force defense stat. Stats can include: Melee [sword, lightsaber] (attack and defense) Blaster (attack and defense) Force (attack and defense) Reactions, sneak, armor.
    There can be a non-combat skill set with: Persuade, Computer Use, Security, Repair, Treat Injury, and Demolitions. Players can play alongside the story of revan in first Knights of the Old Republic game and can choose whether they want revan to become a sith again or stay a Jedi. The story will include characters such as Canon Revan, Bastila, Malak. If the character sides with the republic, they can train alongside revan when he had to relearn the force. (Unfortunately the player cannot train alongside revan with the sith because only one prospective sith can take the final test and that’s how revan found the star map so he could get to malak but it will be before revan returns to the sith academy) there could be massive land battles that the player could stumble on and join. It could be Sith vs. Republic, Jedi vs mandalorian (Dantooine), gang vs gang on nar Shadaa. there could be a renown system like in fable 2 that tells you how famous you are and whether people fear or love you. You can get married and have kids and interact with citizens. You can buy property anywhere you want or you could buy a starship to live in. I could probably add or replace some planets and possibilities, what do you guys think?

    • syewalker

      sounds very swtor but thats what is needed, a skyrim, dragon aage inq. Style game with multi planets instead of map areas with combat to match assassin creed, im sold… pitch idea m8

      • syewalker

        I shud add it be made for nxt gen

        • syewalker

          Lol aaaaand make it gta5 sandbox style able to go anywhere u like unscripted and unrestricted minus planets zone boundaries, able to go from street level to planet orbit for battles, any further and u need to load a space segment for space battle, boarding massive v3hicles such as space stations, cruisers, death star etc. Full character creation too on par with dragon age or last gen wwe games

    • Joshua

      The game is H1Z1. It’s a zombie slayer game. The only thing “star wars galaxies related” is the crafting. Nothing more. They pulled the wool over our eyes again

      • Joshua

        I misread I meant this for another of Gamerant’s comments regarding SOE, it’s probably Star Wars Battlefront which is being released this year. SWG sad to say, although my favorite game, is gone and dead (never coming back)…bye bye. When LucasArts pulled the plug they murdered it. And Disney murdered LucasArts, so at least some justice happened :) and SWTOR? If it’s like SWTOR I wont give it the time of day. SWG makes SWTOR look like a kindergartner’s homework. SWTOR needs to pull his head out of WoW’s backside and stop being a clone.

    • th3Pil0t

      I’d pay a lot to buy/kickstart something like this…

  • i like Tatooine

    I know this idea probably won’t be universally popular, but since Tatooine is such a central and iconic location in the Star Wars universe and is able to host a large area to explore, I’d be happy playing a next gen open world rpg with an mmo option, all centred on Tatooine, on the same size and scale as Skyrim or GTA V. You could traverse the map in your land speeded between locations like Mos Eisley, Anchorhead, Dune Sea, Judland Wastes, Begger’s Canyon, Toche Station, Lars Homestead and Jabba’s Palace, and having the game set on Tatooine would hopefully mean a lot more detail and size could be invested into this iconic place. (

  • juggernaut7846

    Please make this game. I would say put as much content in as possible. With a game like this you can push the next gen consoles to the limit. Space battles, Jedi vs Sith. I say you guys as much content in the game as possible. Wall runs super jumps can cool tricks you can do in the air. There is so much possibility for this game if done right.

  • Joshua

    The game is most likely going to be Star Wars Battlefront which is being released this year